narcissistic abuse syndrome

Narcissistic abuse syndrome is caused by parental alienation

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What is narcissistic abuse syndrome?  (NAS)

First off, coming to the realization that you actually have narcissistic abuse syndrome (also known as narcissistic victim syndrome) is the hardest, but most important step to recovery.  Similarly, it is also the start of your long recovery.

The reason narcissistic abuse syndrome is so hard to grasp is because unlike physical damage, all of the scars and bruises from a manipulating Narcissist using sadistic parental alienation is not shown on the outside body.  However, it cuts very deep

With that being said, parental alienation is extremely mentally damaging as many people just can’t wrap their heads around the abusive relationship that they are currently in.

Abuse will leave you confused and living a painful life of loneliness and pain you are discarded from the person you grew to know and love.  It is a sad way to live, and I bet we all know somebody going through it right now.

NAS is a chronic pattern of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse perpetrated by a pathological narcissist against weak and more vulnerable individuals. Because NAS victims typically lack confidence, self-esteem, and social supports, they are prone to feeling trapped by the perpetrator. The Good Men Project

Parental alienation is a deadly attack from a Narcissist

The unfortunate thing about parental alienation is that time is of the essence.  You have to be much quicker than these blood sucking demons as it’s not easy minimizing the destruction. Healthy relationships between parents and children are ripped apart every day, and you must take control of your narcissistic abuse syndrome as quickly as possible

A Narcissist has a lethal weapon they use to cause narcissistic abuse which ultimately gives them control, and that is love.

Or lack of it. 

With that being said, parental alienation is running rampant in family court.  Personality disorders associated with subtle child abuse is being ignored by the people put in power to protect our families.  We’ve all heard it before:

“Best interest of the child” Section 37 lists the facts that you or a court must think about when you’re deciding what’s in a child’s best interests. Section 37 of the Family Law Act

I can’t even type that sentence without shaking my head.  I found out the battered meaning very quickly in my 3 years of fighting for my daughter in the court room.   Let’s be honest, the best interest of the court and all narcissistic parents is:

• Manipulation

• Control

• Greed

• Power

Protecting my daughter and my own mental health from narcissistic abuse syndrome

narcissistic abuse syndrome

The picture above shows a lot of smiles with our daughter, but I can’t say it has always been like that.  Numerous false allegations from my ex spouse and her lawyer, and even the daycare as my ex spouse was able to paint my image without me knowing

The narcissistic triangulation was in my face, which almost put me over the edge.  Luckily, I was well educated on this nasty personality disorder so I was able to minimize the destruction.  At the time, our daughter had no voice.  Parental alienation is disgusting.

12 false “anonymous” Ministry of Children calls on me to damage my image and relationship.  I experienced the first narcissistic rage in court, which was frightening to say the least.

Here is a video showing a small part of my tough journey:

Raising awareness about narcissistic abuse syndrome and the importance of healthy support

At last, I am happy to have put the work in.  I love our daughter so much!  I lived with our daughter and my ex spouse for a year, and she was extremely attached to me.  I was clueless to the jealousy beside me.  Narcissistic parents are malicious in their destruction but I am happy to be able to heal from narcissistic abuse syndrome and help others come to the realization as well.

The next couple of years proved to be awful for me as I became a victim of parental alienation, and understood the true battered meaning:

• 4 hours a week supervised “visits”

• Protection order against my child from false allegations

• smear campaigns at the daycare with a false image painted of me

• Several false ministry calls and home visits to brainwash our daughter against me

I wish I had studied personality disorders long before I did. I inflicted narcissistic injury by exposing my ex spouses lies in court, which only put fuel on a fire.

I am extremely glad our daughter knows who Daddy really is.  We share guardianship now, everything is 50/50.  I am always on damage control, but the chaos has only made our daddy daughter bond much stronger.

Empathy is the best protection from narcissistic parental alienation

You should definitely rethink getting revenge on a Narcissist.  For two reasons:

• your children’s mental health

• your own mental health

Parental alienation is not something a judge has time for.  However, the impact on the child’s mental health is disturbing.    I have helped about 12 Parents in family court, two of them Mothers, because I went through narcissistic abuse syndrome and I understand exactly how painful it is

Mothers and Fathers and all the way to extended families, parental alienation goes both ways depending on the severity of the disorder.

The result of getting revenge on a Narcissist is just continuing the cycle of abuse, as the children need at least one parent to follow.  That’s it.  Narcissist parenting means understanding the other parent will have no feelings for other people, they only want you to react out of anger and give them their delusional supply.

Let the talkers do the talking.  You need to focus and make sure you are the stable parent and provide a place of protection.  You also need to heal, your children are screaming for help so don’t be too busy thinking anything other than what actually matters.

With that being said, eliminating screams for help is sometimes necessary.  Sociopath vs Narcissist and the severity levels vary, but it doesn’t make a difference to gain your knowledge and get your life back now

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