how to outplay a narcissist at own game

How to outplay a narcissist at their own game | Beat narcissism

the manipulations and narcissistic abuse can be frustrating. However, you should think twice about joining in on the abusive mind games your children have to see through their childhood. Learn how to outplay a Narcissist from all the manipulations to child abuse so you can get revenge on their sadistic games.

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revering parental alienation

Reversing parental alienation | Parental alienation syndrome

Learning the ways to reversing parental alienation means you have to know what parental alienation syndrome means. Parental alienation syndrome, also known as malicious mother syndrome, is a sadistic move by a Narcissist to exclude the other parent from their children’s lives.  It is a cold, delusional, and spiteful revenge plot that is planned out […]

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