How to get revenge on a Narcissist and call it even

How to get revenge on a Narcissist and call it even

best way getting revenge on a narcissist

The journey of getting revenge on a narcissist is a road that nobody should walk on.

But what if you don’t care about the consequences?

Let’s find out what hurts a narcissist the most.

Narcissists are the masters of manipulation and they always know the best way to suck any good vibe you might be having right out of your body, with no sweat.

A Narcissist knows every one of your buttons to push. They know what triggers you

With that being said, every successful reaction from you feeds the Narcissistic supply dose that keeps them feeling so confident

People will give you the advice to walk away, but certain situations make that extremely hard and even impossible.

For example:

  • You have children together
  • A school teacher/daycare provider
  • Living with your narcissistic parents
  • Financially dependent
  • Working with your boss or co-worker

Emotional roller coasters of the narcissistic abuse cycle on your family is something that seems to be a never-ending nightmare.

I have to be never ends.

I have been dealing with a covert narcissist Mother for years and it has gotten much worse.

With that being said, it also gets easier when you figure out what a Narcissist is actually all about deep down inside.

Seeking revenge on a Narcissist is complex, but it is important to study the best resources handed to you.

How to get revenge on a Narcissist

A manual full of practical tips to hurt a narcissist and get inside the mechanics of the narc psyche to cause maximum angst to the predator.

how to make a narcissist miserable

Lack of empathy with a Narcissist

I can totally understand you are at the point of getting even with your newest nightmare sent from hell.

You likely have a ton of empathy, one of the traits that narcissists use to clings on to with their twisted mind and sharp claws.

With that being said, every day people ask me what the best way it is to take revenge and outplay a Narcissist at their own game.

how to torture a narcissist

revenge on a narcissist book

A Narcissist gives his own point of view and explains what a revenge campaign actually involves.

If only life prepared you for a how-to beat a narcissist book that you can just refer to whenever you are being gaslighted for the millionth time.

They made us look and feel as if there is something wrong with us for feeling hurt and angry.

Treated like dirt and making themselves out to be the victims when it is their bad behavior that is the cause of family violence.

It’s that they move on so quickly, completely unscathed by a relationship that left us in emotional tatters.

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I could list a million more traits from a narcissistic personality and the horrible people it has brought to me.

Empathy in children is also destroyed with narcissism.

It may be obvious, but if you don’t have kids and are not obligated to parent with a narcissist than we all envy you.

Your route of getting revenge on a narcissist is much easier.

Why? because going “no contact” doesn’t work when there are children involved.

covert narcissist

Every day narcissistic supply is needed for narcissists to function, and your empathy is going to be put to the test.

Unfortunately, if you were lucky enough to beat emotional abuse in your relationship your narcissist will get you through the children no matter the cost.

Plain and simple.

They will fight until death to make sure your children’s childhood is also raised by narcissists, with no empathy provided.

This is why it is important to treat every second you have your children away from the narcissistic behaviour.

This is the only thing they need for their mental health to be strong enough to understand what true love is and how to outplay a narcissist on their own.

How to beat a Narcissist in court

Before you get the “privilege” of being able to be in your kid’s life, you are going to have to play dirty.

If you want to beat a narcissist in divorce court or family court you need to be professional at all times.

Be professional but play dirty?

Yup, you are playing to win.

Your main goal is to destroy a Narcissist and stop their narcissistic abuse.

Just make sure to keep your empathy as it is your best weapon.

divorce a narcissist

Exposure of family court judges and unethical lawyers from my own trial. A tell-all book from my own trial against my narcissistic ex spouse

Carefully study the narcissistic personality disorder and the patterns they do so that you will use them appropriately

I experienced a demon that wanted to end me, and I had trouble keeping my emotions in the right place as false allegations were thrown at me left and right.

However, this only made me understand Narcissist’s delusional mindset and begin my journey to reveal a family member’s true face.

I learned quickly that when no supply or attention is given, a narcissist is not so subtle on their abuse.

I would be careful before trusting google and getting even with a Narcissist because any wrong move can cause child abuse.

With that being said, co-parenting and learning how to deal with a covert narcissist husband or a toxic wife is the most dangerous.

You unknowingly will be joining in on the toxic control while seeking answers on how to deal with a narcissist.

This is right where your covert Narcissist wants you.

However, you must remember this is the best time to learn how to really hurt a Narcissist.

narcissistic mother in a divorce

How to deal with narcissistic abuse parents

Perhaps you are the child in this situation, and you are wondering the best way to get subtle revenge on your parents?

Your narcissistic parent will probably try and make you feel guilty to get an angry response; the very first stage in their abusive cycle.

When they get that response, they will play the guilt card as the family member that needs to gain sympathy from others.

the best way to crush a narcissist is to just not pay any mind. Without that control, they will become angry.

No contact is the best revenge in itself.

It is your best bet, at least until you are old enough to save money to get away from the madness.

I learned long ago to never wrestle with a pig, you will get dirty.

Besides, the pig likes it.

The best way to win the game is to not play

The mind of a covert Narcissist

Furthermore, you will learn how stunning it is to inflict narcissistic injury

My child’s narcissistic Mother has been using her delusional manipulation game on us for years

Learning more about narcissistic triangulation I now understand the patterns she lives by and the safest way to protect us from her abuse

Research on how to outplay a narcissist is crucial to your family’s protection from emotional abuse.

Parental alienation comes at you quickly and learning how to deal with it is important for your child’s health.

As well as your journey of healing from narcissistic abuse

Of course, I know all about seeking and taking revenge on a Narcissist.

I have 5 ways to make them cringe inside just as they have done to you and your children.

5 ways to hurt a narcissist and outplay them at their game

1. Staying Positive

  • This will make them eat their negativity like a cold dinner they were expecting to be hot. The child will see this and learn from your actions.
  • Two birds with one stone: you are protecting your child’s mental health and your own at the same time

2. Offering Help

  • This is tough especially if you are already paying child support. This will show that you aren’t bothered by their greedy self-loving actions
  • The children, of course, will begin to see the parent they should be later on in life. Narcissist parenting involves a lot of swallowing your pride for your children

3. Show Empathy

  • Your children will turn out just like the other parent if you don’t show empathy.
  • Your children need at least one stable parent, so be that excellent parent and shield your children from negativity

4. Continue to better yourself

  • You need to heal. Gain more knowledge about narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Knowledge is power. Take advantage of understanding what you are up against, and how you can minimize the abuse
  • Avoiding all hoovering, manipulation, idolizing. and most importantly not igniting the vicious narcissistic rage in court is part of the healing process.
  • Your children will turn out just like the other parent if you don’t show empathy.
  • Your children need at least one stable parent, so be that excellent parent and shield your children from negativity

5. Stay busy

  • Hit the gym, find a new hobby
  • Stay focused on the task, but also understand that a break from the madness is crucial to your success

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Take the hideous experience learning how to outplay a narcissist as your advantage

If you are still asking the best ways to get even on a Narcissist I can tell you this: It will only eat away at your soul and they don’t care.

However, you will lose yourself if you are wanting to play dirty with your demonic ex-spouse

With that being said, you are only joining in on the abuse.

Knowledge is the best thing you can have, and protecting yourself and your family is what matters.

I know how to handle my narcissist now, and you should do the same so you can get your life back without further hurting yourself.

Be sure to check out more resources in our narcissistic abuse shop


How to destroy a narcissist in court | Divorcing a Covert Narcissist

How to destroy a narcissist in court | Divorcing a Covert Narcissist

Divorce process with a Covert Narcissist

family in divorce court

A Narcissist is ruthless, relentless, heartless and unforgiving in family court.

