Reversing parental alienation | Parental alienation syndrome

How to beat Parental Alienation Syndrome

The cause of parental alienation can be for the smallest reasons. The effects on the other parent and children can be destructive.

Learning the ways to reversing parental alienation means you have to know what parental alienation syndrome means.

Parental alienation syndrome, also known as malicious mother syndrome, is a sadistic move by a Narcissist to exclude the other parent from their children’s lives.

It is a cold, delusional, and spiteful revenge plot that is planned out maliciously throughout the children’s life.

The Men’s Centre gives the following definition for parental alienation:

Parental alienation (or Hostile Aggressive Parenting) is a group of behaviors that are damaging to children’s mental and emotional well-being, and can interfere with a relationship of a child and either parent.

Signs to watch for when reversing parental alienation

The signs of this terrible act can be subtle, and it only becomes harder as time goes on to protect yourself from being alienated. 

I learned the wrong ways by lighting an unforgiving fire of narcissistic rage in court, hopefully you won’t have to.

With that being said, there are common signs you are a victim of parental alienation syndrome.

Typical signs of parental alienation

  • Refusing to co parent
  • Negative talk to child towards the other parent
  • Sharing grown-up information with the children
  • False accusations of abuse

Parental alienation is abuse

Parental abduction and alienation is abuse. It is caused by the vindictive actions of a former spouse or partner, family court bias/ignorance of the dangers of alienation. As a result, this is a worldwide epidemic that effects mothers, fathers, children and extended family members and is growing at an alarming rate.

parental alienation book

This is a tiny list of the many symptoms that can occur in the lonely alienation world.

Nonetheless, I have prepared an infographic for 6 of the best ways that I have used personally, and successfully fought against child manipulation

Online therapy

Online therapy continues to grow and help all of our members with their parental alienation. Skip the expensive line-ups and do social distancing with help from professionals !

online therapy


parental alienation infographic


It is a problem plaguing women and men alike in every country throughout the world. ALIENATED explores the seven most experienced emotions people have on their journey through PAS and helps them navigate through.

reversing parental alienation

How to destroy a narcissist in court | Divorcing a Covert Narcissist

How to destroy a narcissist in court | Divorcing a Covert Narcissist

Divorce process with a Covert Narcissist

family in divorce court

A Narcissist is ruthless, relentless, heartless and unforgiving in family court.

… say the least.

With that being said, you are also the only one that will see these traits in them.

Playing the victim is a superpower to a Narcissist, to the point, it will drive you mad.

Frustration and anxiety in a high-conflict divorce are enough to tear your mental health into tiny pieces.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with the emotional abuse without a little help.

Are you going through the pain of divorcing a Narcissist in divorce court? Juggling child support and attorney fees?

You have come to the perfect place.

I have personally dealt with a narcissistic mother and her unethical lawyer in a high conflict divorce for child custody.

high conflict divorce with a narcissist

I spent three years of a bloody battle dealing with a narcissist in family court to keep our daughter in my life.

I will show you the resources you will need to learn how to destroy a narcissist in court so you can avoid making the wrong move.

Trust me, you want to avoid the terror of narcissistic rage as much as you can in the devil’s playground.

Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen.

You might feel that being in a relationship with a Narcissist is painful, but the abusive actions that come after are much worse in divorce court.

Abusive tactics by a narcissistic spouse

  • Court Harassment
  • Parental alienation
  • Smear campaigns
  • Gaslighting
  • False allegations
  • Child Abuse

This brings us to my first recommendation when you are divorcing a narcissist.

Ann Bradley exposes corrupt judges in her own family court case, and step by step leads you to victory just as she did.

A tell-all book with exclusive information you won’t find anywhere else.

Divorcing a covert narcissist?

exposure of corrupt family court judges in a real-life court battle with Ann Bradley’s ex spouse. She wrote about every detail for you to win your case quickly too!

What is a narcissistic rage?

Narcissistic rage is an outburst of intense anger or silence. Both happen when a person with narcissistic personality disorder feels their self-esteem or self-worth is threatened or injured by another person or an event.

Kimberly Holland –

Temper tantrums from an entitled toddler is similar to narcissistic rage in court from a spiteful parent that will use their children’s fragile heart as a weapon.

Understanding how to destroy a Narcissist in court is complex and stopping the bleeding on your family is hard to do.

However, it’s not impossible to accomplish.

The pain of subtle abuse on you and your children is the reason you are here, reading my story, as I was in the same heartbreaking situation as you.

Once the pattern of this vicious cycle is exposed, you will have a better understanding of how to deal with a narcissist.

False allegations with child custody in the court system

child custody divorce court

Nobody believes your pleas for help as the devious tactics against you from an ex-spouse have been going on for a long time. 

You are the true victim, but a Narcissist plays that role much better than you regardless of the truth.

You only exhaust your energy as you try to expose these childish techniques while learning how to beat a narcissist in court.

It seems that every day the crafty manipulator is one step ahead of you without even breaking a sweat.

I spent years struggling to protect our daughter from a vicious Mother that will do whatever it takes to get her narcissistic supply.

With that being said, dealing with a narcissist means my ex-spouse had a lawyer that was just as ill with mental disorders herself.

Ultimately, I protected our daughter by destroying a narcissist in court that was doing whatever it took to ruin our happiness. 

A beautiful queen that mastered the art of illusion quickly revealed a delusional and twisted human being, 

Unfortunately, this dark soul just happened to be my daughter’s own blood.

This brings me to my next resource to help you through your painful divorce.

In order to destroy a narcissist in court, you need to break free from their toxic hold on you.

Personal freedom from a narcissist

Daniel DeVries is a subject matter expert in combatting narcissism. This book will teach you how to completely destroy and break free from the narcissist in your life by applying the 3 D’s: Detach, Dissolve and Disconnect.

Emotional abuse from a covert Narcissist

The agonizing pain is brought back and felt from their experiences of not being good enough to one, or in some cases, both parents

Narcissistic injury is opening that same wound again, but with the consequences coming straight to you.

With that being said, I was thrown off guard after opening a wound of past shame and ego by exposing every lie my child’s narcissistic mother had thrown at me

People with narcissistic personality disorder desire admiration from those around them, just like any of us.

Fighting for any kind of custody becomes a life or death battle against the manipulative and spiteful another side of the court. Click To Tweet

When a covert Narcissist is sensing perceived threats in any way they seem fit, this will remind them of a narcissistic wound they likely received once upon a time as a child.

To most of us, there is a huge difference between real threats vs perceived threats.

Real threats endanger our very existence, whereas perceived threats initiate unwarranted anxiety.

This pain is not caused by falling outside while playing with their friends one day in the park.

Of course, it’s also not from falling off the couch and bumping their head on the table.

You aren’t dealing with your average joe.
These mental health issues have been happening long before they met you.

narcissistic abuse has an extensive history in your ex-spouse’s family tree

destroy a narcissist

How to expose a narcissist in a divorce

The third recommendation is one of my favorites because it will give you the knowledge of exposing a Narcissist in court safely.

Are you considering raising, or defending yourself against, legal action in the family court with a narcissistic opponent?

Is your opponent controlling, abusive, unreasonable, manipulative, vindictive and obstructive?

Can they convincingly hide these behavioural traits from the judge and other professionals involved?

Does the narcissist project this behaviour onto you, and make shocking, false allegations?

Do they attempt to embarrass you and defame your character?

How To Annihilate A Narcissist In The Family Court will give you the knowledge required, to set you on the path for a successful outcome.

It will prepare you to enter the court proceedings with your armor fully intact and with the full arsenal of ammunition required to reveal the narcissist’s true character to the judge.

A narcissist is an extremely powerful opponent, and the lengths they will go to ‘win’ in a divorce case will shock you to the core.

With the insight in this book, you will fully understand how to destroy a narcissist in court.

You will remain one step ahead. You will be in control and destroy a narcissist in court.

destroy a narcissist

Journey to destroying a covert narcissist

Proving every false allegation was satisfying, but I was worn out from this soul-sucking war.

Did I mention I was exhausted? Well, all that work was pointless.

Little did I know, the battle was just starting. I was j against a mental disorder malicious parent syndrome.

I should have kept my mouth shut.

Even worse, I thought the other lies were bad. I had no idea what was coming to me next.

I found myself fighting my ex-spouse’s mental disorders known as parental alienation syndrome and malicious parent syndrome.

Unfortunately, the delusional mindset means I am the enemy. For no reason.

The plan is to destroy me by using our daughter against me and push me out of her life.

narcissistic rage

False allegations in divorce court

The petty accusations against me looked like compliments compared to the newest that was pushed for child removal over the next few months.

I was suddenly on the defense for the following:

  • Mental Stability
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug abuse

Not only are these just a few of the accusations during a narcissistic rage in court, every single one of these had no proof to back any of it up.

Instead, I was forced to prove none of it was true.

I had to quickly educate myself on how to deal with this demon and the abusive triangle that was suddenly formed against me.

destroy a narcissist in court

How to beat a Narcissist in divorce court

Child custody in a high-conflict divorce

Dr. Childress provides a brief primer on the features of the narcissistic personality parent that impact the role of legal professionals working with children and families surrounding divorce and child custody issues.

destroy a narcissist in court

Do not learn the hard way as I did.

Personality disorders should be studied carefully as your mental health depends on coming out of this with minimal scars.

Luckily, I noticed the frightening narcissistic rage in court before it was too late.

If you have to step in the pit of hell than here are 8 more effective ways to fight the rage and successfully beat a narcissist in court:

1. Learn to control your emotions

  • A Narcissist know every one of your buttons to push. Petty moves to drive you mad turns bad very quickly.
  • Losing your cool in court has extreme consequences.
  • You buy into their twisted mind game to make you look like the crazy one.
  • I have fallen into this trap personally and it is not easy to get out of.

2. Be the best-dressed person in the court-room

  • Professional at all times. Consistently.
  • False allegations will be thrown at you right away. You can prove a lot of them wrong just by simply dressing nicely as first impressions are everything..

3. Stay up to date on family law

  • If something is not in the law book but a judge says it is, how can you defend it?
  • Nothing is sweeter than surprising your ex-spouses lawyer with your own knowledge.
  • Play stupid and only go on offense when it’s important. These are guaranteed wins.

4. Take your time choosing a lawyer that is experienced in personality disorders

  • Always trust your gut.
  • Personality disorders are complex, you don’t want to find yourself buried alone in their manipulation.
  • A Narcissist is likely to have a lawyer that also has a narcissistic personality, so your counsel must be fully prepared.

5. Find a therapist to keep your mental health as strong as possible

  • If you don’t need a therapist, find something to keep you busy. I found the gym and library gave me a break from the madness.
  • Online therapy can save you money with quick and easy access to real professionals that can get you through narcissistic abuse.
  • A Narcissist is likely to have a lawyer that also has a narcissistic personality, so your counsel must be fully prepared.

6. Have continued support from friends and family

  • If your support is not consistent you are better off without it.
  • Be careful of, “friends” that are being manipulated against you by a Covert Narcissist.
  • Sanitize everybody in your circle you don’t need a therapist, find something to keep you busy. I found the gym and library gave me a break from the madness.

