narcissistic supply addiction

What is narcissistic supply?

Are you settling as just a drug for the Narcissist to use and abuse?  Perhaps they are your can go either way with a twisted narcissistic supply addiction.

This is exactly where they want you.  Stumbling on your thoughts, questioning your sanity… the same old song.  This fuel is like breathing for these delusional creatures.

narcissistic supply addiction

Narcissistic supply is explained by ExploringYourMind as:

Narcissists believe that their narcissistic supply must feel, think, and act like them. In their minds, the supply doesn’t have an identity of their own.

You could grow your knowledge in narcissism and have a little fun by, “poking the bear” with supply, but you will only end up witnessing the unforgiving rage tantrum.

It is not a pretty sight, and you will regret inflicting narcissistic wounds very quickly.  It’s not just you learning that lesson as they will find a way to maliciously destroy everything you love.  Everything that loves you.

You could be a child that gets bullied by their parent for supply, or a parent being bullied by the other parent using the children as a sadistic weapon in an unforgiving war.

There are plenty of situations for a Narc chasing this drug-like attachment to death. With that being said, supply always runs out.

Why? because it doesn’t matter how much you give them, it is never good enough. The more you try, the more you will fall.

when a narcissist loses supply angry man

When a Narcissist loses supply

Like all addicts, when the drug is finished they need to keep the high going by any means necessary.  It’s clockwork.  An abusive cycle.

When the narcissistic supply runs out, they already have another one ready to go.  Fresh meat who is currently being love-bombed just like you were at one point.

They’re likely done with you and have found a new victim that has no clue what’s coming to them.

Don’t bother alerting this person, or even trying to sabotage whatever you know is coming to them. 

You will only be buying into the manipulative scheme of a Narcissist to turn everything on you like you’re the crazy one.

There are two main sources involved with narcissistic supply addiction, and they are the following:

Primary Narcissistic Supply

  • In the public, or even private.
  • Will love bomb them, showing admiration
  • A spouse
  • Children

You might think that supply is always positive towards a Narcissist, but it can be negative as well.  They love when a spouse is stuck with the hate-love relationship, children are easy targets for gaslighting parents as well.

A high is a high for them, whatever keeps their insecure image deep down inside for nobody to see.  

secondary source of supply

Secondary Narcissistic Supply

  • Spouse or ex-spouse
  • family
  • friends
  • business partners
  • co-workers
  • acquaintances

Secondary supply must be looked at as “high stature” to the public.  This is so the grandiose Narcissist can have the appearance of only being around, “people like them”

If anybody in this source turns against them in any way, they will be discarded immediately.  In this case, parental alienation will be at full speed to destroy any relationship this person has with their children.

This is usually the case with narcissistic spouses as reality sets in of their partner’s narcissistic personality disorder.  It is not uncommon to see a person attempt to outplay a narcissist by exposing the devious mask of shame.

You can expect false allegations, protection orders, smear campaigns, and anything to keep you away from spreading the truth.

What is a flying monkey Narcissist?

The ones that align knowingly, or unknowingly with their twisted new partners and joining in on sadistic narcissistic abuse.

Narcissistic supply flying monkeys

Unlike healthy people who don’t want to hear about somebody else’s drama, flying monkeys can’t mind their own business.  They are often found in an abusive triangulation.

They will fall for the sob story and even soothe them. They will gossip about you, tarnish your image, and carry on a long smear campaign against you.

They fiend for narcissistic supply themselves, so trying to convince them will only push you more into a pit of insanity and depression.

How to stop the flying monkeys?

You don’t. You focus on yourself and get it in your head that these people will be against you regardless if they see the truth.

With that being said, all of these bullies didn’t get the care, support or love from their care-takers during their childhood.

Now they are on a mission for the rest of their life to prove they are more worthy than everybody else.

Those poor souls need to feel better about themselves by using these pathetic tactics, often at others’ expense.

Let me tell you from experience: paying these blood-sucking creatures no mind kills them inside. We all slip up, believe me.  However, watching them look for a supply that isn’t there is simply much more gratifying.

No supply for you. Run along now!

You were chosen by a Narcissistic parent because they were jealous of your empathy, and they wanted to take that from you.  How could you forget your special defence mechanism? 

Killing ’em with kindness.

 narcissistic supply addiction