… say the least.

With that being said, you are also the only one that will see these traits in them.

Playing the victim is a superpower to a Narcissist, to the point, it will drive you mad.

Frustration and anxiety in a high-conflict divorce are enough to tear your mental health into tiny pieces.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with the emotional abuse without a little help.

Are you going through the pain of divorcing a Narcissist in divorce court? Juggling child support and attorney fees?

You have come to the perfect place.

I have personally dealt with a narcissistic mother and her unethical lawyer in a high conflict divorce for child custody.

high conflict divorce with a narcissist

I spent three years of a bloody battle dealing with a narcissist in family court to keep our daughter in my life.

I will show you the resources you will need to learn how to destroy a narcissist in court so you can avoid making the wrong move.

Trust me, you want to avoid the terror of narcissistic rage as much as you can in the devil’s playground.

Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen.

You might feel that being in a relationship with a Narcissist is painful, but the abusive actions that come after are much worse in divorce court.

Abusive tactics by a narcissistic spouse

  • Court Harassment
  • Parental alienation
  • Smear campaigns
  • Gaslighting
  • False allegations
  • Child Abuse

This brings us to my first recommendation when you are divorcing a narcissist.

Ann Bradley exposes corrupt judges in her own family court case, and step by step leads you to victory just as she did.

A tell-all book with exclusive information you won’t find anywhere else.

Divorcing a covert narcissist?

exposure of corrupt family court judges in a real-life court battle with Ann Bradley’s ex spouse. She wrote about every detail for you to win your case quickly too!

What is a narcissistic rage?

Narcissistic rage is an outburst of intense anger or silence. Both happen when a person with narcissistic personality disorder feels their self-esteem or self-worth is threatened or injured by another person or an event.

Kimberly Holland –

Temper tantrums from an entitled toddler is similar to narcissistic rage in court from a spiteful parent that will use their children’s fragile heart as a weapon.

Understanding how to destroy a Narcissist in court is complex and stopping the bleeding on your family is hard to do.

However, it’s not impossible to accomplish.

The pain of subtle abuse on you and your children is the reason you are here, reading my story, as I was in the same heartbreaking situation as you.

Once the pattern of this vicious cycle is exposed, you will have a better understanding of how to deal with a narcissist.

False allegations with child custody in the court system

child custody divorce court

Nobody believes your pleas for help as the devious tactics against you from an ex-spouse have been going on for a long time. 

You are the true victim, but a Narcissist plays that role much better than you regardless of the truth.

You only exhaust your energy as you try to expose these childish techniques while learning how to beat a narcissist in court.

It seems that every day the crafty manipulator is one step ahead of you without even breaking a sweat.

I spent years struggling to protect our daughter from a vicious Mother that will do whatever it takes to get her narcissistic supply.

With that being said, dealing with a narcissist means my ex-spouse had a lawyer that was just as ill with mental disorders herself.

Ultimately, I protected our daughter by destroying a narcissist in court that was doing whatever it took to ruin our happiness. 

A beautiful queen that mastered the art of illusion quickly revealed a delusional and twisted human being, 

Unfortunately, this dark soul just happened to be my daughter’s own blood.

This brings me to my next resource to help you through your painful divorce.

In order to destroy a narcissist in court, you need to break free from their toxic hold on you.

Personal freedom from a narcissist

Daniel DeVries is a subject matter expert in combatting narcissism. This book will teach you how to completely destroy and break free from the narcissist in your life by applying the 3 D’s: Detach, Dissolve and Disconnect.

Emotional abuse from a covert Narcissist

The agonizing pain is brought back and felt from their experiences of not being good enough to one, or in some cases, both parents

Narcissistic injury is opening that same wound again, but with the consequences coming straight to you.

With that being said, I was thrown off guard after opening a wound of past shame and ego by exposing every lie my child’s narcissistic mother had thrown at me

People with narcissistic personality disorder desire admiration from those around them, just like any of us.

Fighting for any kind of custody becomes a life or death battle against the manipulative and spiteful another side of the court. Click To Tweet

When a covert Narcissist is sensing perceived threats in any way they seem fit, this will remind them of a narcissistic wound they likely received once upon a time as a child.

To most of us, there is a huge difference between real threats vs perceived threats.

Real threats endanger our very existence, whereas perceived threats initiate unwarranted anxiety.

This pain is not caused by falling outside while playing with their friends one day in the park.

Of course, it’s also not from falling off the couch and bumping their head on the table.

You aren’t dealing with your average joe.
These mental health issues have been happening long before they met you.

narcissistic abuse has an extensive history in your ex-spouse’s family tree

destroy a narcissist

How to expose a narcissist in a divorce

The third recommendation is one of my favorites because it will give you the knowledge of exposing a Narcissist in court safely.

Are you considering raising, or defending yourself against, legal action in the family court with a narcissistic opponent?

Is your opponent controlling, abusive, unreasonable, manipulative, vindictive and obstructive?

Can they convincingly hide these behavioural traits from the judge and other professionals involved?

Does the narcissist project this behaviour onto you, and make shocking, false allegations?

Do they attempt to embarrass you and defame your character?

How To Annihilate A Narcissist In The Family Court will give you the knowledge required, to set you on the path for a successful outcome.

It will prepare you to enter the court proceedings with your armor fully intact and with the full arsenal of ammunition required to reveal the narcissist’s true character to the judge.

A narcissist is an extremely powerful opponent, and the lengths they will go to ‘win’ in a divorce case will shock you to the core.

With the insight in this book, you will fully understand how to destroy a narcissist in court.

You will remain one step ahead. You will be in control and destroy a narcissist in court.

destroy a narcissist

Journey to destroying a covert narcissist

Proving every false allegation was satisfying, but I was worn out from this soul-sucking war.

Did I mention I was exhausted? Well, all that work was pointless.

Little did I know, the battle was just starting. I was j against a mental disorder malicious parent syndrome.

I should have kept my mouth shut.

Even worse, I thought the other lies were bad. I had no idea what was coming to me next.

I found myself fighting my ex-spouse’s mental disorders known as parental alienation syndrome and malicious parent syndrome.

Unfortunately, the delusional mindset means I am the enemy. For no reason.

The plan is to destroy me by using our daughter against me and push me out of her life.

narcissistic rage

False allegations in divorce court

The petty accusations against me looked like compliments compared to the newest that was pushed for child removal over the next few months.

I was suddenly on the defense for the following:

  • Mental Stability
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug abuse

Not only are these just a few of the accusations during a narcissistic rage in court, every single one of these had no proof to back any of it up.

Instead, I was forced to prove none of it was true.

I had to quickly educate myself on how to deal with this demon and the abusive triangle that was suddenly formed against me.

destroy a narcissist in court

How to beat a Narcissist in divorce court

Child custody in a high-conflict divorce

Dr. Childress provides a brief primer on the features of the narcissistic personality parent that impact the role of legal professionals working with children and families surrounding divorce and child custody issues.

destroy a narcissist in court

Do not learn the hard way as I did.

Personality disorders should be studied carefully as your mental health depends on coming out of this with minimal scars.

Luckily, I noticed the frightening narcissistic rage in court before it was too late.

If you have to step in the pit of hell than here are 8 more effective ways to fight the rage and successfully beat a narcissist in court:

1. Learn to control your emotions

  • A Narcissist know every one of your buttons to push. Petty moves to drive you mad turns bad very quickly.
  • Losing your cool in court has extreme consequences.
  • You buy into their twisted mind game to make you look like the crazy one.
  • I have fallen into this trap personally and it is not easy to get out of.

