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Narcissistic Personality Types

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narcissistic personalities

Firstly, Narcissistic personality abuse means you may never find out that you are or were being abused by a self involved manipulator. On the other hand, you may just refuse to understand that you are being abused at all.

The reason for this is because it is extremely hard to see it happening to you.  A Narcissist can make it seem like everything is your fault, leaving you in the dark and trying to help this person to see your way.

This is what they want, they have betrayed you, and made you a victim of your own empathy. I didn’t understand the narcissistic meaning when I was told my child’s Mother is likely a Narcissist. 

I looked it up later that day and it still didn’t fit her criteria She wasn’t that “cocky” nor did she have much of an ego. 

However, reality set in when I looked further into Narcissism, and the different levels of it. For years I had been feeding a female Psychopath their supply.   

Understanding the difference between Sociopath VS Narcissist VS Psychopath relative to your situation is crucial for protecting your child from the narcissistic abuse symptoms

Research of Narcissistic Personality

More research on mental disorders associated with a narcissistic personality; crucial because it is extremely destructive. It is ruining our society as a whole. Masking the true battered meaning as they are able to use subtle parental alienation to create child abuse.

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Here are the different levels of a narcissistic personality from less severe to extremely dangerous, as we bring more awareness to such an unfortunate disorder.

Exhibitionist (Grandiose) Narcissist

This is the most obvious type of Narcissist.  When I first looked up a narcissistic personality this did not fit my former spouse. However, I am happy that I kept reading into it. The knowledge I was able to take in has helped me with narcissist parenting, which helped me put armor on our daughter from the abuse.

These types do not lack any insecurity.  They feel they are better then everyone around them, including friends and family. No shame, no regrets.

You are likely to know a bully, or perhaps a friend that is always talking down on somebody. Maybe even in your family. This narcissistic personality is very common and easy to spot.

Closet (Covert) Narcissists

Secondly, unlike their Exhibitionist Narcissists, the closet (covert) Narcissists are very insecure.

They are also very good at playing the “victim” and this is especially hard for the real victim if it is your ex spouse, as they will use gas lighting and narcissistic triangulation to make everything seem like it was all your fault.

Covert Narcissists use passive aggressive behavior to throw off their target, making them believe the things they have been told by the abuser.

This is a common narcissistic personality in court, and slightly more manageable than the toxic personality which is an extremely frightening sight.

With that being said, Narcissistic rage in court can still happen. Making sure you learn how to inflict narcissistic injury without the backlash on your children is very important.

Toxic (Malignant) Narcissistic Personality

The most dangerous personality disorder.  These types. especially within narcissist parenting, will crave for chaos and destruction and show no empathy for anybody around them.  

It doesn’t matter if they are family or just friends.  They will take your soul They often use their children against ex spouses to cause pain and torture knowing full well of the child abuse.

It is tempting to focus on learning how to get revenge on a Narcissist day after day being sucked into manipulation tactics.

Unfortunately, they have no boundaries, they will make up accusations and play victim in the court house. 

Coincidentally, don’t think that the judge will see any manipulation, they are likely to side with them and call you crazy.

I had to deal with my ex and her lawyer both going full force as a female Psychopath team to rip me from my daughter. Narcissistic abuse symptoms were becoming unbearable.

The Gray Rock Method should be used when communication is impossible, a long battle of co parenting with a Narcissist.

Lastly, they were so easily able to cover the battered meaning with their subtle parental alienation. If you are dealing with anybody with a narcissistic personality I highly recommend you contact us as there are certain ways to deal with these unpredictable people.

As I mentioned before, I had to study the differences between Sociopath VS Narcissist VS Psychopath. This is crucial for you to pinpoint and disarm the abuse. No boundaries.

Anything to keep you from your own flesh and blood, a sadistic tactic and they will do it with a smile.

Our blog shows more important ways to protect your children from a manipulative Narcissist.

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