November 19, 2019
raised by narcissists

Raised by Narcissists…will you become them?

The truth when raised by delusional and manipulative parents

To begin, people are quick to say they are raised by Narcissists whenever they are confronted with their own negative actions.

Parents become the blame game to ease themselves of the shame. However, this is not always the case.

It’s important to educate yourself on the narcissism meaning and narcissistic meaning to prove such accusations against your own family.

With that being said, you will get plenty of useful information regardless of your unfortunate situation:

living with, or grew up living with Narcissists as parent(s)

spouse or former spouse is showing narcissistic personalities

somebody around you seems to be showing signs, and you want to clarify this so you can RUN

raised by narcissists

How do you know if you were raised by Narcissists?

But behind closed doors, all pretense falls away. Only you, their child, knows what it’s like to endure their cold shoulders for days on end over a minor infraction, or bear the brunt of constant, age-inappropriate demands for perfection and strength. You know what it’s like to be parented by a narcissist.


Obviously, with all the surprising and shocking treats that come up with the personality disorder of NPD, narcissistic parents have two routes of travel with their children.  They are the following:

  1. Ignoring Narcissists

    • Complete neglect and show no care about their children’s lives.
    • Children are a threat to them, so the less that they are taking care of their children, the better off they will feel about themselves
    • Engulfing Narcissists

      • Shows obsessive involvement and care, the complete opposite of the former.
      • Forces their own self image onto their children, and will make sure they do not stray away from this without punishment.  Narcissistic rage can be expected.

raised by narcissists

What symptoms arise from being raised by Narcissists?

There are certain feelings and emotions that go through people when they are knowingly, or unknowingly raised by Narcissists.  Such as:

  1. You aren’t able to put your needs first 

    • Leads to being bullied by bosses, significant others, and everybody around you as you always feel the need to please others
    • Can’t feel satisfied with anything you do for yourself
  1. Constantly over-sensitive  

    • As you grow into the adult life, you will become emotional for the slightest things.  This allows you to be easily manipulated in relationships.
    • Unable to hold down a job
  2. Over-Competitive

    • In some cases this may turn positive, but for the most part you will lose your own self-worth trying to win at everything.  And it won’t ever be good enough for you
    • Caused from narcissistic parents being critical of every move, with little to no encouragement in your childhood
  3. Shy, unable to speak up

    • No confidence
    • Do not want to start any fighting, even if it is a delusional thought.  
    • Caused from manipulation and abuse of “never being good enough”
  4. Depression and anxiety

    • From being neglected and discarded
    • If one parent has a lot of relationships, this can be caused from becoming attached and detached from numerous “Mother” or “Father” figures
    • Realizing you were raised by Narcissists.  The sudden eye-opener can also be traumatizing.
    • Bad mouthing, brainwashing against other siblings and/or your other parents; caused from parental alienation

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, it’s best to get help immediately with solid material to help you on your road to recovery from narcissistic abuse syndrome

Now, let’s dig deep to the cause of Narcissist parenting and how you can minimize the scars associated with the narcissistic abuse trauma.

raised by narcissists

Healing from narcissistic abuse

Secondly, finding out if you were raised by Narcissists will be easy to spot once you know the signs of the personality disorder.

Knowledge is power in this manipulation mindset that has unfortunately fallen down your family tree.

“What I found that was most important to me, however, was that in revisiting those old traumas, I became free of their emotional power. I sobbed through the writing of virtually every one of them and, re-reading them later, I cried again. And again. And then I realized that, because I was safe while writing and re-reading them, because I was not in the grip of the fear that characterized my interactions with my mother, those tears were healing.”

Narcissist’s Child – The Blog

I highly suggest reading more into her personal blog to relate your own situation to the narcissistic personality.  Approaching a narcissistic Sociopath and understanding Sociopath vs Psychopath can save you time in the long run.

raised by narcissists
being raised by narcissists is not easy and takes professional help with dedication to heal

How to heal from the narcissistic parenting abuse

Let’s face it, focusing on the past will not help you heal or mend any relationships that may have been broken from this disorder. 

You will spend wasted time focusing on narcissist revenge 

I can not give you advice on this, but I can direct you to the best information.

Perhaps you have suffered from a borderline disorder of the sort, and are giving out unnecessary negative energy to the ones you love ?

Maybe you aren’t sure if you have any disorder. This is common when in an abusive narcissistic relationship, where you are tangled in a manipulation tactic of…

“is it me that’s the problem?”

“am I crazy?”

There are various tools in our shop to help you with manipulation and the abuse it causes. Getting narcissist payback is an ongoing battle if you so choose!

There is also a chance of being mistakenly called narcissistic, and you believing it, with the ugly symptoms associated with it.

Education on being raised by Narcissists while supporting mental health awareness

Finally, if this is the case for you I highly recommend the Creative Aspirationz blog.

The passion of someone that decided to take control of their mental health. and not let society beat them down.

How inspiring that she is still be able to function (in my opinion, better than us) and still raise awareness.

I read this blog quite a bit because it gives me hope that my own chaos will get better. My hopes may run much too high of my ex spouse.

Realization of the abuse and destruction that is harming our daughter should be simple. It’s not.  My child’s narcissistic Mother doesn’t understand there is help available, but that doesn’t mean I stop trying.

It is my job to understand and work with any mental disorder that comes our way. You can protect your family.

Do not inflict narcissistic injury no matter how tempting it may be.   The abuse will only carry on times two

I work with what I have before me, and this includes sacrifices from any angle that needs to be shifted.

Nevertheless, it has given me ways to minimize the narcissistic abuse symptoms.  Mental disorders that are confused / ignored by society is a real eye opener!

it’s important to gain knowledge from a true fighter teaching others the same battle that she is clearly winning, regardless of what she thinks. Keep it up!

“I suppose that’s why I get annoyed when others consider me to be narcissistic because of my borderline personality disorder when I’m the complete opposite – I feel too much and love too much and it sends my brain into overdrive in a modernized society although it’s possible to fall in love again but for now it’s settling down in my new home ♡”

Creative Aspirationz – The Creative Borderline

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