7. Document everything.

  • Subtle child abuse is common with narcissistic rage in court.
  • A Narcissist will conveniently play victim whenever exposed to their actions.
  • If abuse is apparent on the children, keep going to the hospital as this shows a pattern that is your best bet in court.
  • The children will see somebody who cares enough to help them. Minimizing mental and emotional abuse as they grow older.

8. Stay off social media

  • Distracting and full of bad advice mixed with negative energy.
  • Fighting in divorce court for custody of your children is exhausting enough.
  • Nobody wants to hear your drama. If people haven’t dealt with narcissistic rage they won’t understand your pain.

Feeding the narcissistic rage cycle in court

Symptoms become easier to see once you see what you are up against.

It will change the person you thought was fighting for your family

A narcissistic ex-spouse will turn suddenly, even worse than before, to a frightening monster in the blink of an eye

With that being said, the narcissistic personality within the divorce court is a nasty experience against a sneaky covert.

“Adding to the devastation, narcissists never take responsibility for their rage, never apologize for let alone acknowledge their actions. Rather, they project their own irrational attacking behaviour onto the others they have traumatized, typically a scapegoated child or partner, further increasing the abused person’s trauma.”
“In the narcissist’s own eyes, she is always the victim, never the victimizer, and her behaviour is always justified.”

The power of covert narcissist traits can be enough to put you in depression with no signs of it pulling you down as your mental health slowly disintegrates into the size of a tiny grain of sand.

Without a doubt, manipulation and emotional abuse go unnoticed very easily.

Your attempts to prove this against a covert narcissist in divorce court will only work against you unless you build your case long term, showing their patterns.

I bet you wouldn’t have chosen a self-entitled, abusive, manipulative, lying, cheating narcissistic parent to raise a family with, right?

I also ignored way too many red flags that I was dealing with somebody that would not ever come to a reasonable agreement to benefit our child.

Obviously, if I did my research on narcissistic personality disorder, I would have known from the start that a narcissist could care less about our child.

She was only in it to use our child as a weapon to hurt me in any way possible.

Exposing the exaggerated false accusations thrown towards me only opened a deep narcissistic injury that emerged quickly by “winning” in family court

Bad idea.

The encounters of narcissistic rage can be so lethal it will ruin you.

Reading up on the proper resources on how to deal with a Narcissist is crucial for you to destroy a narcissist in court.

Further causes of narcissistic rage in court

Former spouse filed for sole custody again and wanted all previous orders terminated.

At this point, I thought everyone would see the selfish acts. I was so very wrong.

The gray rock technique was overlooked as I made risky moves by going in blinded and full of emotions.

A trial date was set again so I am back on the defense as unstable, and a danger to our child.

The glorious narcissistic lawyer against me was licking her chops.

I will never forget the demonic grin across the courtroom from my former spouse.

Thankfully, I have fought against her sole custody, self-involved court stature before.

Unfortunately, a narcissistic personality disorder is not going to stop the rage after I threatened their supreme ego to expose them for who they are.

narcissistic rage in court

Rage from a Covert Narcissist

I had 15 Ministry of children and family development calls on me since.

Home visits and investigations were stopped after the 12th malicious call.

Unfortunately, the damage was more than enough to take a toll on me

The image is painted about me to my neighbors, and especially my daughter only made my ex-spouse smile.

Numerous false claims began to come towards me at full speed.

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Subsidy fraud
  • Income assistance fraud
  • Child neglect

False allegations during custody battles

rage in court

Narcissistic rage ultimately made me defeat the covert narcissist in their own kingdom.


because the multiple calls to the ministry only made me stronger, and the narcissist became much weaker as she saw me take no sweat to the accusations.

If you are not faded by these cold souls, they will not be able to hide their true selves.

This is the best way to expose a narcissist for who they really are.

Coincidentally, the abuse symptoms quickly piled up on me.

A vicious cycle of abuse and I only added fuel to the fire that was burning in front of my daughter.

I almost came to my senses a little too late.

Luckily, you can destroy a narcissist quickly in your own divorce.

Everything about a covert Narcissist is sadistic.

However, I had a shine of light that perhaps there is something wrong with my ex-spouse that can’t be fixed.

I was determined to clear up these lies and focus on our child regardless of the narcissistic rage cycle of smear campaigns against me

Family court is the devil’s playground I had to play their game.

I let the narcissistic rage come at me full swing while gladly allowing social workers to actually see how I am with our daughter.

destroy a narcissist in court

It’s time for you to stop wasting time.  

Properly learning how to crush a Narcissist is crucial for surviving the lonely war

If you are divorcing a narcissist you can get help just like I did

Learn the secrets of the corruption in family court by judges and lawyers

Uncover the corruption in court by and the secrets to win your divorce now!

You can find all the products mentioned below:

Divorce a Narcissist

Breaking free from Narcissist

Annihilate your Narcissist


Gaslighting parents and Broken trust in crazy relationships

Gaslighting parents and Broken trust in crazy relationships

gaslighting parents

What is psychological abuse from gaslighting?

Whether it is gaslighting parents or just mind-playing in general, this form of psychological abuse is extremely damaging in a narcissistic relationship.

Have you ever felt that you were right about something, but even with facts right in front of your face you slowly begin to doubt the obvious?

You are usually pretty confident in your opinions, but suddenly you can’t trust anything around you that used to make sense. 

You are feeling confused and out of character.

Are you going crazy? It’s possible.

Or you are a victim of gaslighting, a common part of the narcissistic abuse cycle that bring these kinds of side effects.

Thrivetalk gives the following definition about one of many forms of abuse that can easily go unnoticed:

Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic in which a person, to gain power and control, plants seeds of uncertainty in the victim. The self-doubt and constant skepticism slowly and meticulously cause the individual to question their reality.

Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic in which a person, to gain power and control, plants seeds of uncertainty in the victim. The self-doubt and constant skepticism slowly and meticulously cause the individual to question their reality.

With that being said, gaslighting parents love to use parental alienation on their children because it’s easy it is to have kids believe every word they are told.

Gaslighting in dysfunctional families

A narcissistic personality known as a covert narcissist is common with a gaslighting abusive parent.

Common signs to look for:

  • Playing the victim but being the abuser
  • Form family members to help feel and aid their crazy sympathy tactics
  • Makes the actual victim believe they are the abuser
  • Diminishes their targets mental health until there is no strength left to even think for themselves

It is extremely hard to convince somebody in a gaslighting relationship, or has gaslighting parents, that they are in this toxic abuse.

This is because they are in a trauma bonding stage, and breaking the bond usually requires medical assistance.

Reality of a gaslighting co parent

What is often a common problem in divorce court?

Power and control. This is especially true if you are dealing with a parent child that will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

However, gaslighting parents do not want to feel any kind of shame towards them.

You will get to see them show nothing but love out in the public, but verbally abusive behind closed doors.

Spite goes hand in hand with narcissistic parenting.

Children being psychologically abused will happen as a way to get back at the other parent. My daughter’s narcissistic Mother religiously does this.

If you are not careful, you could be joining in on the abuse without even knowing it.

Children are not able to differentiate between the right and wrong of a narcissistic parent. They only know them as a good person.

Signs of gaslighting

Consistently saying, “I’m sorry” to avoid hostility, even though you know yourself you are the one being mistreated. 

Over a period of time, the emotional abuse will eventually make you think you are the actual abuser.

I have been dealing with a narcissistic mother for a long time, and I know each and every manipulative tactic with this form of psychological abuse.

manipulative tactics

There are terms for individual manipulative techniques and signs of bad behavior to look for:

Withholding narcissistic gaslighting abuse

Refusing to listen or share their emotions

  • “Don’t start that conversation again”

Countering perceptions

Throwing the victim off the actual subject

  • “Think about when you didn’t remember things correctly last time.”
  • “You thought that last time and you were wrong.”

Blocking and Diverting

Another form of throwing victims off the subject when the gaslighter sees they are beginning to lose A narcissistic triangulation can be formed in their defence

  • “Quit bitching”
  • “You’re hurting me on purpose”


Making the victim believe that their thoughts and feelings are not important

  • “That’s more important than us?”


  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “I don’t have to take this”
  • “You’re making that up”

How to deal with gaslighting

It’s not easy dealing with the manipulations, nor is it easy to watch.

The road to narcissistic abuse recovery is a long and lonely one, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Dealing with gaslighting

Gaslighting is the practice of psychologically manipulating someone into questioning their own sanity―and if you are reading this, you may be all-too-familiar with this form of emotional abuse. The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook is a uniquely interactive method of rebuilding your self-esteem and allowing yourself to heal from an abusive relationship.

gaslighting parents recovery book

If it is you or somebody you know, there are options available to have a convenient therapist right by your side.

You don’t even have to leave your couch!

I recommend Online Therapy, it is the most confidential and safest way to get back to who you were.

online therapy

Gray Rock Method | Toxic people behavior

What is the gray rock method?

gray rock method

To begin, If you are looking at how to crush a narcissist, it is much different from the gray rock method.   

No rock throwing at any people today. 

Unfortunately, that is not the rocking definition that will help you avoid abuse in your family.  

Let me say this: do not waste your time on people that go against the rock technique because it is the only real way to avoid narcissistic abuse.    

I have been told a million times that eventually I will be able to work with my ex-spouse.  

Apparently, co-parenting with toxic people takes time.

So I waited…  

And waited…  

3 years later and the signs of narcissism only got much worse.  

Thankfully, I started the gray rock method on a narcissist mother a couple of years ago and it has been extremely effective.  

Our child’s tears on my shoulder happened one too many times.   

It was very easy for us to become even colder than a rock when it was time to put our armour we learned to make ourselves.  

There are plenty of methods you are able to use when deciding how to deal with a narcissist, as well as things to avoid when dealing with toxic behaviour.  

deceitful, abusive and self-entitled parents will not make it easy for you to control your emotions.  

No contact parenting is common as narcissistic Mothers try to push Fathers to look like the abuser.  Well, let’s be real..

it’s not really pushing if they don’t have to even try.

With that being said, fathers can be just as abusive as gender has nothing to do with someone’s personality disorder.

Gray rocking a Narcissist is ultimately what saved me from losing my cool and going crazy in the chaos.

Toxic manipulations, narcissistic abuse, parental alienation, and even child abuse so when will it stop?


Boundaries need to be set. Picture yourself being as fun and lively as something so dull.

How about a gray rock?

rock method

The type of rock that you wouldn’t look twice at. The type of rock that remains ignored and unnoticed as you walk on by.

A Conscious Rethink

Gray rock method to lose interest

The definition was started by a blogger Skylar who had experience with a Psychopath and understands how important it is to take on the role of a “dull” rock.

Drama is a psychopath’s remedy for boredom. For drama, they need an audience and some players – Skylar

I have been using the gray rock method for years, and it has proven success!

With millions of flying monkeys and a high opinion of themselves, a Narcissist can always find players with a crowd to watch, especially when a narcissistic triangulation is formed.

