how to inflict narcissistic injury

How to inflict narcissistic injury

Are you able to get payback on your abusive manipulator?

First of all, I spent years looking for answers on how to inflict narcissistic injury on my female Psychopath nightmare. The parental alienation abuse over the years on our daughter is sickening.

I have noticed there are numerous mislead articles stating that the narcissistic injury meaning is that the victim is being hurt and abused by narcissistic abuse symptoms

The true meaning of narcissistic Injury

Also called, “narcissistic wound” , “narcissistic blow” , “narcissistic scar” the actual definition is when the abusing grandiose narcissist has their delusional self important image threatened in any way they see fit. 

Depending on the severity of the narcissistic personality, the abuser will begin to blame you and make you pay for your actions; in their delusional world of payback.

With that being said, it is an extremely dangerous mindset, and will ultimately lead to further abuse involving your children. The unforgiving malicious narcissistic rage.

You can find more tactics to disarm your abuser on our blog.

How to inflict narcissistic injury

You don’t, even though it seems like a good idea to get revenge on a narcissist after all the abuse you have been suffering with your children. However, in the end the manipulative demon will take that scar you gave them and create another whole world of payback and your children are their first target.

Let me tell you from experience, you will understand the true narcissistic meaning and narcissism meaning when you have tried to expose the demon for who they are. Grudges are held for a long time, and they play very dirty.

I also had to learn things I would not have learned otherwise, which made me become the Narcissist’s nightmare and learn the safest action of how to inflict narcissistic injury without the aftermath of heartbreaking child abuse.

Healing my family, and helping people going through the same chaotic experience is my goal. Researching and studying is key to protecting your children from the painful narcissistic abuse symptoms

3 instant regrets after inflicting narcissistic injury

Secondly, 3 years ago I educated myself on the difference between Sociopath VS Psychopath VS Narcissist. I quickly realized my child’s Mother was our frightening female Psychopath nightmare; calming a storm I created was the toughest part of getting my daughter back.

I unknowingly (or knowingly) caused narcissistic injury, which eventually turned into malicious narcissistic rage.

Nonetheless, Here are the following ways you will instantly regret trying to invoke new tactics of how to inflict narcissistic injury:

1. Your abuser doesn’t show they are hurt or shamed

  • The disorder involves a mask they can put on to deceive you.  It is exactly how they baited you and your empathy
  • You won’t feel the good feeling of revenge and only make the condition worse
  • The children are likely to be their next target to sadistically hurt you

2. The abuser will use manipulative tactics causing child abuse to your children

  • Instead of showing you that you hurt them, they will take it out on their own flesh and blood.
  • You are likely to want to retaliate causing more emotional harm to the child and yourself.
  • A no contact works for some people, but not with children involved.  The Gray Rock Method must be used to protect your children.

3. You continue to damage your families mental health by falling for the toxic, hideous and abusive nature of narcissistic personality disorder

  • A Narcissist is not a team player, they look at themselves as much more glorious then you.  Don’t bring yourself to this selfish ego
  • Constantly looking for ways on how to inflict narcissistic injury only gives a Narcissist supply. Feeding fuel to continue the abusive cycle.
  • Your children lack empathy from the abusive parent, it’s your job to fill this gap while teaching your child how important other people’s feelings are.
  • You as well need to heal from the narcissistic injury.  It’s a long road, and you just made it longer
how to inflict narcissistic injury

Empathy and positivity is how to inflict narcissistic injury

Finally, I know first hand how hard it is to show empathy and be positive with somebody who only thinks of themselves. I also know how it feels to get revenge with narcissistic injury. However, it is not just your own mental health.

You are protecting as your child is also going to be discarded from their own parent.  Narcissistic triangulation is also a deadly cycle you don’t want to be trapped in. How do you think your child will come out of this with no mental scars?

If you constantly react to the Narcissist not only do you continue to give them their fuel for destruction, you continue the cycle of family violence.  You also continue to shield the true battered meaning

I have protected my own daughter and continue to build her own armor amidst the chaos.

Narcissist parenting with a narcissistic Mother is exhausting. I spent too long hoping her Mother would get better. You quickly learn how to stay away and keep the violence from spreading farther down the family tree 

I can finally say I am at a good place because not only does my daughter have a smile on her face again, I am teaching her empathy which is something her Mother did not receive as a child.

There’s nothing I can do about that except shower our daughter with love. Ultimately joining the empathy crew to further raise awareness for this manipulative disorder on the rise.

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how to inflict narcissistic injury on a manipulative former spouse
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how to inflict narcissistic injury on a manipulative former spouse
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