November 19, 2019
narcissistic abuse symptoms

Narcissistic abuse symptoms…do they love the children?

Can Real Love Actually Be Shown From A Narcissist ?

To start, common narcissistic abuse symptoms include grandiose, entitlement, bullying, and the need constant admiration.  They have a manipulative lethal weapon for control and that is love.  Or lack of it. 

Is it possible that through the ugly mask that they have a little bit of love left for their children? 

Whenever this question comes up, you better be up for debate.  Narcissist parenting has it’s emotional roller-coasters of love and hate. 

It seems like an easy answer of, “absolutely not” when you hear about the arrogance from my child’s narcissistic Mother

Stories often heard about spouses using narcissistic abuse tactics with their children as weapons in family court.

Therefore, how can somebody love their children yet still put them right in the way of emotional harm?  

Parental alienation, the spiteful child abuse that is so easily ignored by the people that are supposed to protect your children.

How can a person love their child after pushing another part of their own flesh and blood away for their self entitled world of:

“you only need me

Narcissistic Parent Mentality

narcissistic abuse symptoms

Manipulating narcissistic abuse symptoms

I know first hand of the severity that comes with a narcissistic personality disorder. The realization of the cold soul might come to you when you start to see the following:

    1. The brainwashing on the child.  “jabs” will start slowly.  The child may start mimicking bad talk about you from the narcissistic parent.  In this case, a soft reaction is key to not having the child believe the awful lies
    2. Control of the child seeing you on your own parenting day with a court order or not
    3. Outrageous court applications. At times, this is caused by you unknowingly inflicting narcissistic injury.
    4. Accusations against you with malicious narcissistic rage.  Every abuse you can think of. Physical, Mental, Sexual, and more.

These accusations will throw you off guard and that’s exactly when you realize what you are up against.  

The supreme manipulator has been doing this to you for years. Just perfectly enough to reel you in to their realm of feeling superior.

This leaves you in utter shock as to how somebody could be so selfish and leave you behind.  In most cases, you are probably still blinded by love.

This is is right where the Narcissist wants you in their inflated sense of importance, regardless if you know the true narcissistic meaning.

Narcissistic manipulation tactics will make you still feel loved.

The unfortunate thing is that a Narcissist can play any role possible that they feel fit.

It gives them the “glory” among their peers. This can leave you tangled in the mess of narcissistic triangulation, which can be the downfall of anybody that hasn’t educated themselves on this nasty disorder.

We also know that mental issues such as, “Postpartum depression” give these women a false reality in life. It becomes a nightmare once you are told they are just, “protecting the children”

narcissistic abuse symptoms
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The Children Are Just A Scapegoat To The Narcissistic Abuse Symptoms

The almighty self involved parent wants the children to be just like them.  Therefore, constant abuse will happen if the child is showing love to you.

A narcissistic parent will not want any positive talk about you in their household.

The mask has come off and narcissist parenting is crucial at this point. They fully understand the chaos they are causing, and it’s driving you nuts that they don’t care.

You will begin searching how to get narcissist revenge very quickly

A Narcissist picks their target carefully. You are likely an involved parent, have empathy, and put others before yourself.

It seemed the Narcissist and yourself were the same kind of people, a match made in heaven.  You are in for a pleasant surprise on the true battered meaning.

It is in the best interest of yourself to realize that this person that you see now, is who they have always been.

Narcissistic Abuse Is Ongoing By Your Wasted Energy

Sexual abuse on your daughter? The Narcissist knows you didn’t sexually abuse your daughter.  They want you to freak out and look as crazy as possible, so your best bet is to get narcissist revenge.

Rise above and be professional in all of it, it’s the best way to protect your children and your own mental health. 

Whether family court has began or not, you must always act professional.  The malicious narcissistic rage can have you arrested for something you didn’t even do.

The Lying And Cheating Is Part Of Their Self Importance

False allegations are becoming much more common and associated with the disorder.  However, don’t expect a soul to see or understand what’s happening to you.  Friends and even family may believe the Narcissist because of the grandiose act that is played so well.

I am on the fence with Postpartum Depression as it is something that I have been dealing with shortly after our daughter was born. As chaotic my ex-spouse may be, there are times when I can see she isn’t fully there like she used to be.

My child’s Mother has stopped caring about even trying to make it look like she cares for the child.  Such as, medical incidents that were not passed on to me regarding our daughter’s health. The delusional sense of entitlement as she feels she isn’t obligated to tell me anything.

A nasty form of control is what Narcissists feed off of.  You desperately want to be in the child’s life, but can’t

I definitely agree with the fact that if you are in denial you won’t get better, because after 2 years it has only got much worse

You Can’t Reason With A Parent Lacking Empathy

On the other hand, I feel that a Narcissist realizes everything they have done and just don’t want to admit it. I definitely see that in my ex-spouse at times, but she has dug herself so deeply that actually admitting everything and making the child happy would not be beneficial for herself.

Uncovering all the lies would only make her less than what she feels she needs to be, and that’s at the top of the family violence pyramid that has been in not only her families generation of child abusers against the other parent, but my own family as well.

Men’s Health And Children’s Health

Narcissistic personality has many different levels and every level should be taken with ease.  At the end of the day, we all put a label on everything just to put a bandaid on the situation and now we have a generation that has no family values.

I strongly believe that everything can be pushed past mentally if you swallow your pride and think of your children. Ignore the “power” trips and stop feeding a Narcissist their food.

Heal your scars from the abuse.  Ultimately, avoiding inflicting narcissistic injury and malicious narcissistic rage is two things I wish I had done.

The Road To Healing The Abuse Takes Time

With few cases of recovery, I am not taking chances with our daughter still in the line of chaos. Understanding the difference between Sociopath VS Psychopath is key to your personal situation.

If my ex spouse suddenly focuses on our child instead of what hidden scars she can put on our child for the week she has her, I might have hope to bring our family back. However, as of right now the Gray Rock Method is what protects my child from the subtle abuse.

From my personal experience, a narcissistic Mother does not and will not ever love their children.

I will not take chances on “hope” as I will continue to disarm the abuse to protect myself and my daughter from the horrible narcissistic abuse symptoms family court chooses to ignore for their own dirty, and filthy money.

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