However, you don’t have to play. You don’t even have to watch.

“Grey Rock is a technique that allows one to take a step back and simply observe instead of fending off or goading into the unwanted attention. Your responses are dull, boring and mundane.”

“Becoming a part of the scenery allows targets to camouflage or fade out. Instead of refusing to deal, you allow contact but only give monotonous responses so that the toxic person eventually must go elsewhere for their fix of drama and emotional mayhem.”

Mental Health Intervention

With that being said, there are situations when it is crucial to use the gray rock technique:

  • You have children with a narcissistic parent
  • Your boss has a personality disorder
  • You live with a toxic family member
toxic people

Abusive family member relationship

When I began studying the crucial ways to protect my daughter from her narcissistic Mother I wish I stumbled upon the gray before anything else.

The information shown at first glance is incredibly misleading when children are involved.

People have excellent ways on how to deal with malicious and delusional former spouses.

On the other hand, I truly believe they are guiding people to unknowingly abuse their children more.

Initiating a “no contact” with your Narcissist is what you will be pushed to do “immediately”

Avoid no contact co-parenting

I desperately followed the lead of the internet and went no contact with my former spouse. This worked extremely well.

abusive behavior attention drama

However, it came with a price as I inflicted narcissistic injury by going completely silent and trying to outsmart signs of narcissistic abuse.

Our daughter started coming over with physical marks on her, a desperate cry for attention from a Mother who wasn’t letting me avoid her contact.

With that being said, I needed to speak with my former spouse on this.

This is all while keeping my emotions out of it so I don’t get revenge on a narcissist.

The less narcissistic supply I have to give her, the better for all of us.

Consequently, I knew that the narcissistic rage was right around the corner for my awful actions of not tending to my former spouse’s selfish needs.

Luckily, I was able to avoid severe abuse of our daughter’s mental health.

Co-parenting interactions should be uninteresting

Children need both parents to communicate for their mental health to be stable. However, it’s obvious that narcissist parenting is just not that simple.

Drama is what keeps a Psychopath, Sociopath, and Narcissist on in life with their delusional mindset, it is much like breathing for them.

They crave it.

It is also their main supply of fuel from you, because of your overreaction to whatever bully game they feel like playing that day.

Consistently minimizing this behavior is crucial. Unfortunately, there will be roadblocks from complex things like toxic triangulation along the way

rock method

Gray rock method examples

It may seem like such an easy task to be dull and boring to a person that has made your life a living hell, but it is very easy to be broken.

A Narcissist will not let you go that easy. Whether it be an email or Facebook message – Narcissism can get under your skin.

You will be pushed to the limit of contact many times, but it’s up to you to make sure they lose interest

Here are a few gray rock method examples:

“May we switch the child drop off time to 2:00 today? I’m running late”

“Please don’t forget the child’s lunch bag today”

A Narcissist will always engage to somehow create drama and push every button on your body.

Patience is not the only thing when learning how to deal with a narcissist. Dealing with an abuser will frustrate you day after day.

Your response will be very straight-forward and extremely boring. Such as:

“Not a problem. See you then”

End of conversation

Your response that immediately ends the conversation

grey rocking definition means you need consistency.

This will bore your former spouse and in many cases they will leave you alone. However, the chances of being hoovered back are always possible.

Silence is golden

Whether it is a Narcissist, Psychopath or Sociopath traits the fact remains that they just don’t like boredom.

They despise it.

After your response, you might get another reply to try and hoover you back into the conversation, which you must not answer.

This is a manipulation tactic that can easily take a turn for the worst.

Lastly, over time you will see that your Narcissist slowly stops trying to draw fuel from you.

However, it will take time.

The reward at the end is inner peace because you will notice that the demon is putting too much work into you.

Sadistic, egotistical beasts think much too high of themselves to ever break a sweat.

10 survivors reveal what it’s like co-parenting with a Narcissist is an excellent source for help.

They provide numerous ways to disarm the child abuse that seems to go unnoticed by everybody except yourself.


gray rock

However, it came with a price as I inflicted narcissistic injury by going completely silent and trying to outsmart signs of narcissistic abuse.

Our daughter started coming over with physical marks on her, a desperate cry for attention from a Mother who wasn’t letting me avoid her contact.

With that being said, I needed to speak with my former spouse on this. 

This is all while keeping my emotions out of it so I don’t get revenge on a narcissist

The less narcissistic supply I have to give her, the better for all of us.

Consequently, I knew that the narcissistic rage was right around the corner for my awful actions of not tending to my former spouse’s selfish needs.

Luckily, I was able to avoid severe abuse of our daughter’s mental health.  

toxic book

Co-parenting interactions should be uninteresting

Children need both parents to communicate for their mental health to be stable.  However, it’s obvious that narcissist parenting is just not that simple.

Drama is what keeps a Psychopath, Sociopath, and Narcissist on in life with their delusional mindset, it is much like breathing for them. 

They crave it.

It is also their main supply of fuel from you, because of your overreaction to whatever bully game they feel like playing that day.

Consistently minimizing this behavior is crucial.  Unfortunately, there will be roadblocks from complex things like toxic triangulation along the way

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Gray rock method examples

It may seem like such an easy task to be dull and boring to a person that has made your life a living hell, but it is very easy to be broken.

A Narcissist will not let you go that easy.  Whether it be an email or Facebook message – Narcissism can get under your skin.

You will be pushed to the limit of contact many times, but it’s up to you to make sure they lose interest

Here are a few gray rock method examples:

“May we switch the child drop off time to 2:00 today? I’m running late”

“Please don’t forget the child’s lunch bag today”

A Narcissist will always engage to somehow create drama and push every button on your body.  Patience is not the only thing when learning how to deal with a narcissist.  Dealing with an abuser will frustrate you day after day.

Your response will be very straight-forward and extremely boring. Such as:

“Not a problem. See you then”


how to inflict narcissistic injury | rage of narcissism

What is a narcissistic injury?

First off, before you learn how to inflict narcissistic injury on a narcissist, you should understand that it may also be known as:

  • narcissistic wound
  • narcissistic blow
  • narcissistic scar

Similarly, being called the, “three narcissistic wounds” the definition is when the abusive grandiose Narcissist has their delusional self-important image threatened in any way they see fit.

People with narcissism handle criticism in a much different way than people without. Ultimately, learning how to make a narcissist miserable is a journey that should be thought out first.

Instead of just having their feelings hurt, you are attacking their mindset of, “high stature” with a jab to their self-esteem.

The ongoing need for narcissistic supply is bound to run out eventually and when it does, explosive anger is right around the corner. Click To Tweet

With that being said, it is an extremely dangerous mental state of mind which will ultimately lead to further turns on the narcissistic abuse cycle involving your children after a relationship.

From my experience, it all becomes torture. This is the called the unforgiving and malicious narcissistic rage.

rage personality

Healing from abuse

Because of their disordered sense of self, the narcissists are prone to engage in several actions that are damaging to those around them. These include bullying, demeaning comments, and other forms of emotional abuse that you need to recover from.

healing from narcissistic injury

Narcissistic injuries with narcissist rage

It is the perception of a threat that causes the internal emotional meltdown, not the real thing!

These are a few symptoms with narcissism that are associated with an injured narcissist after causing narcissistic injuries:

  • Loss of control
  • Active aggression
  • Child abuse
  • Smear campaigns
  • Triangulation

how to inflict narcissistic injury

I spent a lot of wasted years looking for answers on how to use the best narcissist revenge tactics on my daughter’s mentally ill Mother.

Similarly, I have noticed there are numerous mislead articles stating that the narcissistic injury meaning is that the victim is being hurt and abused by narcissistic abuse symptoms.

This is incorrect information and could be dangerous if used around narcissists.

Psychoanalysts Freud and Kohut | History of narcissistic injuries

Where Freudian concentrated on the “primary injury” in childhood, Heinz Kohut, also from the psychoanalytic background, developed theories about the “secondary” injuries which afflict narcissists on a day to day basis.

Kohut followed the teachings of Freudian, but soon began to argue a few of his points on how these injuries are so traumatizing.

He believed that shame repeats the experience of injury, this may explain why even the slightest sign of failure will set a Narcissist off into a delusional state of mind.

The experience of being told they are never good enough, flashbacks from a disappointed parent.

inflicting narcissistic injury

Criticism of a narcissistic mother

Simply put, a pathological Narcissist is a person with a narcissistic personality disorder that obsesses over themselves for the pursuit of their precious narcissistic supply that gives them the feeling of emotional control.

This means they are extremely codependent on others to cater to their daily demands, and if these needs aren’t met then narcissistic rage and injury come quickly after.

Grudges after a relationship are held for a long time, and let me tell you from experience that they play very dirty.

I also had to fill my mind with proper knowledge about narcissism because I would not have learned otherwise.

With that being said, it made me become the Narcissist’s nightmare.

Learning the safest action of how to inflict narcissistic injury on a narcissist without the aftermath of heartbreaking child abuse.

Although, mirrors still only showed the battered meaning we all don’t see in each other deep down inside.

Healing my family and helping people going through the same chaotic experience is my goal.

Researching and studying is key to protecting your children from the painful narcissistic abuse symptoms.

Toxic narcissistic relationships when children are involved

Narcissist parenting can be an emotional roller coaster, I found this out as my daughter became the new punching bag caused by childhood wounds that I unknowingly dug into.

Depending on the severity of the narcissistic personality, the abuser will begin to blame you and make you pay for your actions; a delusional world of payback.  You will likely begin on the lonely road of narcissistic abuse recovery

How to inflict narcissistic injury and revenge

It seems like a good idea to get revenge on a narcissist after all the abuse you have been suffering with your children.

You can sense the perfect time to cause damage to them.

However, in the end, the manipulative demon will take that scar you gave them and create another whole world of deeper wounds.

The parental alienation abuse over the years on our daughter is sickening, but the narcissistic mother doesn’t have the mind to understand the chaos she caused.

She will only feel it is justified.

how to inflict narcissistic injury

3 instant regrets after inflicting narcissistic injury and revenge

Many years ago I educated myself on the difference between personality disorders such as sociopath traits and if you have not done this yet, I strongly suggest you do.

Unfortunately, I realized my child’s Mother was my frightening Psychopath nightmare, so calming a storm I created was the toughest part of getting my daughter back.

1. Your abuser doesn’t show they are hurt or shamed

  • The disorder involves a mask they can put on to deceive you.  It is exactly how they baited you; your empathy is what got you here.
  • You won’t feel the good feeling of revenge and only make the condition worse
  • The children are likely to be their next target to sadistically hurt you

2. The abuser will use manipulative tactics causing child abuse to your children

  • Instead of showing you that you hurt them, they will take it out on their own flesh and blood. 
  • You are likely to want to retaliate causing more emotional harm to the child and yourself
  • A narcissistic injury no contact works for some people, but not with children involved.  The Gray Rock Method must be used to protect your children.