2. Be the best-dressed person in the court-room

  • Professional at all times. Consistently.
  • False allegations will be thrown at you right away. You can prove a lot of them wrong just by simply dressing nicely as first impressions are everything..

3. Stay up to date on family law

  • If something is not in the law book but a judge says it is, how can you defend it?
  • Nothing is sweeter than surprising your ex-spouses lawyer with your own knowledge.
  • Play stupid and only go on offense when it’s important. These are guaranteed wins.

4. Take your time choosing a lawyer that is experienced in personality disorders

  • Always trust your gut.
  • Personality disorders are complex, you don’t want to find yourself buried alone in their manipulation.
  • A Narcissist is likely to have a lawyer that also has a narcissistic personality, so your counsel must be fully prepared.

5. Find a therapist to keep your mental health as strong as possible

  • If you don’t need a therapist, find something to keep you busy. I found the gym and library gave me a break from the madness.
  • Online therapy can save you money with quick and easy access to real professionals that can get you through narcissistic abuse.
  • A Narcissist is likely to have a lawyer that also has a narcissistic personality, so your counsel must be fully prepared.

6. Have continued support from friends and family

  • If your support is not consistent you are better off without it.
  • Be careful of, “friends” that are being manipulated against you by a Covert Narcissist.
  • Sanitize everybody in your circle you don’t need a therapist, find something to keep you busy. I found the gym and library gave me a break from the madness.

7. Document everything.

  • Subtle child abuse is common with narcissistic rage in court.
  • A Narcissist will conveniently play victim whenever exposed to their actions.
  • If abuse is apparent on the children, keep going to the hospital as this shows a pattern that is your best bet in court.
  • The children will see somebody who cares enough to help them. Minimizing mental and emotional abuse as they grow older.

8. Stay off social media

  • Distracting and full of bad advice mixed with negative energy.
  • Fighting in divorce court for custody of your children is exhausting enough.
  • Nobody wants to hear your drama. If people haven’t dealt with narcissistic rage they won’t understand your pain.

Feeding the narcissistic rage cycle in court

Symptoms become easier to see once you see what you are up against.

It will change the person you thought was fighting for your family

A narcissistic ex-spouse will turn suddenly, even worse than before, to a frightening monster in the blink of an eye

With that being said, the narcissistic personality within the divorce court is a nasty experience against a sneaky covert.

“Adding to the devastation, narcissists never take responsibility for their rage, never apologize for let alone acknowledge their actions. Rather, they project their own irrational attacking behaviour onto the others they have traumatized, typically a scapegoated child or partner, further increasing the abused person’s trauma.”
“In the narcissist’s own eyes, she is always the victim, never the victimizer, and her behaviour is always justified.”

The power of covert narcissist traits can be enough to put you in depression with no signs of it pulling you down as your mental health slowly disintegrates into the size of a tiny grain of sand.

Without a doubt, manipulation and emotional abuse go unnoticed very easily.

Your attempts to prove this against a covert narcissist in divorce court will only work against you unless you build your case long term, showing their patterns.

I bet you wouldn’t have chosen a self-entitled, abusive, manipulative, lying, cheating narcissistic parent to raise a family with, right?

I also ignored way too many red flags that I was dealing with somebody that would not ever come to a reasonable agreement to benefit our child.

Obviously, if I did my research on narcissistic personality disorder, I would have known from the start that a narcissist could care less about our child.

She was only in it to use our child as a weapon to hurt me in any way possible.

Exposing the exaggerated false accusations thrown towards me only opened a deep narcissistic injury that emerged quickly by “winning” in family court

Bad idea.

The encounters of narcissistic rage can be so lethal it will ruin you.

Reading up on the proper resources on how to deal with a Narcissist is crucial for you to destroy a narcissist in court.

Further causes of narcissistic rage in court

Former spouse filed for sole custody again and wanted all previous orders terminated.

At this point, I thought everyone would see the selfish acts. I was so very wrong.

The gray rock technique was overlooked as I made risky moves by going in blinded and full of emotions.

A trial date was set again so I am back on the defense as unstable, and a danger to our child.

The glorious narcissistic lawyer against me was licking her chops.

I will never forget the demonic grin across the courtroom from my former spouse.

Thankfully, I have fought against her sole custody, self-involved court stature before.

Unfortunately, a narcissistic personality disorder is not going to stop the rage after I threatened their supreme ego to expose them for who they are.

narcissistic rage in court

Rage from a Covert Narcissist

I had 15 Ministry of children and family development calls on me since.

Home visits and investigations were stopped after the 12th malicious call.

Unfortunately, the damage was more than enough to take a toll on me

The image is painted about me to my neighbors, and especially my daughter only made my ex-spouse smile.

Numerous false claims began to come towards me at full speed.

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Subsidy fraud
  • Income assistance fraud
  • Child neglect

False allegations during custody battles

rage in court

Narcissistic rage ultimately made me defeat the covert narcissist in their own kingdom.


because the multiple calls to the ministry only made me stronger, and the narcissist became much weaker as she saw me take no sweat to the accusations.

If you are not faded by these cold souls, they will not be able to hide their true selves.

This is the best way to expose a narcissist for who they really are.

Coincidentally, the abuse symptoms quickly piled up on me.

A vicious cycle of abuse and I only added fuel to the fire that was burning in front of my daughter.

I almost came to my senses a little too late.

Luckily, you can destroy a narcissist quickly in your own divorce.

Everything about a covert Narcissist is sadistic.

However, I had a shine of light that perhaps there is something wrong with my ex-spouse that can’t be fixed.

I was determined to clear up these lies and focus on our child regardless of the narcissistic rage cycle of smear campaigns against me

Family court is the devil’s playground I had to play their game.

I let the narcissistic rage come at me full swing while gladly allowing social workers to actually see how I am with our daughter.

destroy a narcissist in court

It’s time for you to stop wasting time.  

Properly learning how to crush a Narcissist is crucial for surviving the lonely war

If you are divorcing a narcissist you can get help just like I did

Learn the secrets of the corruption in family court by judges and lawyers

Uncover the corruption in court by and the secrets to win your divorce now!

You can find all the products mentioned below:

Divorce a Narcissist

Breaking free from Narcissist

Annihilate your Narcissist


Narcissistic triangulation psychology | personality disorders

narcissistic triangulation
narcissists will control a relationship with triangulation

What is relationship triangulation?

First, to understand how to deal with a narcissist you have to understand narcissistic behavior in a relationship with a covert narcissist.

Narcissistic triangulation involves three people with indirect actions and communication that form a vicious triangle of subtle abusers.

In my experience, I had the pleasure of being triangulated as a victim to my daughter’s childcare. 

Keep in mind that I had no idea that my former spouse had signs of being a covert narcissist, it didn’t even cross my mind.  

In fact, I didn’t even know what a Narcissist actually was at this point, let alone the meaning of triangulating.

Becoming a victim to a narcissist triangulation begins with a toxic plan: one person will attack, belittle, abuse and more with the help of an extra party. 

A narcissistic drama triangle can happen to anybody without them actually knowing about it.  

Friends and even your own child can be in the abusive triangle that has been formed by a Narcissist.

The third-party can knowingly, or unknowingly join in on the abusive narcissist’s emotional bullying. 

It is much worse when they know they are only a puppet of control at the hands of a manipulative person.

The narcissist’s tool of madness – triangulation – is a severe mode of alienating people from others that they love.

Triangulation is like driving a wedge between people. This can be done by a narcissistic parent or narcissistic anything. It could be your lover, your spouse, your friend, your boss, your coworker, your neighbour, your grandparent or even the grandparent of your kids.

