narcissistic rage in court

Narcissistic Rage In Court

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How I unknowingly fed the Demon in their own playground

First off, narcissistic rage in court will change the person you think is standing beside your family. They suddenly turn into the most evil, scary, ugly horrible monster in the blink of an eye

I wish I had been a little more knowledgeable about the severity of narcissistic personality disorders, but the manipulation and abuse goes unnoticed very easily. Narcissist parenting is a vicious battle of protecting who you love.

Narcissism meaning will make you go insane. plain and simple. The vicious cycle of protecting my daughter from emotional harm was only feeding the ex spouse her narcissistic supply. Narcissistic triangulation becomes complex, and exhausting training your mind to shield the abuse.

I learnt quickly how to inflict narcissistic injury by “winning” in family court, and ultimately exposing the exaggerated false accusations thrown towards me to keep me from our daughter. Bad idea.

My first encounter of narcissistic rage in court was so lethal it almost ruined me. I should have read up on the proper narcissist payback to become psychopath free

When I first experienced narcissistic rage in court

Ex spouse files for sole custody, again and wanted all previous orders terminated. At this point, I thought everyone would see the selfish acts. I was so very wrong. The Gray Rock Method was definitely overlooked, and I made a huge mistake by not researching a lot better

narcissistic rage
narcissistic ex spouse request for sole custody

A trial date was set again so I am back on the defense as unstable, and a danger to our child. Her glorious narcissistic lawyer was licking her chops, I will never forget the demonic grin across the court room from my ex spouse.

Thankfully, I have fought against her sole custody self involved “Dying for narcissistic supply” before, so it should be fine. I GOT THIS!

Unfortunately, the narcissistic personality disorder is not going to stop the rage after you threatened their supreme ego to expose them for who they are

The narcissistic rage in court continued to the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)

Now I have 15 Ministry of children and family development calls on me since. Home visits and investigations were stopped after the 12th malicious call.

Unfortunately, the damage was enough to take a toll on me. The image it painted about me to my neighbors, and especially my daughter only made my ex spouse smile.

I had the following allegations against me to the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Childcare Subsidy fraud
  • “Income Assistance” fraud
  • Neglect
narcissistic rage in courtnarcissistic rage

Sadistic. I had a shine of light that perhaps there is something wrong with my ex spouse that can’t be fixed. However, I was determined to clear up these lies and focus on our child regardless of the smear campaigns against me. Coincidentally, the narcissistic abuse symptoms were quickly piling up on me.

Giving up was not an option, and the notes by different social workers all made sense in the end. It’s a natural bond that can’t be broken. I eventually learned how to get real revenge on a Narcissist and disarm narcissistic abuse all while protecting our daughter’s mental health.

narcissistic rage in court


Vicious cycle of abuse. I only added fuel to the fire that was burning in front of my daughter. Understanding the narcissistic meaning and narcissism meaning is crucial for protecting your children.

I bet you wouldn’t have chosen a self entitled, abusive, manipulative, lying, cheating narcissistic Mother or narcissistic Father to raise a family with, right?  Me neither.  I ignored way too many signs that I was dealing with a female psychopath nightmare.

Do not learn the hard way like I did. Study the personality disorders carefully because your child depends on your empathy through the chaos.

I am lucky to have noticed the frightening narcissistic rage in court before it was too late, but we are good!

narcissistic rage


  1. As a grand mother,helping to rear my beautiful,and I mean my beautiful 7 year old granddaughter,with her her lovely mom,my daughter!
    I call my grand daughter’s father,her biological sperm donor,obviously not to my granddaughter!
    I see him as not a dad or even a father,not good enough for THAT title!
    I saw what he actually was the morning my daughter gave birth to my lovely granddaughter,he was asleep on the sofa! I knew at THAT point he was a piece of shite! I trust my gut instinct! 5 year’s later,after THAT piece of garbage isolated my daughter,abused her physically,emotionally and financially and spirituality,my daughter became someone we didn’t know!
    Heartbreaking for our family! But we never gave up! Never! She is a wonderful mom,I’ve seen her beeten,no tyres on on her car,as he has slashed them! No food! No electricity as he decided to go to be womanizer!
    Don’t think for one moment the NARC affects just one person,it affects the victims family,the nice people who pick up all the pieces!

  2. Congratulations! That is a well fought fight! It’s disturbing how evil narcs can be especially with children. It’s our job to never give up on them.

    I agree that the narc doesn’t just affect one person because it goes all the way to extended families, friends, co workers. They will go to no end to destroy people. By the time people find out you aren’t all that the narc said you were, they don’t care anymore and that narc is onto the next victim

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