3. You continue to damage your loved ones mental health by falling for the toxic, hideous and abusive nature of narcissistic personality disorder

  • A Narcissist is not a team player, they look at themselves as much more glorious than you.  Don’t lower yourself to this selfish ego
  • Constantly looking for ways on how to inflict narcissistic injury only gives a Narcissist supply, you will be feeding fuel to continue the abusive cycle.
  • Your children lack empathy from the abusive parent, it’s your job to fill this gap while teaching your child how important other people’s feelings are
  • You also need to heal from narcissistic injury.  It’s a long road, and you just made it longer

Having control of your adult child

Finally, I know first hand how hard it is to show empathy and be positive with somebody who only thinks of themselves.

I also know how it feels to get revenge with a narcissistic injury.

However, it is not just your own mental health.

You are protecting the children’s fragile mind because your children are also going to be discarded from their own parents.

Love will be taken away, just as it was in your relationship.

It is only a matter of time

Think again before going through narcissistic injury and retaliation.
How do you think your child will come out of this with no mental scars?

Learning how to deal with manipulation is the only way to make it out in one piece.

If you are involved in a narcissistic injury, perhaps the best thing you can do is learn to step back and observe the person with narcissism with objective curiosity

Good Therapy

narcissistic injury

Showing your children the empathy they deserve

If you constantly react to the Narcissist not only do you continue to give them their fuel for destruction, you continue the cycle of family violence.

I have protected my own daughter and continue to build her own armour amidst the chaos. 

Understanding the narcissistic meaning is important for your pathway to healing from narcissistic abuse and getting help.

Parenting with narcissists is exhausting. I spent too long hoping her Mother would get better.

You quickly learn how to stay away and keep the violence from spreading further down the family tree from an adult child

online therapy
cheap online family therapy is a great option to rebuild mental health

I can finally say I am at a good place because not only does my daughter have a smile on her face again, I am teaching her empathy which is something her mother did not receive as a child.

There is nothing I can do about this except shower our daughter with love.

Further raising awareness for this manipulative disorder is my goal, which ultimately stops child abuse caused by a narcissistic injury.


How to deal with a Narcissist | Handling Narcissism

How to deal with a narcissistic personality 

To begin, learning the pattern of a narcissistic abuse cycle you are put on by a manipulative narcissist is the best way to learn how to deal with a narcissist.

It is all complex as it’s easy to confuse somebody with a mental disorder like narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) simply as a cocky person who only thinks of themselves.

deal with a narcissist

However, this is not the best approach when you are trying to figure out how to deal with a Narcissist.

While this is common narcissistic behaviour, there are plenty of traits that need to be examined by a professional before giving somebody this title. 

From gaslighting parents to trauma bonding, a narcissistic personality disorder is a very complex disorder.

We all have a little bit of narcissism in us. 

How boring would this world be if that was not the case?

With that being said, if you don’t agree… you are most definitely the covert Narcissist.

Dealing with the symptoms of a narcissistic personality

Helpguide lists the following as symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder:

  • Grandiose sense of self-importance. 
  • Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur. 
  • Needs constant praise and admiration. 
  • Sense of entitlement. 
  • Exploits others without guilt or shame. 
  • Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others.

narcissistic personality

How to deal with a narcissistic parent?

I have been dealing with a narcissistic mother for many years, and I have 5 techniques to help deal with your nightmare.

1 Don’t even bother dealing with a Narcissist

  • Turn around, run, and don’t look back
  • Narcissists are extremely bitter and spiteful, they will use tactics like parental alienation to have you lose everything you love. 
  • If you don’t have to get involved, simply leave.  However, we all know that sometimes it is necessary.

2 Set boundaries without actually telling them

  • Example: if you are told to do something at a certain time, either don’t do it or do it on your own time. 
  • They don’t like working hard for things, so they are likely to quickly get the point, and deal with it
  • A Narcissist will not ever do as you say.  Even if they agree, they will not actually do it.
  • This is healthy for you to cut yourself from the toxic control of a Narcissist.

3 Do not ever show that you are frustrated

  • The minute you show that they are getting to you, it is game over
  • Especially after inflicting narcissistic injury, a Narcissist loves to see you having a bad time
  • Stand your ground, and put on a fake smile.  This will kill them inside knowing they can’t get to you and they are not even close to being a part of your daily life.
  • Breaking the abusive cycle is the first step to your recovery

4 Sacrifice anything that won’t completely ruin your life

  • If you are trying to decide something that is minor, sacrifice it and move on.
  • This will not change the Narcissist just because you did something nice. 
  • Being a part of narcissistic rage in court is not worth it, and it’s best to, “stroke their ego” with a little fuel to keep them calm

5 Continue to show as much empathy as possible

  • If you lose your focus, you will become a negative person.
  • If children are involved, they will see this and mimic the good parent over the bad parent.
  • You build your character, and this will crush your narcissist at your narcissist every time they see you.  Don’t let it get to your head, just do it. 

deal with a narcissist

How to handle a Narcissist at work

There will always be somebody you can clearly spot as the Narcissist at work. 

They will always try to be the best at work, give you back-handed compliments, create a narcissistic triangulation of co-workers, try to get you demoted or fired, and even take credit for your work.

Here are ways to deal with a narcissist at work that is doing whatever they can to bring themselves up, and others down.

1 Smile and nod your head

  • Sometimes it’s just not worth the battle.
  • If it’s not a necessity for you to work together, you should just do the simple gray rock method

2 Don’t join in on any of the negativity

  • Bullying is common for a Narcissist, they can suck you in without you even realizing it
  • Once you engage in this activity you will be expected to side with them 
  • If you realize you have hurt somebody’s feelings, make it right with that person right away
  • next time you are brought into the bullying, keep a straight face and walk away.  
  • You only become more like a narcissistic supply and feeding them every time you engage.

3 Don’t give out any personal opinions or ideas

  • Taking credit for other people’s work is like breathing for a Narcissist
  • You leave room to be taken advantage of and even a smear campaign from other co-workers

4 Expose their weaknesses quietly

  • This isn’t for everybody as it can easily backfire.  I love this though.
  • Every Narcissist has a weakness or skill they lack at a job and will avoid doing it.
  • Nudge this person towards this task if somebody calls in sick, watching them avoid it is satisfying.
  • I have met a lot of narcissists at work and learning how to outplay a narcissist without the backlash is a good feeling.

5 Avoid engaging in fights/competition

  • I learned a long time ago to not engage.  
  • A Narcissist will sabotage a task before you even begin
  • Bosses will always respect the person that shows teamwork and keeps their calm.  Supervisors likely have already had a past conflict with a Narcissist, or it’s bound to happen

At last, I know how hard it is parenting with a narcissist who feels the world revolves around them and a co-worker or boss that just wants to come to work to suck away everybody’s happiness.

It is important to show as much empathy as humanly possible, especially when children are around and nasty traits are the only thing they are experiencing.

deal with a narcissist book

You can stop a narcissist from ruining your life and learn the secret techniques to deal with them appropriately.

My daughter is the most empathetic, caring, and positive human being.


because I swallowed my pride and my daughter followed my lead.

Protect your mental health during this time, and continue to be consistent.  A Narcissist is always up to something, so don’t let your guard down.

Online therapy is becoming very popular as it can be done right from the comfort of your own home.

Real professionals that care about your health.  The days of waiting in line and spending your life savings are old news!

I am offering 20% off for a limited time!

I will continue to use this service for a long time.  It gives my daughter and me the tools and strength we could never find ourselves.

online therapy

Get back to finally feeling like yourself again now!


Malicious Mother Syndrome | parental alienation on the other parent

What is Malicious Mother Syndrome?

an ongoing attempt of mischievous and hurtful actions against the other parent is the best way to describe Malicious Mother Syndrome Click To Tweet

It can also be known by various definitions such as:

  • Angry Mother Syndrome
  • Vindictive Mother Syndrome
  • Malicious Woman Syndrome
  • Malicious Ex-Wife Syndrome
  • Battered Mother Syndrome

On the other hand, a Father can use malicious actions against a Mother in the same way.

This syndrome was first theorized and changed to Malicious Parent Syndrome by psychologist Ira Turkat to describe a pattern of abnormal behavior during divorce.

It is very similar to parental alienation syndrome.

Malicious parent syndrome

While a narcissistic mother is very much in line with a delusional parent, a person with Malicious parent syndrome does not have any other mental disorder

Unforgiving, spiteful tactics will arise from this condition.

With that being said, several malicious acts against the other parent commonly caused from divorce can be:

  • Involving others to form a group against the other parent in a custody battle
  • Excessive court litigation full of false allegations in family court
  • denying all, or most of the visitation time with children
  • not allowing, or including the other parent in school activities 
  • Telling lies to the children. Parenting alienation tactics
  • Speaking negatively about the other parent to people that are closely involved with the children.
  • Punishment for children that will not do evil deeds caused by malicious parent syndrome
  • Breaking the law with actions such as: vandalizing property, false allegations (physical and sexual abuse)

Healing for alienated parents

Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce.

malicious parent divorce book

malicious mother

Parental alienation can sometimes create unrepairable damage to children, especially with lost parenting time from false allegations. Playing victim in the courtroom is the newest thing to do in this sensitive era, and fighting… Click To Tweet

Judges will buy these petty tears from parental alienation syndrome, literally, because money is much more important than the best interest of the child.

Examples of Malicious Parental Alienation

Parental alienation tactics is common to see with signs of malicious parent syndrome.

Cody Law firm gives a few examples :

If a mother and father get a divorce and the mother is angered by the actions of the man, she may start to tell her children that their father is dangerous or that he does not love them

She could act as though it was their actions that caused divorce and that their father hates them for it. This is alienation that attempts to punish the father

The Firm For Men offers three more examples of malicious mother syndrome:

A mother lied to her children, telling them their father had spent their money on women in topless bars so nothing was left for buying food for the children;

A mother, after losing legal custody of her child, manipulated a school secretary into assisting in kidnapping the child;

A mother told a judge that her daughter was not fathered by her divorcing husband

family violence

Malicious parent syndrome help

In Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex, a nationally recognized parenting expert offers you a positive parenting approach to dealing with a hostile ex-spouse and parental alienation syndrome.

malicious parent syndrome

How do you prove malicious parent syndrome?

First things first, you have to remain calm.

The process of understanding the difference between mental disorders and family violence will take a lot of patience when understanding how to divorce a narcissist

You could possibly have the best evidence against the malicious parent syndrome but still lose a few divorce-related court battles.

You cannot give up.

Keep your head high and smile for your children to help them through this complicated experience of family violence.

I recommend getting help as you go through the fight against malicious mother syndrome, and affordable online therapy right from your computer can even be used for your best chance in court.

If your mental health is needing a boost, I highly recommend online therapy first!

With that being said, here are some effective ways that I myself have used to fight parental alienation:

parental alienation

1. Don’t miss any visitation time with your children

  • Life gets busy, we all know that Unfortunately, every day that is not spent with your seeds is another pull of your children against you.
  • Every second is critical in this battle
  • parenting with a narcissist is something that you will learn to do in spite of the lack of care from the other side The focus must be always on not hurting your children.