Dealing with triangulation

For victims of triangulation, learning how to break toxic bonds narcissists have on you

What is emotional triangulation

Gaslighting parents enjoy using toxic triangulation as a manipulative tactic that allows for the control of multiple people.

An extremely delusional, dangerous, and sadistic mind game for a narcissist’s own pleasure.

Obviously, they must have people fight for their approval as every day of their life relies on constant admiration.

Love bombing is a common tactic to lure people in for the long-term, and if you have ever been triangulated you will see this happen to a new partner of your ex spouse.

It’s not easy, but you have to understand that people with a narcissistic personality disorder will not change.

They all have the same narcissistic abuse cycle so stop wasting your time. The need for attention remains the same.

It took me a couple of years to understand how to study narcissists the safest way possible.

gaslighting triangulation

How do you deal with narcissistic triangulation?

In my situation, I was abused by our daughter’s old childcare while a professional manipulator stood back and let them do the dirty work which they were knowingly, or unknowingly doing.

It all depends on how you look at it, personality disorders seem to roll together like a cult.

Be aware if you see sociopath traits.

I was confused about how we started on such great terms…I found out they were only stringing me along with their reference letters:

triangulated letter

This love-bomb stage did not last long as my daughter had marks on her after picking her up several times.

The daycare protected the Mother and said these marks are from her playing with other children.

I immediately requested injury reports and my daughter’s file, but they would give me old and fake documents.

I served them with court papers to get the documents. This turned them into the people they really were.

They call the Ministry on me claiming I “hit” London, I smelt like weed and alcohol, and I am not able to care for the child properly.

Narcissistic abuse syndrome was hitting me hard at this point.

The destructive Sociopath traits were starting to make sense.

Malicious false accusations to push me out of the picture, all as a narcissistic Mother stands back with a smile.

I quickly do a visit with the Ministry and close the file.

Now that the flying monkeys of my ex-spouse have caused damage, she decides to let me know that I am not allowed at the daycare anymore.

Attempting to push me out of the picture with clever parental alienation, and even making her own rules disregarding our court order.   

Yup, a professional at how to triangulate without a sweat.

Unfortunately for these ladies, I would be showing up for my daughter every time. 

My daughter expects me to come regardless of being triangulated by narcissists.

With that being said, I also had a lot more respect in the court as a Father.

I wasn’t buying her new rules.

Obviously, I knew the games that were being played on our daughter. I also knew that they didn’t want to see my face too much longer.

However, that wasn’t my problem.

Breaking free from narcissistic traits

We were kicked out of the daycare and my daughter’s bright smile at her new caretakers is what made it all worth it.

Triangulation in narcissism is extremely dangerous, learning how to outplay a narcissist was a skill I learned the hard way.

A life saving gray rock method from this point on kept me sane but a long journey for narcissistic abuse recovery was ahead of me

Thankfully, my plan worked

A Narcissist can manipulate anybody into believing their lies.

My daughter didn’t have her diaper changed all day when I went to pick her up, and they also made numerous false allegations to keep me from her.

I inflicted narcissistic injury, but that quickly put me back to another battle down the road

Toxic triangulation

In a toxic narcissistic triangulation, a covert narcissist has common family roles that are given out to each family member.

More often than not, the person chosen to be the scapegoat is the most empathetic one in the family.


Because being the most caring and empathetic person in the family reminds the Narcissist exactly of themselves.

Nobody listened to them either.

A family scapegoat is the one that will call the narcissistic parent out on their abusive acts and understands how to crush a narcissist.

Ultimately, this sets them apart from all the sheep in the family that follow the lead of the Narcissist.


Triangulation and narcissistic victim syndrome

Bullying the bully, because everybody else is afraid to say a word against the boss.

Everybody in this dysfunctional family triangulation knows that stepping up to the Narcissist is a big no-no.

The scapegoat will be discarded by narcissist and grow into their adulthood believing they are always to blame.

This causes years of mental abuse leading to destructive relationships as grown-ups from constantly being walked all over by people thinking it is normal.

a narcissistic golden child will take great pleasure in supporting a Narcissist in destroying the family scapegoat child’s confidence and self-esteem.


because unlike the former family scapegoat, a golden child has the delusional personality of the Narcissist.

Nobody knows why there is a vast difference in personalities in this narcissistic relationship.

Personally, I believe this is because the golden child is taught to be entitled as this will give them rewards.

On the other hand, the family scapegoat child was able to see the fake mask above everything else.

This can be common when a parent is separated from the Narcissist but shows positive emotions during their parenting time.

Empathy, love. The one that got away.

It may seem that the golden child has a great childhood regardless of the toxic family triangulation, but the damage to their adult life statistically proves much different.

With that being said, an abuser won’t let their narcissistic supply addiction go so easy

Understanding Narcissists

An enlightening and mesmerising insight into what the narcissist really means. The definitions explained in this book will blow your mind.

triangulate narcissist book

golden child

narcissist triangulation with narcissistic abuse

Your bullies might find out who is the actual abuser, but don’t count on it.

The only thing you can count on is when the third party in the toxic triangulation becomes discarded by the narcissist.

Narcissistic family dynamics remain the same because survivors of a narcissistic sociopath know that you will never be able to fill the void of “good enough” to a delusional parent.

Effects of triangulation and narcissistic parents

  • Being raised by narcissistic parents
  • effects of being raised by a narcissistic parent can prove to be mentally damaging in many ways:
  • Failing to understand the importance of boundaries in relationships
  • Constant searching for external approval in order to feel confident
  • Thinking that the only way to gain other people’s approval and love is by meeting their demands, no matter how high.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Opposed to an extreme need for affection
  • Poor decision-making skills
  • Difficulty in understanding what is good or bad; positive or negative
  • Fear of failures

Key Characters Of Triangulation

First described by Dr. Stephen Karpman in the late 1960’s, the Drama Triangle roles of Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer and their interplay vividly describe the most common strategies human beings use to manage their fear and anxiety.

In any relationship that a Narcissist is in, it is inevitable that the vicious triangle will always form.

The unfortunate defense mechanism that comes from a bitter childhood of not being “good enough” to their parent(s)

The Victim

  • Unfortunately, a Narcissist can’t mentally process themselves to change their outlook on people, so their delusional state of mind will always play the victim.
  • They insist they don’t deserve all the awful things that life and people have done to them.

The Persecutor

  • someone who is consistently after people to harm and destroy them. In a Narcissist’s world, this is the former spouse.
  • I am positive you have had the unfortunate experience of seeing the narcissistic rage in court on you for no apparent reason.

The Rescuer

  • Believes that they are the superhero, and nobody can survive without them. Generally, this is the new partner of the Narcissist that has discarded you long before you realized it.
  • You weren’t providing enough fuel or meeting their needs so they quietly, “grabbed a new branch” before letting you go.
  • They are unknowingly helping the demon, but will be discarded and left helpless just like you and every other person before you.

The Real Narcissistic Triangulation

Finally, in the real world, we know that the former spouse of the Narcissist is the true victim, and the persecutor is the malicious Mother or Father.

It’s important to note that sometimes the children can be the rescuer in their delusional world.

With that being said, victims of narcissistic abuse symptoms vary for everybody.

Narcissist Parenting takes a lot out of you, and I hope you have the strength to keep your children out of it.

You can only blame yourself for another cycle of abuse passed down in your family tree by a covert narcissist by a heartbreaking narcissistic triangulation


Narcissism coronavirus pandemic with narcissistic personality

How will a Narcissist use a virus against you?

