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Parental Alienation – Spiteful Child Abuse

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Is it possible you are alienated from your children with no consequences on the abuser?

First off, why is it that the people chosen to protect our children from emotional harm continue to ignore parental alienation ? It seems that children are on the rise of having mental health issues because of the chaos of trying to co parent with a Narcissist.

Judges at family court trials will tell you that they think there is alienation happening, but quickly turn a blind eye. My former spouse and a former daycare has tried numerous times to alienate me. False accusations, brainwashing and manipulation on our daughter was the toughest part of my journey.

Fortunately, there is a huge breakthrough by the World Health Organization which has started a long overdue new form of child abuse to finally be recognized. Yes, finally parental alienation and you can read more about the story here

Surviving Parental Alienation is an excellent book for resources that has stopped child abuse on my daughter. I highly recommend getting it here

parental alienation
Parental Alienation - Spiteful Child Abuse 1

Signs of Parental Alienation

Unlike physical abuse, psychological abuse won’t leave scars on the skin. However, they hurt just as much if not more. It will be interesting to see how lawyers and judges adjust to a new ‘recognized” form of child abuse within a small time frame.

Here are the signs of parental alienation that may be occurring in your family:

  • Coaches child to call a step parent “Daddy” or “Mommy”
  • Will use false allegations in court to put a protection order between the alienating parent, yourself, and children. You will have to remove it and this will take time. If children are being alienated it needs to be dealt with immediately
  • Your children start calling you by your first name. This is also a way of putting your authority down by having your child not respect you.
  • Children side with one parent and refuse visitation. They often talk a lot about the alienating parent, and mention past hostility or disputes you may have had with you former spouse
  • Alienating parent won’t communicate about medical appointments, behavior issues at school etc.
  • Uses power and control on the child’s personal belongings. They will send the child in older clothes “that they have no use for anymore” and will not allow children to bring any toys to your house
  • Involving schools, daycare, children’s parents and friends with smear campaigns so they look down on you. You won’t know know about it, and the flying monkeys are “keeping a secret”

Malicious Mother Syndrome

The nature of alienation is commonly used by Narcissistic Mothers. However, Fathers can inflict narcissistic injury and get revenge on a narcissist with their own ways of alienation. Badmouthing and calling a Mother by their first name are the few that will be used.

With the court system so one sided about nurturing Mothers, not many cases involve withholding a child from the Mother.  However, there are plenty of Fathers that were unknowingly raised by narcissists

At last, parental alienation is going to be recognized as abuse, but how much will have to be proven before we see a difference? It could possibly create more hostility, family violence, and false allegations if it is not implemented correctly.

My former spouse will continue to try to sabotage my relationship with our daughter any chance she gets. The most important thing I can do is love my child.

Luckily, the worst part of parental alienation is over for me. Our daughter has a voice now, and is very aware of the lying and manipulation her Mother does against me. I don’t play “victim” I explain thoroughly the importance of being a good person, and an even better parent to my children.

I got this book just to be ahead on mental health, and I’m glad I did! Parental Alienation the handbook for Mental Health and Legal Professionals

parental alienation
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