2. Document everything

  • Use email rather than text messages as the court uses email as a proper paper trail
  • Nasty messages sent to you?  Put that in your documentation Refusing contact?  Document Sometimes looking through older emails can help you find a pattern that you can put together to prove how it is affecting your children
  • Don’t be petty You should only present clear abusive actions against the other parent, therapists showing any mental health damage to yourself is also accepted

3. Don’t join in on the negative talk

  • It’s hard to keep your cool when alienation is right in your face, but you must provide a place of protection for your children They hate hearing negativity all the time so show them how good it feels to be positive.
  • Tell your children how much you love them every chance you can People with malicious mother syndrome will not show real love so this is an easy steal for you as they will see the difference almost immediately

4. Enforce court orders whenever they are being breached

  • Police enforced orders are great documentation for the court, a fantastic way to show the pattern of parental alienation caused by malicious mother syndrome. 
  • Be careful of unforgiving rage that could start because of this.  With that being said, use it to your advantage when they lose their cool.

5. Don’t trust anybody

  • You might think you have a great lawyer or support worker that is finally helping you out. However, the fact of the matter is that no judge, lawyer, social worker, psychologist or court mediator knows or cares about your child and parental alienation.
  • Educate yourself on the effects of malicious parent syndrome and don’t trust anybody to study it as much as you would
  • Take clear signs of alienation against your child to the news stations and post them online Call out all the names involved to create traction to make noise about the emotional abuse symptoms you see around your child.

6. Never give up

  • Only you will be able to help your children. You will likely feel like you are standing alone. 
  • If your children are saying mean words to you, it is likely because of learning how to inflict narcissistic injury

Therapy and support for narcissistic abuse

At last, recovering from parental alienation means identifying it is happening to you.

This is also the first step to building your case.

You have to put yourself in the position of somebody hearing your story without actually knowing you and your children, and practice forming a golden formula to prove such a sadistic act.

Play dirty.

The family court plays dirty, and so does a malicious parent so if you have to dig to get your evidence than you better get to work.

how to divorce narcissist

Time is ticking, and it’s always going to be used against you.

It’s hard to crawl out of the alienated parent phase, but with true love and dedication for your children, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Exhausted?  Tired?  Give your mental health a boost with healthy support from online therapy

It has brought numerous parents back to themselves and reunited with their children.


Parental alienation | Child manipulation | child abuse

What are the signs of parental alienation?

To start, unlike physical abuse, psychological and mental harm caused by parental alienation doesn’t leave scars on the skin.

However, they hurt just as much if not more to alienated parents.

The alienation definition is pretty self-explanatory:

Parental alienation is when one parent discredits the other parent to a child or children the two share. For example, perhaps mom tells her child that their dad doesn’t love them or want to see them. Or a dad tells his child that their mom prefers her new family (and kids with a new partner) to them.

alienated parent

Signs of a rejected parent could start slow and build up unnoticed, or a relationship with the child turn sour very fast.

It will be interesting to see how lawyers and judges adjust to a new “recognized” form of child abuse targeted at alienated parents.

Here are the signs of parental alienation, formerly known as malicious mother syndrome in 1995 and recently became malicious parent syndrome that may be occurring in your family:

  • Will use false allegations in court to put a protection order between the alienating parent, yourself, and children. You will have to remove it and this will take time. If children are being alienated it needs to be dealt with immediately
  • Your children start calling you by your first name. This is also a way of putting your authority down. Slow jabs to your relationship by having your alienated child disrespect you.
  • Children may side with the favored parent and refuse visitation. A Child will likely talk a lot about the alienating parent and mention past hostility or disputes you may have had with your former spouse.
  • The alienating parent won’t communicate about medical appointments, behavior issues at school, etc.
  • Uses power and control on the alienated child’s personal belongings. They will send the child in older clothes that they have no use for anymore and will not allow children to bring any toys to your house
  • Involving schools, daycare, children’s parents and any relationship you have with smear campaigns so they look down on you.
  • Coaches child to call a step-parent “Daddy” or “Mommy”

What is parental alienation syndrome?

Common signs of somebody suffering from this syndrome are:

  • Attempts to punish the targeted parent though alienating their children from the other parent and involving others or the courts in actions to separate parent and child
  • Seeks to deny children visitation and communication with the other parent and involvement in the child’s school or extra-curricular activities;
  • Lies to their children and others repeatedly and may be involved in criminal activity

The nature of alienation is commonly used in narcissist parenting 

Of course, Fathers can inflict narcissistic injury and get revenge on a narcissist with their ways of own ways of parental alienation.

Badmouthing and calling a Mother by their first name is just a few that can be used against a mother instead of learning the proper technique of how to crush a Narcissist

parental alienation save marriage

With the court system so one-sided about nurturing Mothers, not many cases involve withholding a child from the Mother. 

However, there are plenty of Fathers that were unknowingly raised by narcissists

It seems parental alienation is going to be recognized as abuse, but how much will have to be proven before we see a difference?

It could create more hostility, family violence, and false allegations if it is not implemented correctly.

My former spouse will continue to try to sabotage my relationship with our daughter any chance she gets.

The most important thing I can do is love my child.

Luckily, the worst part of parental alienation is over for me. Our daughter has a voice now and is very aware of the lying and manipulation her Mother does against me.

I don’t play “victim” I explain thoroughly the importance of being a good person, and an even better parent to my children.

Beat Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation is child abuse. Some have even argued it is legalized child abuse because the courts refuse to come near it

parental alienation syndrome book

parental alienation mental health

Parental alienation damage to mental health

Secondly, Looking for the proper battered meaning with the significant ties with parental alienation is hard to find on Google.

They will give you the correct definitions but it is incredibly misleading.

The top results show physical violence only with two victims: battered women and battered wives.

Narcissistic personality disorder is incredibly manipulative.

If you are reading this, you likely know all about the narcissistic abuse symptoms.

Here are the top Google results:

Unfortunately, we need more awareness of what we are trying to achieve for the future. 

Putting people in power for child protection and they are only doing the opposite.

Another failed system: Ministry of children and Family development.

You can read more of the abuse on my daughter by the Ministry when I was faced with narcissistic rage in court

It is not a competition, I have a daughter so you better believe I support Battered Women’s Support Services.

However, they have also made men look like something they aren’t in court by suddenly showing up as “support” on a trial date.

Broken system overlooking parental alienation for the true battered meaning

Everybody deserves support and there is no doubt about this. But at what point do we recognize the system giving the edge to one spiteful parent over another?

The Narcissist’s playground: family court. A Support worker throws the Father off guard. Who’s battering you?

especially with a no-contact order between the parents? Oh right, the narcissistic triangulation.

I have seen this happen in many court cases, including mine.

With that being said, I think it is safe to say that the trial is over before it started. Do they review the history of lies proven on paper?

They don’t check anything their eyes refuse to see.

Unfortunately, there are a few cases of women who are being battered. For this reason, I am all for supporting the cause even if it is just one person.

Coincidentally, the battered meaning is the subtle parental alienation; a mask a Narcissist or narcissistic Mother can pull off with no sweat.

There should be more of an intake process. This is to prevent false allegations and a “one” up at a court date.

However, I did eventually learn how to deal with a narcissist.

Narcissistic spouses are increasingly using support workers by their side in court to play the victim with parental alienation right in their corner.

parental alienation

Parental alienation and the impact on mental health

Secondly, the physical abuse of women is a disadvantage. The physical strength of the two is much different.

Obviously, with the increase of covert narcissist traits in guardianship cases involving children, both genders are losing.

It’s not uncommon to see greed, power, entitlement and more with such malicious parents.

Unfortunately, I have years battling delusional minds that have shown me the true meaning of narcissism

“I came in and she battered me. There was bleeding. My nose was bleeding, my shirt was ripped. When things had calmed down, she said: ‘Would you like a coffee?’ She said: ‘I’ll make us a coffee, you change your shirt’. “

Jim – abused and battered man interviewed at BBC

It’s an unfortunate battle to see children against the other parent out of spite.

It’s very easy to link the cause of depression in men with a narcissistic spouse.

The key is finally learning the steps to disarm them and protect your children

battered men parental alienation

Painful parental alienation that represents the battered meaning

I have felt the pain of mourning the loss of your children when they are still alive.

It’s child abuse, and that is the battered meaning that hits home for me. I quickly learned how to outplay a narcissist.

Therefore, men have much less support and options to reconnect with their children for narcissistic abuse recovery and more needs to be done about parental alienation.

Gaining knowledge of Sociopath traits is also crucial as symptoms vary according to your situation. 

A narcissistic Sociopath is even more complex because it has all the disorder traits mixed into one person, and creates a disaster for everybody involved.

Battered Woman Syndrome and parental alienation

“Battered woman syndrome is serious, which is why it’s taken into account in homicide cases when women murder their abusive partners.”
Health Line

It’s a lot easier for a woman to claim this abuse over a man.

I mean, just look at the actual term.

Luckily, the World Health Organization is about to finally start recognizing parental alienation as child abuse.

For the record, parental alienation has always been part of family law. I have shown and fought for it but judges choose to ignore it:

“Section 4AB Family Law Act, 1975: Definition of family violence etc.  (1)  For the purposes of this Act, family violence means violent, threatening or other behavior by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person’s family (the family member ), or causes the family member to be fearful.

•(2)  Examples of behavior that may constitute family violence include (but are not limited to): •(i)  preventing the family member from making or keeping connections with his or her family, friends or culture”

Dialogue In Growth

Human rights for all of us no matter the gender.

Lastly, it is not about Father rights or Women’s rights. It’s about human rights.  Mothers to Fathers, Grandparents and all extended families.

Nobody should have to suffer any kind of abuse. Our children are our future, and it’s time we work together. Hate will never help our children build their character for the future.

Keeping silent is just as much harm. We have to see how Battered Women’s Support Services rearrange their intake process; to not help the parental alienation family court is slowly starting to recognize.

Is it possible you are alienated from your children with no consequences on the abuser?

Why is it that the people chosen to protect our children from emotional harm continue to ignore parental alienation?

It seems that children are on the rise of having mental health issues because of the chaos of trying to work with narcissistic parents.

Judges at family court trials will tell you that they think there is alienation happening but quickly turn a blind eye.

My former spouse and her flying monkeys, a former daycare, have tried numerous times to alienate me with an abusive triangulation.

False accusations, brainwashing, and manipulation on our daughter was the toughest part of my journey.

Fortunately, there is a huge breakthrough by the World Health Organization which has started a long-overdue new form of child abuse to finally be recognized.

Yes, finally parental alienation and you can read more about the story on CTV news

Surviving Parental Alienation is an excellent book for resources that stopped child abuse on my daughter.

parental alienation


narcissistic abuse symptoms | abusive relationships

What are the symptoms of narcissistic abuse?

To start, people that have narcissistic victim syndrome have to deal with a person that shows common personality traits such as:

  • grandiose
  • entitlement
  • bullying
  • need for constant admiration
  • self-involved

Along with those typical behaviours, an abusive narcissist also has a manipulative lethal weapon for control and that is love.

Or lack of it. 