In a time of scare with the latest pandemic, you still have another war ahead of you

What is the coronavirus?r

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an extremely infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus and you will find out how narcissism in your life will negatively impact your mental health.

Most people that are infected will have mild to moderate respiratory illness and will come away from it just fine without special treatment.

However, older people, and those with certain medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

The coronavirus spreads primarily through saliva or liquid from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

It’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette and use safe social distancing

At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19.

How can narcissist coronavirus pandemic be a problem?

A Narcissist will be a nightmare in our lives with or without the added trouble. People with a narcissistic personality will use COVID-19 to their advantage.

I call it the, “narcissistic coronavirus” but the mind games will be played no matter the scare of the year with this personality disorder.

With that being said, add a little fun into the mix and watch an adult child play.

Narcissism and the coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than a perfect game of supply to a Narcissist.

Attention and sympathy is extremely simple during these times which is a perfect stepping stone to your misery.

You better believe the, “i’m scared” tactic will be used as a toxic hook to the children and everybody close to you.

Your attempts to communicate about the safety of your children will be looked at as, “harassment” as narcissists will smile inside while watching you boil with anger.

The latest pandemic and scare will bring numerous allegations against you.

A narcissist will see this like a shark seeing blood in water and go directly towards it.

Allegations in court calling you unfit to parent your children, and even neglect with calls to child protection.

A covert narcissist is likely to go to the farthest extent with false allegations.

Destroying a narcissist ex is your best bet.

With that being said, even if you are outside of the courtroom a Narcissist will use the coronavirus pandemic to rattle your mental health.

Using smear campaigns and even calls directly to you, you will be harassed and told how to take care of your children.

Moreover, your children can be used as a weapon to easily keep you from them. Learning how to outplay their games is crucial.

Tactics like “social distancing” narcissists will use to not drop them off to you on your parenting days.

While in a Narcissist’s care, parental alienation will be full swing as they tell the children false reasons as to why you didn’t show up to pick them up.

Dealing with narcissism and the coronavirus

Finally, a book that answers every question ever asked about narcissists. Drew Keys, founder of the acclaimed Light’s, reveals the inside secrets to the frustrating and crazy-making games narcissists play — and reveals the ins and outs of how (and why) they do what they do.

narcissists exposed book

How to handle a narcissist’s abuse during coronavirus pandemic

narcissism coronavirus

During a time of panic, I know how hard it is to deal with a Narcissist that only wants to make your life hell.

However, we must always put our emotions to the side so we can protect our children and our mental health.

Dealing with narcissistic personality disorder means having the right support groups to make sure you are staying healthy.

You will need help during this crisis and there are ways to protect your family from a narcissistic personality.

How to handle narcissists during COVID-19

  • Don’t Panic.

    Everybody’s panicking and the children will feed off of this energy in the wrong way
  • Document Everything

    For use in court when things don’t add up
  • Be Understanding

    If you know your kids are safe that will be your motivation
  • Be the better person

    The more you are annoyed by this, the more a narcissist will feed off your pain.
  • Arrange for phone and video calls

    who knows how long a Narcissist will use the pandemic against you so make sure you have this time with your children
  • Stay busy

    Do the things you didn’t have time for.
  • Online Therapy

    now is the time to get your well-deserved therapy without worrying about catching the virus.

Mental health support for dealing with Narcissists

The coronavirus pandemic is hard enough, nobody knows what is true or false.

Don’t make it harder on yourself by falling into the dark toxic realm of narcissism. It’s what they want.

You can learn more about how to handle a Narcissist with secret techniques used in your daily routines by clicking below!

narcissist coronavirus

In this bundle you will find 7 books:

  • Narcissist: Understanding Narcissism and the Personality Disorder. How to Handle and Deal with a Narcissistic Relationship. Start the abuse Recovery and Take your Revenge by Becoming his Nightmare.
  • Narcissistic Abuse: The Complete Guide for Narcissist Abuse Recovery Cycle. Heal from Toxic Relationships after Covert Emotional Abuse. How to Handle and Deal with Personality Disorder & Take Revenge
  • Dealing with a Narcissist: Narcissistic Relationships with Ex Partner, Boss, Co-workers, Husband, Father and Mother. Healing and Recovery from Hidden Psychological and Emotional Abuse in your Family
  • Narcissistic Mother: Relationship between a Narcissist Mother with Personality Disorder and her Daughter. How to Handle the Recovery after Emotional Abuse in your Family. Father’s and Children Role
  • Dating a Narcissist: How to Kill a Narcissist at the Very First Date. Set Boundaries to Avoid a Nightmare and Becoming Psychopath free. Dating after the Narcissistic Abuse. Recovery and Healing
  • Divorcing and Healing from a Narcissist: Narcissistic Hidden Abuse and Recovery. Co-Parenting after the Trauma of a Destructive Marriage. Advice for Your Healing Heart and Soul
  • Gaslighting: The Narcissistic Gaslight Effect. How to Recognize Manipulative and Emotionally Abusive Narcissist with His Favorite Tools. Recovery and Heal from Emotional Abuse and Toxic Relationships.


Affordable Online Therapy Review | Narcissism Pandemic

Mental Health Therapy Review

In the coronavirus pandemic it is important to take care of your mental health before it is too late

Licensed therapy in your home

Positive health has never been easier

The world is insane right now, and the biggest problem in this coronavirus pandemic is that nobody remembers their mental health until it is too late.

Nobody sees it, but some of us have two viruses to worry about.

The narcissism coronavirus pandemic is what I call it. You are dealing with somebody that knows how to take every little bit of energy away from you without breaking a sweat.

Licensed Therapists allow you to have a beautiful reason to stay inside until the madness is over.

Online Therapy is the best thing you can do to prepare for what is coming ahead of us.

As you watch everybody panic it is likely to raise your anxiety for no good reason. I can’t stress it enough.

You have the opportunity to come out of this pandemic an even stronger person mentally. There is nothing better than that.

Everybody should use affordable online therapy, regardless if your mental health is at an all-time low or not.

I love being able to talk to somebody at any time, they are the most helpful when a Narcissist is trying to push me to lose my cool.

I pull out my phone, and there’s somebody that understands what and who I am dealing with.

Testimonials from clients

“This has been very beneficial for me and a great resource to come to every day to ground myself. I have learned a lot about how to deal with my thoughts and emotions in a healthy and positive way and I have seen changes in my day to day life as a result.”

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars!


“I have been seeking help, I needed more help than the regular medical doctors were giving me. So far this site has helped me to look deep into myself and try figure out the root of my issues. It is not going to be an easy road, dealing with my emotions and such, but the therapist assigned to me has been gracious and very helpful.”

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars!


“Well this is helping me to be a better person because I talk what happened few months ago whit me and is a great help because I can understand that live is hard and people what is to be what they want and the most important thing I control my self better.”

My Experience
Rating: 5 / 5 Stars!


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Therapists online

Messaging on the go

Another bonus of this online therapy is the focus on cognitive behavioral therapy.

CBT online is a separate part of affordable online therapy, if you so choose.

It helps you to identify, challenge and overcome your dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

All of these signs are very common especially when you are dealing with a covert narcissist.

The only thing I can complain about is that they are not available on saturday or sunday.

However, customer service is available 24 hours a day monday-friday.

You will be put on a schedule with a therapist that works for you, on your time.

Now is the time to prepare for what is coming as we move through this pandemic.

Sign up today for a limited time 20% off and get a head start on your mental health!


Narcissistic traits exposed to save my daughter

Understanding the Narcissist meaning

It has become socially acceptable to call out somebody’s narcissistic behavior and have a good laugh with everyone around you.

Giggling at that one girl in school who can’t stop looking at herself at every chance possible.

Pointing at the guy who just won’t stop talking about himself, or what he is about to get his daddy to buy for him.

You wouldn’t dare stare at the creepy co-worker that everybody insists is a Psychopath.

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder characterized by a long-term pattern of exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration


Once I saw our daughter threatened against me with false allegations…. all gloves were off.

I took the bait.

Mother and daughter relationship goes from “high-energy” to sudden neglect.

A shot at me, through our child.

Exposure of family court judges and unethical lawyers in a real court case.

They told her not to release it.

Get it before it disappears forever

How to deal with a Narcissist

Narcissistic traits come so quickly you won’t even believe it is the same person you once knew

All the tears from laughing and moments of love mean nothing.

you learn how it feels to be blinded by fake love .

Love that is so amazing.

If you have a child with a Narcissist, narcissistic behavior becomes a dark routine of subtle abuse.

The more you ignore it, the deeper the cuts.

As children become pulled into the narcissistic relationship, they become the new punching bag.

Everytime you are phased by a Narcissist you give them narcissistic supply

The dark fuel.

They need it. It’s so easy to get.

It’s too easy to push your buttons.

but what if it wasn’t….so easy to do?

All those awful things they did to you need to be thrown out of your mind.

Don’t be phased one bit.

Slowly, your children will learn how to survive a narcissist as well.

Only you can prevent the curse to continue down your family tree

Damage control is a full time job.

Personally, seeing our daughter’s glowing empathy out of the chaos tells me I would do it all over again if I had to.

Stand up to your narcissist.


It hurts you to see them hurt.

Deal with a Narcissist

Narcissistic Personality Traits, Understanding Narcissistic Behavior, and Dealing with a Narcissist

narcissistic traits book

How to deal with a narcissistic husband

A Covert Narcissist Manipulation

Unethical narcissistic behavior

Are you dealing with a covert narcissist who is making your life a living hell?

I can fully understand your pain.


I have been protecting my daughter and I from a narcissistic mother for years.

I know, how could I ever compare the two genders and give you advice?

Because I have been obsessively studying narcissistic personality disorder to keep me sane.

Doing this has helped me get through those tough times I can finally look back on now.

let’s first break all the myths of what a Narcissist actually is.

Narcissistic behavior

Narcissist meaning

People will always go straight to google when they want to learn about…. anything in the world.

Type into google “narcissist” and what’s the first thing that comes up from Oxford dictionaries ?

a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.
narcissists think the world revolves around them”

I bet somebody would read such a simple definition and move on with their life.

I even did at one point because i was uneducated.

In my opinion, it doesn’t even come close to what a narcissist is.

The unfortunate thing is that people could be dealing with not only a covert narcissist, but a frightening narcissistic sociopath
and not even know it.

Why? because google gave the “top answer” that is far from the real definition.

Society has made the world believe that being narcissistic isn’t even all that bad.

covert narcissist husband
a covert narcissist loves a fake image of themselves

Let’s see a clearer definition of what you are dealing with.

Helpguide defines the narcissistic behavior exactly as it should be.

The word narcissism gets tossed around a lot in our selfie-obsessed, celebrity-driven culture, often to describe someone who seems excessively vain or full of themselves.
But in psychological terms, narcissism doesn’t mean self-love—at least not of a genuine sort. It’s more accurate to say that people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are in love with an idealized, grandiose image of themselves.

Protecting your kids from narcissistic abuse

Unfortunately, a covert narcissist is going to do whatever it takes to create narcissistic children.

In fact, sometimes it just happens by fate they will grow up to be just like your husband no matter how much you do to prevent it.

This is why narcissistic personality disorder is so dangerous.

With that being said, some people are just born with an amazing amount of emotional empathy.

Narcissistic children

Learn the info you need in order to help your child overcome his/her challenges in life!

parenting toddlers book

Fate has been on my good side because a narcissistic mother tries to change our daughter every chance she gets.

With that being said, our daughter shows more empathy than I could ever ask for.

I can still take a little credit though, right? Of course.

But I don’t care because she is understanding very early on how to outplay a narcissist.

Narcissistic abuse should not be ignored

5 beautiful ways to deal with narcissistic traits

1. Don’t let them see you sweat.

  • You are going to sweat whether you like it or not. The manipulations never end.
  • if you are not phased by their toxic behavior you will see them sweat from you not paying any attention.
  • Don’t call them out. This will only show you are giving them attention and you are back to square one.

2. Don’t send messages back with the children

  • A covert narcissist loves to send messages with people you love, and who love you.
  • The most horrible things will be said about you, and the children will even repeat it.
  • Your job? Be calm. Have an honest talk about what was said about you. Not only will you gain a lot of trust from your kids, they will eventually see what the right thing to do is down the road.
  • Successfully pulling this off means you can stop the family violence that has burdened your family tree.

3. Setting boundaries with action

  • A Narcissist will not ever see your side of anything. You have to set boundaries to a point of what they have to do.
  • Co parenting with a covert narcissist involves a lot of work.

4. Keep conversations short and straight to the point

  • This took me a while. It will take you a long time as well. Why? Because your ex knows every button to push.
  • You will get sucked in. Walk away.

5. If he is not willing to get help, you need to prepare your escape.

  • Let’s be honest, he isn’t even sane enough to think he has a problem.
  • if you are one of the very few that changes a Narcissist for the better than let me know so I can go watch pigs fly…

What a Narcissist does at the end of a relationship

At last, you have a long road ahead of you.

If you are planning to leave, be prepared for a massive adult temper tantrum.

To be honest, I am sure you are already waiting to be discarded by your narcissistic husband.

He has likely moved on, to somebody else. You probably don’t want to hear the truth.

You are hanging onto something that isn’t even there.

Caring for an illusion of somebody that never existed.

Understanding how to deal with a covert narcissistic husband is also knowing how NOT to deal with them.

If kids are involved, there are plenty of narcissistic abuse products to keep your family safe.

Divorce a covert narcissist

Exposure of corrupt judges and lawyers in the court room


Empathic Narcissist | The mask in a pandemic

False empathy, a mask and COVID-19

It seems like an oxymoron to say, “Empathic Narcissist” but there actually are people that can hold these two traits together.

Does this mean that a Narcissist can hold even the slightest amount of empathy?

That would be going against everything I have talked about.

There absolutely can be, it just depends on what type of empathy the narcissist has.

During a pandemic, a Narcissist can lure you in very easily. Your emotions in a panic will make you believe anything.

With that being said, an empathic narcissist cannot hold any level of love to people around them unless it benefits them.

Even then, you will still get discarded quickly after.

Think about it. We all have something we true and love to a certain point.

Black babies, puppies, dolphins etc. Those are easy feelings for a narcissist to grab.

They might show signs like this to lure you in, because you would think a Narcissist would never have such emotion.

And you haven’t seen somebody act so kind in so long!


And that’s why the poor Empaths are like magnets to a Narcissist. Easy narcissistic supply to feed off of until you get boring, dull and discarded yet again.

A covert narcissist knows
how to play with empathy

If you know anything about narcissistic personalities, you can understand how a covert narcissist would play an empathy role like a champ.

This Narcissist does a heck of a lot of image management, and is usually extremely strategic in how to make their self look virtuous, generous, caring, and loving. This type of Narcissist is aware of their ability to be hurt and wounded, and knows they have some level of early childhood trauma they walk around with.

Dr. Ava Pommerenk

Be aware of being caught in some sort of love-bombing by your Narcissist as they use this pandemic for their own good.