World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day has compiled a ton of red flags to look out for on their website and here are a few from them:

You can’t feel at ease or relaxed in their presence. You feel like you’re walking on eggshells, waiting for the next time they lash out at you. You realize you feel a sense of relief when they aren’t there.
You feel like whatever you do, it’s not enough. You’re manipulated so that your flaws and vulnerabilities are exploited and used against you at every opportunity. You begin to feel inadequate, unlovable, and like everything is all your fault.

Emotional Abuse

Narcissism is an intricate, well-constructed series of traits wrapped up in one mental illness that is extremely damaging to all who cross the paths of a narcissist, especially their lovers.

emotional abuse

Is it possible that through the ugly mask that they have a little bit of love left for their children? 

Whenever this question comes up, you better be up for debate.  

The narcissist parenting has its emotional roller-coasters of love and hate that you will experience when being narcissistically abused.

It seems like an easy answer, “absolutely not” when you hear about the arrogance from my child’s impossible parent. 

Stories often heard about spouses showing narcissistic abuse tactics with their children as weapons in family court.

Therefore, how can somebody love their children yet still put them right in the way of emotional harm?  

they don’t want to speak of the parental alienation that is so easily ignored by the people that are supposed to protect your children.

How can a person love their child after pushing another part of their flesh and blood away for their self-entitled world of:

The children only need me
Narcissistic parent

narcissistic abuse

Victims of the narcissistic abuse cycle

I know first hand of the severity that comes with being a victim of narcissistic abuse in relationships.

You could be diagnosed with an narcissistic abuse syndrome, and the realization of your cold soul might come to you when you start to see the following from a narcissist abuser.

  • The brainwashing on the child.  “jabs” will start slowly. 
  • Control of the child seeing you on your parenting day with a court order or not
  • Outrageous court applications. At times, this is caused by you unknowingly reopening deep wounds caused by narcissistic injury
  • Accusations against you with malicious narcissistic rage in court.
  • Every abuse you can think of. Physical, Mental, Sexual, and more.

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These accusations will throw you off guard and that’s exactly when you realize what you are up against.  

The supreme manipulator has been doing this to you for years.

Just perfectly enough to reel you into their realm of feeling superior. The main torture caused from narcissistic personality.

This leaves you in utter shock as to how somebody could be so selfish and leave you behind.

Ultimately, you fall victim to the Narcissist as you succumb into a world of anxiety and depression in an abusive relationship.

narcissistic abuse symptoms

you are probably still blinded by fake love.

This is right where the Narcissist wants you in their inflated sense of importance. 

However, even if you know the truth you are only being played with a toxic spell called gaslighting.

Being abused and dealing with the trauma it can be hard to get support or even get off the couch to get help as everything is so confusing.

You don’t feel like yourself anymore.

Feeling trapped by a malicious parent or ex-spouse.

Online Therapy

Receive support right where you are with the best online therapy that has helped so many victims heal from the narcissistic victim syndrome. 

narcissistic abuse support

Narcissistic victim syndrome abuse

The unfortunate thing is that a Narcissist can play any role possible that they feel fit. 

It gives them the “glory” among their peers.

This can leave you tangled in the mess of narcissistic triangulation which can be the downfall of anybody that hasn’t educated themselves on this nasty disorder.

We also know that mental health issues such as, “Postpartum depression” give these women a false reality in life.

It becomes a nightmare once you are told they are just, “protecting the children”

narcissistic personality disorder with children

The almighty self-involved parent wants the children to be just like them, leaving you with narcissistic abuse syndrome. 

Therefore, constant abuse will happen if the child is showing love to you.
A narcissistic parent will not want any positive talk about you in their household.

The mask has come off and patience is crucial at this point for your emotional well-being.

They fully understand the chaos they are causing, and it’s driving you nuts that they don’t care about any of it.

You will begin searching for how to get some narcissist revenge very quickly, especially as narcissistic abuse syndrome begins weighing on you day by day.

A Narcissist picks their target carefully. You are likely an involved parent, have empathy and put others before yourself.

depression and anxiety

It seemed the Narcissist and yourself were the same kind of people, a match made in heaven. 

You are in for a pleasant surprise on the true “battered” meaning.

How to deal with a narcissist needs to be your priority, It is in the best interest of yourself to realize that this person that you see is now, is who they have always been.

Healing from narcissistic abuse syndrome

Sexual abuse on your daughter? The Narcissist knows you didn’t sexually abuse your daughter. 

They want you to freak out and look as crazy as possible, so your best bet is to understand how to crush a narcissist

Rise above and be professional in all of it, it’s the best way to protect your children and your mental health.

Whether the family court has begun or not, you must always act professionally.

exclusive healing

In Narcissistic Abuse you will find a roadmap that will guide you all the way from recognizing your narcissist for what they really are to recovering your life from them.

victim syndrome book

Narcissistic abuse relationships full of deceit

False allegations are becoming much more common and associated with the narcissistic disorder. 

However, don’t expect a soul to see or understand what’s happening to you.

Unfortunately, people might even encourage you to get back with your ex because of the picture she has painted of herself.

Friends and even family may believe the Narcissist because of the grandiose act that is played so well.

I am on the fence with Postpartum Depression as it is something that I have been dealing with shortly after our daughter was born.

As chaotic my ex-spouse may be, there are times when I can see she isn’t fully there like she…

used to be.

But she never was how I thought she was.

My child’s Mother has stopped caring about even trying to make it look like she cares for the child. 

Such as, medical incidents that were not passed on to me regarding our daughter’s health.

The delusional sense of entitlement as she feels she isn’t obligated to tell me anything.

A nasty narcissistic supply is what Narcissists feed off of.

You desperately want to be in the child’s life, but can’t.

I agree with the fact that if you are in denial you won’t get better, because after 2 years it has only got much worse.

victim syndrome

You can’t reason with a parent that lacks empathy

On the other hand, I feel that a Narcissist realizes everything they have done and just don’t want to admit it.

I see that in my ex-spouse at times, but she has dug herself so deeply that admitting everything and making the child happy would not be beneficial for herself.

Uncovering all the lies would only make her less than what she feels she needs to be, and that’s at the top of the family violence pyramid.

This has been in not only her family’s generation of child abusers against the other parent but my own family as well.

Men’s health and children involved

covert personality traits should be taken with ease. 

At the end of the day, we all put a label on everything just to put a bandaid on the situation and now we have a generation that has no family values.

I strongly believe that everything can be pushed past mentally if you swallow your pride and think of your children.

Ignore the “power” trips and stop feeding a Narcissist their abusive supply.

Heal your scars from the abuse. 

Ultimately, avoiding inflicting narcissistic injury and malicious narcissistic rage is two things I wish I had done.

A victims road to healing the narcissistic abuse takes time

With a few cases of recovery, I am not taking chances with our daughter still in the line of chaos.

Understanding the difference between a Narcissist and Sociopath traits is key to your situation.

If my ex-spouse suddenly focuses on our child instead of what hidden scars she can put on our child for the week she has her, I might have hope to bring our family back.

However, as of right now the Gray Rock Method is what protects my child from the subtle abuse.

From my personal experience, a narcissistic Mother does not and will not ever love their children.

I will not take chances on “hope” as I will continue to protect myself and my daughter from the horrible narcissistic abuse symptoms family court chooses to ignore for their own dirty, and filthy money.

narcissistic abuse

Covert narcissist traits | Unforgiving behavior

Covert narcissistic personality  

Different levels of a narcissistic personality can range from less severe to extremely dangerous, and people with narcissistic behavior can be toxic for your mental health.   

Understanding covert narcissist traits is the most common to see when people fail to recover from narcissistic abuse.

Here are three of the most common :

1. Exhibitionist (Grandiose) Narcissist

When I first looked up covert narcissist traits for narcissistic personality this did not fit my former spouse.

However, I am happy that I kept reading into it.

The knowledge I was able to take in has helped me with narcissist parenting, which helped me put armor on our daughter and shielding her from the abuse.

Exhibitionists are common for the following:

  • No lack of insecurity
  • Want to be admired
  • They feel they are better than everyone around them, including friends and family. No shame, no regrets.
  • You are likely to know a bully, or perhaps a friend that is always talking down on somebody. Maybe even in your family. This narcissistic personality is very common and easy to spot.

2. Closet (covert) Narcissist

Unlike the former, a covert narcissist parent will want to be associated with somebody whom they admire

*It is important to understand how to protect you and your children from a frightening blowout*

3. Toxic (Malignant) Narcissistic Personality

  • The most dangerous, and abusive of all associated disorders
  • Show no empathy
  • No boundaries, known commonly to use children against their former spouses
  • Court is their playground with the ability to manipulate judges and lawyers
  • Gray rock method should be used when children are involved

Covert Narcissist Mother Traits

Firstly, while studies show that men are more narcissistic than women, covert narcissist traits in Mothers are rapidly becoming just as common.

And if you know anything about family court, you will know how children are pawns in a nasty court battle.

Mental health issues from this horrible upbringing are brought to adulthood, affecting their social relationships and even their work life.

covert narcissist

With that being said, there are many different levels of narcissism. 

Here are a few ways that covert narcissist traits will cause a Mother will abuse her kids:


  • This abuse is the covert Mother living her past childhood through her narcissist child of being told she was never good enough. 

Neglect and two-faced.

  • Plays as a “Super Mom” in the public eye, but behind closed door pays little to no attention to their child.
  • Will often leave the child with other people because they feel their time is more important

Physical abuse

  • Can also re-live and imprint their unfortunate childhood with biting, scratching, punching, and more
  • It becomes subtle as soon as there is cause for a covert narcissist Mother being exposed. 

Emotional abuse

  • Blamed for everything
  • Teaches children to lie
  • Brainwashing 
  • Parental alienation

narcissistic personality types and the subtle chaos that is caused only means you may never find out that you are, or were, being abused by a self-involved manipulator.

On the other hand, you may just refuse to accept that you are being abused at all. 

Gaslighting parents have used this emotional abuse on their children for years because it usually goes unnoticed.

The reason for this is because it is extremely hard to see it happening to you. 

A Narcissist can make it seem like everything is your fault, leaving you in the dark and trying to help this person to see your way.

covert traits

This is what they want.

they have betrayed you and made you a victim of your empathy. 

With that being said, I didn’t understand the narcissistic meaning when I was told my child’s Mother is likely a Narcissist.

I looked it up later that day and it still didn’t fit her criteria as she wasn’t that “cocky” nor did she have much of an ego.

However, reality set in when I looked further into symptoms of narcissistic abuse, and the different levels of manipulation. 

For years I had been feeding a narcissistic mother syndrome disorder. 

Her supply to feed off of and she ate very well.

Understanding the difference between sociopath traits relative to your situation is crucial for protecting your child from the sadistic, and cold actions of a narcissistic personality.

If you feel you are dealing with somebody that has a mix of traits associated with two different disorders, it’s my advice to read up on a narcissistic Sociopath.

Research of narcissistic personality

More research on mental disorders associated with narcissism is crucial.

It is extremely destructive and it is ruining our society as a whole.

Masking the true battered meaning as the delusions enable people to use subtle parental alienation to create child abuse.