Sometimes it’s hard to not see the ridiculous manipulations that they will use. Children will likely be used as a negotiating tool.

I have to remind myself every day and I constantly catch myself believing my daughter’s Mother on one of her rants. They are too good.

Personally, I fell for the manipulations many times in the past.

However, it feels good to be at a place where I always remember:

A Narcissist will always be a Narcissist

I hope you all stay safe out there.

Worried about handling a Narcissist?

Use the time you are stuck by COVID-19 to build your mental health with online therapy. Or gain exclusive tips that will change your life by clicking below!


Female narcissist revenge and manipulation

Narcissistic abuse and personality disorders

The hidden scars deep down inside you that nobody wants to hear about is just one of a million reasons to get revenge on a narcissist.

These emotional manipulators seem to have secret techniques to draw you back into their toxic world of narcissist abuse. Click To Tweet

Narcissistic supply is always the goal for any narcissistic personality  They are nothing without it.

Unfortunately, this involves love bombing.

What is love bombing?

Precious and convincing sweet talk or amazing gifts to lure you in

Shortly after, an unexpected massive blow to your self-worth and confidence as they violently devalue and discard you.

The cycle will repeat and victims of the manipulative abuse make people stay in a relationship with the narcissist because they are addicted to the emotional rollercoaster.

female narcissist revenge

Best revenge when divorcing a narcissist

If you are divorcing your partner in court, you are going to need to learn the techniques of emotional manipulators.

The mask of a narcissist might seem obvious to you by now, but don’t think for a second that others will see the same as you.

When rejected, as when you ask for a divorce or fall in love with someone else, your narcissistic soon-to-be-ex will quite possibly get aggressive and downright scary. Narcissists, when they feel unwanted, don’t run away from hurting innocent people, like your children.

Narcissists will take your power and strength in a mental health fight to the death, you will need to learn how to outplay a narcissist at their own game.

Unfortunately, they won’t break a sweat as they have manipulated lawyers and even judges against you.

The power of a covert narcissist should not be taken lightly.

Revenge on a narcissist in divorce court?

Learn More about the corruption of judges in divorce court and what your ex-spouse’s lawyer will hide from you for a “win” to make you lose everything you have

how to get revenge on a narcissistic sociopath

How to get revenge on a narcissistic Sociopath

It’s no secret that there are many dangerous traits in a narcissistic Sociopath, so you will want to approach getting revenge with care.

Not only do these narcissist demons lack empathy, but they also have the added grandiose self-admiration.

This is a deadly mix of destruction.

You need to get away from these sadistic people and do not try to help them or change them.

With that being said, here are other ways of getting revenge on a narcissistic Sociopath:

  • Ignore them and stay no contact
  • Raise awareness on your experience to help others
  • Live your life and stay busy doing the things you love
  • Be successful
  • Be happy knowing a sociopath couldn’t make you their pathetic victim for life. And they definitely will.

Seeking female narcissist revenge and injury

It is very easy to unknowingly abuse your children at the hands of a female Narcissist that is causing you pain in family court.

You know you are the better parent, and your children should see the demon that you finally exposed.

Narcissist no contact revenge is the first thing on your mind?

The game of learning the tactics for revenge on a narcissist to get even with crushing revenge is a battle you might pull your family into.

Emotions will make you so heartless you won’t even see a child’s emotional pain.

Rightfully so, you might obsessively force feed this to your kids in hopes for your sanity to finally return.

Your intentions might mean well, but over-doing this is extremely damaging to a child.

You are forcing them to pick sides between two people they love. The unfortunate thing is that they still love the narcissistic parent

This will only turn against you as the Narcissist uses you as their puppet to play the “victim” game; painting your picture as the crazy one….again.

This puts you back to square one.

Instead, get the ultimate facts on how to get even with your narcissist and handle manipulation\

Get the untold truth now, and go even further with revenge.


Narcissistic Abuse Cycle | Abusive Pattern

The pattern of the narcissistic abuse cycle

A relationship with a Narcissist will begin as the honeymoon phase where you will believe you have found your soulmate.

Unfortunately, the good sex and love-bombing will slowly deplete as the realization comes that you are stuck in a narcissistic abuse cycle.

You will likely have gone through many narcissistic abuse recovery attempts with cycles of abuse before you finally get out of the sadistic spell of denial that has been maliciously planned by your former spouse’s gaslighting.


Promises of a future together, your mutual likes and dislikes and a similar childhood between the two of you might seem like it’s too good to be true. 

Let me be the first to tell you…

It is 

This is all just an image of themselves that is painted perfectly just for you.  It’s all used to lure you in for a big kick in the arse.

It’s not personal.  If it wasn’t you, it would be a picture painted for somebody else’s likes and dislikes.

Unfortunately, you got yourself sucked into the nasty void of a good for nothing Narcissist, didn’t you?

Much like the narcissistic rage cycle that is at the end stages, it’s frightening to see and it all comes together as an abusive pattern.

In my experience, my co-parenting nightmare used many of the same tactics that we shared various things in common such as:

  • Childhood experiences
  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Starting a family
  • Food

We have nothing in common.  The mask that was put on was played so well, I still have a hard time believing she was able to play such a good game at luring me in with lies.

I eventually took the proper steps on how to deal with narcissism without the backlash.

Having a child was her best way of taking tiny jabs at me for life, and I can tell you she did not want to have a child.  The child is nothing more than a negotiating tool and a source of fuel to keep her going.

If you have a child, I am so sorry. I know people that have children with a narc, and their children are in danger. So, if you have a child and your with a narc, or you’ve been with a narc, Run, run and hide and protect yourself, protect your child because it’s hard enough for the adult that I watched in Youtube to have had this experience but to me I think its the children that I hear more, more and more stories of how their parents turned them into something for the rest of their lives.

Narcissist Abuse Support

With that being said, here are the stages of a narcissistic abuse cycle that comes in every relationship with a Narcissist.

abuse cycle

Idealize stage of narcissistic abuse

The very first stage to becoming a victim of the narcissistic abuse cycle, and it’s very hard to see it at first.  This is especially true depending on the type of narcissist you are dealing with.
Besides love-bombing and great sex, here are some more typical red flags and sayings of being idealized in a toxic relationship:

  • We have so much in common
  • Same aspirations
  • Insecurities
  • You are the most beautiful
  • You are nothing like my exes
  • I got treated badly by my exes as well
  • We are soul mates
  • I don’t know what I would do without you
  • Keep in mind that these do not automatically make yourself in a narcissistic abuse relationship, but these terms will be used on you numerous times.

You will have to take a step back and look at the true intentions of this person.

It’s very easy to believe you have found the one, but it’s a lot harder to recover from the painful experience from narcissistic abuse syndrome

You were picked by this soul-sucking leech because you had empathy and compassion, and a Narcissist needs this on the daily.

It’s important to look at their past victims, the poor exes they talked so badly about might not be so evil.

narcissistic abuse cycle

Devalue stage of the narcissistic abuse cycle

The second stage is when it seems to knock you off guard, and your mind can’t fully understand what is happening.

This is because you are just coming out of the extasy stage of an amazing relationship.

You will be hit hard, but not quite as hard as the next stage.

Devaluing in a relationship can take many different forms so it’s hard to point exactly how it will be done to you.

With that being said, it always starts as a little joke here and there but will then gain momentum and come full swing.

Opening childhood wounds can happen in this stage when you don’t tend to their needs.  Seeking revenge can put you in an even worse bind if you don’t act the proper way.

Nonetheless, here are the common things that will happen in the devalue stage:

  • belittling
  • criticizing
  • sex comes to a halt
  • blame game
  • everything you do irritates them
  • things you used to enjoy they hate
  • attention and admiration is gone
  • not invited to events
  • they become cold and distant

These will all come slowly, and you will be hesitant to react to it.

By now, they have already brainwashed you into thinking this is normal and/or it is because of something you have done.

The final, coldest stage of them all is up next


Discard in the narcissistic abuse cycle

The final stage in this toxic relationship cycle is when you are discarded by the Narcissist.  Thrown out.  Ditched


You will suddenly be tossed away like you never existed, and this is the part that some people don’t even recover from.


Because of the emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs your brain just can’t understand the concept of reality.

You will be begging for them back because you thought that they were the only one for you.

abuse cycle

Unfortunately, they are long gone.

They were over you a while ago, and you are now at the perfect place for the Narcissist..on your hands and knees as they have already jumped onto their next victim for narcissistic supply.

They are bored with you, and you have given them all that they needed.

It was never about you, it has always been about them.

At last, here are the common things to see in a cold discard in a narcissistic abuse cycle:

  • lying about having a new boyfriend/girlfriend
  • abusive triangulation
  • showing off their new supply
  • smear campaigns against you
  • hiding their phone messages
  • silent treatment
  • the mask completely comes off showing you who they are
  • parental alienation

Being discarded is one of the coldest moments you will likely experience in your life, and it can change you for the worst or the better.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t even realize that they were abused and don’t ever end up recovering.

Narcissistic abuse recovery

Recovering from a narcissistic abuse cycle is not easy, and the scars can be so subtle that your friends and family might shrug you off.

People will be sick of hearing you talk about it to the point you will once again start thinking you are going crazy.

This means the Narcissist still has a stronghold on your mental health.

It’s better to recover now instead of later because I have seen the strongest minds fall to this torture.

The best thing to realize is that it happened to you because of the empathy you have.  Don’t let a Narcissist take this from you.

Instead, kill them with kindness.

Let them go, they are dead to you as you are to them.  Every moment you think about them, think about the real person they are and turn it into a positive.

I guarantee with a little practice you will never fall victim to another Narcissist, and your next partner will be the one you imagined once upon a time…

Instead, they will be the real thing.

I know it will be tough to love again, but take it slow.  Take your time and observe people so you never get caught in the narcissistic abuse cycle again.
Over time you will be back to yourself and become picky about who treats you like you should be treated.

Don’t stay in denial.  Spread the word about your experiences and be happy you got away because the trails of victims from a Narcissist is heartbreaking.

What doesn’t kill you makes you 1000x times stronger.


Trauma bonding with a Narcissist | toxic abusive relationships

What does trauma bonding with a narcissist mean?

Emotional abuse is extremely hard to grasp when you are stuck in a toxic cycle of fake love when trauma bonding with a narcissist. 

It could be right in your face but you will still deny it no matter how much of an abusive triangle you are in.

Even if you are looking at it from outside the abusive relationship, it is unlikely you will understand somebody’s painful experience with a covert narcissist.

Becoming trauma bonded is complicated as you are held hostage to a Narcissist’s sadistic control of you. 

People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are known to pull trauma bonding off like nobody’s business.

trauma bonding

Ultimately, you will crave the highs of the emotional roller coaster that will leave you with lonely illness

Recovery will seem next to impossible to achieve once you are in too deep.
In fact, delusions will begin to set in your mind that you are the actual abuser and not the victim. 

You won’t admit that you feel you would be nothing without them.

Bonding grows with spending time together, living together, eating together, making love together, having children together, and being together during stress or difficulty. Bad times bond people as strongly as good times, perhaps more so.


Picturing a life without them gives you the shivers, doesn’t it?  A frightening feeling you just don’t want to have.

Walking on eggshells is common for you now, it’s not a big deal to just keep them happy.

Being alone from them is something you choose to avoid.

Unfortunately, you are more alone with them than without them.  Think about it. 

You are in love with a person you think is that person.  However, this is only a hallucination from the constant mental abuse you receive.

You are trapped in a sadistic spell played by the Narcissist, and it has been maliciously planned against you for a long time. 

You were chosen by them for a reason, they were jealous of your self-esteem.

Don’t let them continue to batter your self-worth and make you forget who you really are.

You will only become another casualty.  Do a little research, you will see there are only victims in their past as they are not capable of truly loving another person.

trauma bonding

What is narcissistic victim syndrome?

You can spend all day reading about narcissism and be completely on the wrong track.

There’s simply not enough noise about it for a doctor to actually diagnose you.

With that being said, there’s also too much noise from people that have no idea what it actually means to be triangularly abused by a Narcissist.

Also known as narcissistic abuse syndrome, common symptoms of narcissistic victim syndrome include the following:

  • Feeling worthless
  • unable to trust people you are usually able to (parents, family members)
  • idealizing the Narcissist
  • Making excuses for abusive actions by the Narcissist
  • Feeling alone
  • Unable to perform regular duties
  • questioning yourself

Narcissistic abuse syndrome exhibits many of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to include:

  • Intrusive thoughts or memories
  • Physical and emotional reactions to reminders of the trauma
  • Nightmares and flashbacks (feeling as if the event is happening again)
  • Avoidance thoughts, people or situations associated with the trauma
  • Negative thoughts about self and world, cynical about people in general
  • Blaming self for the trauma, often distorted that does not make sense
  • Sense of detachment or isolation from other people
  • Difficulty concentrating and, or sleeping

Why does narcissistic trauma bonding occur?

It is a subtle and abusive way for a Narcissist to control their victim, without getting caught.

We all know that exposure is something that would create shame, and this is something that they will go to no end to prevent.

Think twice before exposing your Narcissist, as it will bring out uncontrollable rage.  I learned the hard way, so maybe you don’t have to.

This is also important when children are involved because if they can’t get to you, you better believe they are their next target.

You might think that they love their children, so they wouldn’t do something to harm their own flesh and blood.  You have seen the love yourself so it’s real.


A child is nothing more than a negotiating tool and a way to make themselves look like a super parent on social media.

However, with the doors closed and nobody watching it is nothing but neglect and emotional abuse by these malicious parents

The children can also believe this is completely normal, so they will not talk about it.

Children are not safe from the trauma bonding themselves, and it will affect them for the rest of their life.

How to get help for trauma bonding with a narcissist

Getting help for narcissistic abuse is not as easy because it involves a lot of patience, setting boundaries, and much more.

You will need support from the people around you.  While this is important, it is a very lonely recovery.

People will actually get sick of hearing your same sad stories, simply because a Narcissist can make you look like a cry baby.

They have tools in their belts that you have no chance against.  You don’t want the abusive tools they have, you don’t want anything they hold.

They may seem like the confident type, happy and even outgoing when you see them.  However, they hate themselves every day. 

That’s why you were chosen, they didn’t like the way you handle yourself.

They live a life with a mask that is extremely exhausting to put on each and every day.  It is a full-time job to do the destruction they cause.

Teaming up with online therapy, we have helped numerous people get back to themselves. 

it used to be a struggle to get people to go and receive help.
This is understandable because victims tend to stay in their homes, trapped from abusive manipulation and unable to go out in the public.

This all changed when I sent people to online therapy, where they are currently getting help, and progressing from the comfort of their own home. 


Don’t feel shame, it’s hard to cope with something that is so hard to see from the average person. 

Take the experience of dealing with these sick and twisted demons and turn it to a positive.

After a couple of sessions, you will finally start to see your recovery.  The keyword is, “start” because it doesn’t happen overnight. 

However, at least you will finally understand that you are not the problem.