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding. This way of thinking and behaving surfaces in every area of the narcissist’s life: from work and friendships to family and love relationships.
Melinda Smith, M.A. –

covert personality

The history of a manipulating mental disorder

The earliest heard about narcissistic personality and the sense of self-involvement is found in ancient Greek mythology, further explained by Kendra Cherry – author at Very Well Mind

Narcissistic personality disorder has its earliest roots in ancient Greek mythology. According to the myth, Narcissus was a handsome and proud young man. Upon seeing his reflection on the water for the first time, he became so enamored that he could not stop gazing at his own image. He remained at the water’s edge until he eventually wasted to death.

During the 1950s and 1960s, psychoanalysts Otto Kernberg and Heinz Kohut helped spark more interest in narcissism. In 1967, Kernberg described “narcissistic personality structure.” He developed a theory of narcissism that suggested three major types: normal adult narcissism, normal infantile narcissism, and pathological narcissism that can be of different types.

Adding to the above, in 1980 the narcissistic personality was finally recognized in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder and criteria were established for its diagnosis.

However, very little has changed since that time.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to diagnose or even point fingers at somebody for the abuse. 

Not only is it subtle, but it’s also not taken seriously.


Different types of narcissistic personality

Not only have I experienced how delusional people with this mental disorder can be, but I have also experienced the child abuse that comes with it.

The system is unlikely to help you, and you will only waste money on lawyers pretending to care.

Protecting you and your children from the covert narcissist traits

Lastly, I had to learn the hard way of going about these demons. 

My former spouse was able to have a lot of her flying monkeys stand before the courtroom and make false accusations against me.

Subtle parental alienation from my child’s daycare and even false ministry calls to paint a bad picture.
Once you have wiped up all the blood off of yourself from being kicked down for no reason, it won’t take long before your children start being abused.

Because you exposed the Narcissist for who they are, and you are not feeding them their sadistic narcissistic supply addiction anymore.  Now you must receive a delusional payback through your children.

Contact us now if you are going through this, because minimizing and pinpointing the abuse is best to start early.

trust me.

A manipulating, bitter, spiteful, and out-of-control Narcissist will do anything to keep you from your flesh and blood. 

They will do it with a smile.
Don’t wait for them to change, it’s not in their plans to get back with an ex 

Protect your mental health, and listen to your children when they tell you something is wrong
You are not dealing with anybody normal.

expect the worst


Narcissistic mother syndrome | Toxic emotional abuse

What is narcissistic Mother Syndrome?

A narcissistic parent is somebody that has a narcissistic personality disorder, and possessively close to their children in the most damaging ways you can possibly think of. 

Narcissistic mother syndrome is exactly that, and the need for power at the expense of the children is tragic.

Control becomes much more apparent to children when the Father has already been a victim of parental alienation, but in the public eye nobody would ever expect any kind of narcissistic mother abuse.

Children only know a parent to be doing things the right way.  Often at young ages, it is very easy for a child to follow in her footsteps as narcissistic children when they are raised by narcissists.

With that being said, only a few will be able to break the emotional manipulation and not become a victim to the treacherous narcissistic mother control themselves.

I find it hard to sympathize with a Father that left his children because “she was crazy” when I’m on the battlefield protecting my daughter every day.

There has to be somebody to teach them a healthy mindset because each and every second away from the abusive narcissistic Mother syndrome is critical for their mental health.

I can’t say it will be easy, often times you will be abused by narcissistic triangulation who join in on the abuse and cater to the abuse

“What toxic parents all have in common is their inability to provide their children with a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. If they are narcissistically abusive, they are without empathy and sometimes even conscience. This type of ruthless behavior has a damaging impact on our early development as well as the way we navigate the world as adults.”

Shahida Arabi

“Female narcissists do not grow out of their childhood aggression; eerily enough, they evolve into even more effective aggressive behaviors in adulthood, using their manipulative tactics to serve their selfish agendas and to exploit others.”

Thought Catalog

narcissistic mother syndrome

How to protect a child from narcissistic mother syndrome

A major factor in minimizing and ultimately ending the abuse is a ”no contact” with the abuser.  This works great.

How can you be abused if you have no contact with the source of pain?

The problem with cutting off communication in a court dispute means you will have to stop seeing your children. Not only stop seeing your children, but they will also be brainwashed against you.

You might not care, but the abandonment only adds to the problem with these disorders in the future. The narcissistic mother syndrome is not easy to understand when trauma bonding is taking the best of you.

The Gray Rock Method has been the best way to protect my child from an abusive narcissistic mother.

With that being said, narcissistic abuse symptoms vary depending on each situation. Likewise, going no contact is the best way to go if no children are involved. I envy you if you are only protecting yourself from this unfortunate disorder.

Narcissistic Mother syndrome – dealing with a sociopath ex 

If your manipulative former spouse suggests to not go through court, I recommend you do not agree to this

If you are absolutely sure you are dealing with narcissism or any disorder of this level, I highly suggest you do not take this tempting offer.

It’s understandable you want this person to get better.

However, people also forget how cold a Narcissist can be.  If you want your child’s mental health to be stable you need to read this vital information.

With that being said, co-parenting with somebody that has narcissistic mother syndrome is exhausting.

I am now in a comfortable place to share my experiences of what you should do and absolutely should not do.

What if you don’t have a court agreement?

A family must be completely civil towards each other and have a huge amount of trust in each other if an agreement is not through the court.

This is because:

  • The abuser can move far enough away to alienate you.
  • Completely disappear without police enforcement
  • Start a court order in a different province where you don’t exist
  • If you are a Father: a false allegation can have you arrested much easier than if you have an official order. 

The narcissistic mother will go for retroactive child support for any amount, at any time. It is irrelevant to the fact you, ”agreed” to an amount that you paid to her.

The judge could look at that as a ”gift” to them.

Information about your child will be harder to receive as court documents about a child will always be taken into consideration. 

Of course, I will explain further below when it was soon shown to me that court documents won’t even matter in a complex triangulation abuse battle between parents and third parties.

the backlash from narcissistic mother syndrome

The following things will suddenly happen to purposely throw you off: 

  • You are going to see malicious narcissistic rage in court at its highest form.  How dare you ”make them look bad” or ”get what you want” You can prevent the exaggerated rage by not inflicting narcissistic injury
  • You are going to see the person you once knew, and they might even apologize; a relief that the family can finally put themselves back together

If apologies are thrown your way, throw them right back…in a nice way.  There are never good intentions for you when it comes to a Narcissist unless it benefits them of course.

narcissistic mother syndrome

I believe that a narcissistic Mother is just who they are now, and you must accept that fact. They are geniuses at what they do, and I back my statement up even more now. Move on

A narcissistic Mother will get their ”fuel” from an ex-spouse with ease in family court. The child at this point is in a dangerous position. You do not want to fall deep into this sadistic trap of ”parent vs parent” circus at family court.

Rise of shared parenting cases in court with narcissistic mothers

It’s a true fact: shared parenting has been the outcome of more family cases as of late. Unfortunately, the genius and hidden narcissistic personality disorder has once again crashed the party

A narcissistic Mother will use a 50/50 shared agreement against you in a million ways. They have perfected subtle parental alienation to cause damage behind the scenes.

I have had every single narcissistic manipulation against me in court. I will start with the most lethal way as it has ruined too many involved parents, and I myself lost parenting time because of the unforgiving “Ex Parte” order.

narcissistic mother book

How to deal with the ex-parte order in court

I have been a victim of this malicious order myself.  It is highly abused. 

Of course, it will be used by a narcissistic Mother to alienate the other parent as it is a one-sided order that can have you arrested and charged without notice.

These orders by definition are ‘without notice’ orders. This means that your spouse will have no idea that you are going to Court to get an order against them. Many spouses take advantage of this procedure because they know their ex does not know about them and cannot defend against them.

YLaw Blog

You may have this order against you right now.  If you even slightly think you may, don’t contact the ex-spouse. 

With that being said, you must protect yourself from being a victim of such an unconstitutional order. 

Here are the most important things to note :

  • Any female can get this order just by showing any sort of ”fear” to a judge.
  • A judge almost always signs this order.  Why? because a narcissistic Mother is a good actor, but how hard can it really be?
  • If you contact the abuser directly or indirectly in any way you will have a warrant out for your arrest.
  • Don’t bother with your proof until you prove your innocence months later, once released.
  • Get a criminal lawyer immediately.

Further narcissistic Mother syndrome court trouble

Manipulations, tantrums, and childish acts never end.  You must identify your nightmare as it is the only way to protect yourself from completely losing your mind, and ultimately losing your children.

It is best to just get used to the games that will be played to get a rise out of you.  For example:

  • Showing up to drop off the child late
  • Not showing up with the child at drop off at all
  • Court harassment (excessive applications with short notice)
  • Financial abuse
  • False allegations
  • Child care providers may help alienate you from being involved with your children.  This is where I first learned about the complex narcissistic triangulation.  It was not a happy time for myself or my daughter.
  • Daycare will likely side with the abuser, as they have been brainwashed behind your back for a long time.
  • Child care providers will also not follow court orders, regardless of any court order.  They may abuse your child behind closed doors, just because they can.  A circle of applications is what you will find yourself in, as you quietly are pushed out of the duties for your children.
  • Not answering emails, texts, or any message regarding your children

If you are not receiving a response after two emails, texts, or phone calls then stop and file court papers. 

Three or more messages will be turned on you as, ”harassment” and if they have a lawyer they will join in on the bullying.

All these abusive tactics may cause you to wonder how to outplay a narcissist, but it’s important to keep your cool.

Document everything, and gradually rise to a 50/50 agreement.

This will be your time to strike on the abuse, as you will have a footprint as a Father in the system

How to protect your child from narcissistic mother syndrome

Everything mentioned I have personally been through. 

  • False allegations resulting in criminal charges
  • I took a child care provider to court for abuse and neglect
  • alienation was attempted on me from all angles.

You have to make sure to focus on your children’s mental health instead of the other parent, no matter how hard it may be.

It can go sideways very quickly if children do not have the proper path to walk on.

You can only blame yourself if mental issues suddenly come to light as your children grow up, because they won’t tell you that you are hurting them with every word they hear about the narcissistic mother

I made a lot of mistakes on the journey to bring my daughter home, but she is finally home.  After protecting my daughter from all the abusive narcissistic Mother personalities, our bond is so much bigger.

I can finally thank my chosen Narcissist for something.  Just kidding, why would I want to feed the abuse?  I learned a long time ago that my child’s narcissistic Mother will not change. Your female narcissist friend won’t change either.

Patience and understanding of this disorder are crucial for my daughter to learn how to protect herself from her own flesh and blood. 

I was able to do it while she had no voice, and I hope you can take this information and save your children from abuse as well.

You don’t have to do it alone either sign up for online therapy and get your support now!


Narcissistic Abuse Cycle | Abusive Pattern

The pattern of the narcissistic abuse cycle

A relationship with a Narcissist will begin as the honeymoon phase where you will believe you have found your soulmate.

Unfortunately, the good sex and love-bombing will slowly deplete as the realization comes that you are stuck in a narcissistic abuse cycle.

You will likely have gone through many narcissistic abuse recovery attempts with cycles of abuse before you finally get out of the sadistic spell of denial that has been maliciously planned by your former spouse’s gaslighting.


Promises of a future together, your mutual likes and dislikes and a similar childhood between the two of you might seem like it’s too good to be true. 

Let me be the first to tell you…

It is 

This is all just an image of themselves that is painted perfectly just for you.  It’s all used to lure you in for a big kick in the arse.

It’s not personal.  If it wasn’t you, it would be a picture painted for somebody else’s likes and dislikes.

Unfortunately, you got yourself sucked into the nasty void of a good for nothing Narcissist, didn’t you?

Much like the narcissistic rage cycle that is at the end stages, it’s frightening to see and it all comes together as an abusive pattern.

In my experience, my co-parenting nightmare used many of the same tactics that we shared various things in common such as:

  • Childhood experiences
  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Starting a family
  • Food

We have nothing in common.  The mask that was put on was played so well, I still have a hard time believing she was able to play such a good game at luring me in with lies.

I eventually took the proper steps on how to deal with narcissism without the backlash.

Having a child was her best way of taking tiny jabs at me for life, and I can tell you she did not want to have a child.  The child is nothing more than a negotiating tool and a source of fuel to keep her going.

If you have a child, I am so sorry. I know people that have children with a narc, and their children are in danger. So, if you have a child and your with a narc, or you’ve been with a narc, Run, run and hide and protect yourself, protect your child because it’s hard enough for the adult that I watched in Youtube to have had this experience but to me I think its the children that I hear more, more and more stories of how their parents turned them into something for the rest of their lives.

Narcissist Abuse Support

With that being said, here are the stages of a narcissistic abuse cycle that comes in every relationship with a Narcissist.

abuse cycle

Idealize stage of narcissistic abuse

The very first stage to becoming a victim of the narcissistic abuse cycle, and it’s very hard to see it at first.  This is especially true depending on the type of narcissist you are dealing with.
Besides love-bombing and great sex, here are some more typical red flags and sayings of being idealized in a toxic relationship:

  • We have so much in common
  • Same aspirations
  • Insecurities
  • You are the most beautiful
  • You are nothing like my exes
  • I got treated badly by my exes as well
  • We are soul mates
  • I don’t know what I would do without you
  • Keep in mind that these do not automatically make yourself in a narcissistic abuse relationship, but these terms will be used on you numerous times.

You will have to take a step back and look at the true intentions of this person.

It’s very easy to believe you have found the one, but it’s a lot harder to recover from the painful experience from narcissistic abuse syndrome

You were picked by this soul-sucking leech because you had empathy and compassion, and a Narcissist needs this on the daily.

It’s important to look at their past victims, the poor exes they talked so badly about might not be so evil.

narcissistic abuse cycle

Devalue stage of the narcissistic abuse cycle

The second stage is when it seems to knock you off guard, and your mind can’t fully understand what is happening.

This is because you are just coming out of the extasy stage of an amazing relationship.

You will be hit hard, but not quite as hard as the next stage.

Devaluing in a relationship can take many different forms so it’s hard to point exactly how it will be done to you.

With that being said, it always starts as a little joke here and there but will then gain momentum and come full swing.

Opening childhood wounds can happen in this stage when you don’t tend to their needs.  Seeking revenge can put you in an even worse bind if you don’t act the proper way.

Nonetheless, here are the common things that will happen in the devalue stage:

  • belittling
  • criticizing
  • sex comes to a halt
  • blame game
  • everything you do irritates them
  • things you used to enjoy they hate
  • attention and admiration is gone
  • not invited to events
  • they become cold and distant

These will all come slowly, and you will be hesitant to react to it.

By now, they have already brainwashed you into thinking this is normal and/or it is because of something you have done.

The final, coldest stage of them all is up next


Discard in the narcissistic abuse cycle

The final stage in this toxic relationship cycle is when you are discarded by the Narcissist.  Thrown out.  Ditched


You will suddenly be tossed away like you never existed, and this is the part that some people don’t even recover from.


Because of the emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs your brain just can’t understand the concept of reality.

You will be begging for them back because you thought that they were the only one for you.

abuse cycle

Unfortunately, they are long gone.

They were over you a while ago, and you are now at the perfect place for the Narcissist..on your hands and knees as they have already jumped onto their next victim for narcissistic supply.

They are bored with you, and you have given them all that they needed.

It was never about you, it has always been about them.

At last, here are the common things to see in a cold discard in a narcissistic abuse cycle:

  • lying about having a new boyfriend/girlfriend
  • abusive triangulation
  • showing off their new supply
  • smear campaigns against you
  • hiding their phone messages
  • silent treatment
  • the mask completely comes off showing you who they are
  • parental alienation

Being discarded is one of the coldest moments you will likely experience in your life, and it can change you for the worst or the better.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t even realize that they were abused and don’t ever end up recovering.

Narcissistic abuse recovery

Recovering from a narcissistic abuse cycle is not easy, and the scars can be so subtle that your friends and family might shrug you off.

People will be sick of hearing you talk about it to the point you will once again start thinking you are going crazy.

This means the Narcissist still has a stronghold on your mental health.

It’s better to recover now instead of later because I have seen the strongest minds fall to this torture.

The best thing to realize is that it happened to you because of the empathy you have.  Don’t let a Narcissist take this from you.

Instead, kill them with kindness.

Let them go, they are dead to you as you are to them.  Every moment you think about them, think about the real person they are and turn it into a positive.

I guarantee with a little practice you will never fall victim to another Narcissist, and your next partner will be the one you imagined once upon a time…

Instead, they will be the real thing.

I know it will be tough to love again, but take it slow.  Take your time and observe people so you never get caught in the narcissistic abuse cycle again.
Over time you will be back to yourself and become picky about who treats you like you should be treated.

Don’t stay in denial.  Spread the word about your experiences and be happy you got away because the trails of victims from a Narcissist is heartbreaking.

What doesn’t kill you makes you 1000x times stronger.


Trauma bonding with a Narcissist | toxic abusive relationships

What does trauma bonding with a narcissist mean?

Emotional abuse is extremely hard to grasp when you are stuck in a toxic cycle of fake love when trauma bonding with a narcissist. 

It could be right in your face but you will still deny it no matter how much of an abusive triangle you are in.

Even if you are looking at it from outside the abusive relationship, it is unlikely you will understand somebody’s painful experience with a covert narcissist.

Becoming trauma bonded is complicated as you are held hostage to a Narcissist’s sadistic control of you. 

People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are known to pull trauma bonding off like nobody’s business.

trauma bonding

Ultimately, you will crave the highs of the emotional roller coaster that will leave you with lonely illness

Recovery will seem next to impossible to achieve once you are in too deep.
In fact, delusions will begin to set in your mind that you are the actual abuser and not the victim. 

You won’t admit that you feel you would be nothing without them.

Bonding grows with spending time together, living together, eating together, making love together, having children together, and being together during stress or difficulty. Bad times bond people as strongly as good times, perhaps more so.


Picturing a life without them gives you the shivers, doesn’t it?  A frightening feeling you just don’t want to have.

Walking on eggshells is common for you now, it’s not a big deal to just keep them happy.

Being alone from them is something you choose to avoid.

Unfortunately, you are more alone with them than without them.  Think about it. 

You are in love with a person you think is that person.  However, this is only a hallucination from the constant mental abuse you receive.

You are trapped in a sadistic spell played by the Narcissist, and it has been maliciously planned against you for a long time. 

You were chosen by them for a reason, they were jealous of your self-esteem.

Don’t let them continue to batter your self-worth and make you forget who you really are.

You will only become another casualty.  Do a little research, you will see there are only victims in their past as they are not capable of truly loving another person.

trauma bonding

What is narcissistic victim syndrome?

You can spend all day reading about narcissism and be completely on the wrong track.

There’s simply not enough noise about it for a doctor to actually diagnose you.

With that being said, there’s also too much noise from people that have no idea what it actually means to be triangularly abused by a Narcissist.

Also known as narcissistic abuse syndrome, common symptoms of narcissistic victim syndrome include the following:

  • Feeling worthless
  • unable to trust people you are usually able to (parents, family members)
  • idealizing the Narcissist
  • Making excuses for abusive actions by the Narcissist
  • Feeling alone
  • Unable to perform regular duties
  • questioning yourself

Narcissistic abuse syndrome exhibits many of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to include:

  • Intrusive thoughts or memories
  • Physical and emotional reactions to reminders of the trauma
  • Nightmares and flashbacks (feeling as if the event is happening again)
  • Avoidance thoughts, people or situations associated with the trauma
  • Negative thoughts about self and world, cynical about people in general
  • Blaming self for the trauma, often distorted that does not make sense
  • Sense of detachment or isolation from other people
  • Difficulty concentrating and, or sleeping

Why does narcissistic trauma bonding occur?

It is a subtle and abusive way for a Narcissist to control their victim, without getting caught.

We all know that exposure is something that would create shame, and this is something that they will go to no end to prevent.

Think twice before exposing your Narcissist, as it will bring out uncontrollable rage.  I learned the hard way, so maybe you don’t have to.

This is also important when children are involved because if they can’t get to you, you better believe they are their next target.

You might think that they love their children, so they wouldn’t do something to harm their own flesh and blood.  You have seen the love yourself so it’s real.


A child is nothing more than a negotiating tool and a way to make themselves look like a super parent on social media.

However, with the doors closed and nobody watching it is nothing but neglect and emotional abuse by these malicious parents

The children can also believe this is completely normal, so they will not talk about it.

Children are not safe from the trauma bonding themselves, and it will affect them for the rest of their life.

How to get help for trauma bonding with a narcissist

Getting help for narcissistic abuse is not as easy because it involves a lot of patience, setting boundaries, and much more.

You will need support from the people around you.  While this is important, it is a very lonely recovery.

People will actually get sick of hearing your same sad stories, simply because a Narcissist can make you look like a cry baby.

They have tools in their belts that you have no chance against.  You don’t want the abusive tools they have, you don’t want anything they hold.

They may seem like the confident type, happy and even outgoing when you see them.  However, they hate themselves every day. 

That’s why you were chosen, they didn’t like the way you handle yourself.

They live a life with a mask that is extremely exhausting to put on each and every day.  It is a full-time job to do the destruction they cause.

Teaming up with online therapy, we have helped numerous people get back to themselves. 

it used to be a struggle to get people to go and receive help.
This is understandable because victims tend to stay in their homes, trapped from abusive manipulation and unable to go out in the public.

This all changed when I sent people to online therapy, where they are currently getting help, and progressing from the comfort of their own home. 


Don’t feel shame, it’s hard to cope with something that is so hard to see from the average person. 

Take the experience of dealing with these sick and twisted demons and turn it to a positive.

After a couple of sessions, you will finally start to see your recovery.  The keyword is, “start” because it doesn’t happen overnight. 

However, at least you will finally understand that you are not the problem.