Malicious Mother Syndrome | 6 best ways to fight parental alienation

Malicious Mother Syndrome | 6 best ways to fight parental alienation

What is Malicious Mother Syndrome?

Along with an attempt to alienate children from the other parent, an ongoing attempt of mischievous and hurtful actions against the Father is the best way to describe Malicious Mother Syndrome

.malicious mother syndrome with child

It can also be known as various definitions such as:

  • Angry Mother Syndrome
  • Vindictive Mother Syndrome
  • Malicious Woman Syndrome
  • Malicious Ex-Wife Syndrome
  • Battered Mother Syndrome

On the other hand, a Father can be malicious against a Mother which is why it can also be referred to as Malicious Parent Syndrome, to keep it gender-neutral.

malicious parent syndrome

While a narcissistic mother is very much in line with a delusional parent, a person with Malicious Mother Syndrome does not have any other mental disorder.  This is the only thing that explains these unforgiving actions.

With that being said, somebody with Malicious Mother Syndrome will show the following signs in an attempt to push the child away from the Father:

  1. Creating the narcissistic triangulation against the Father
  2. Excessive court papers
  3. denying all, or most of the parenting time 
  4. not allowing, or including the parent in school activities 
  5. Telling lies to the children about the parent
  6. Speaking negatively about the parent to people that are closely involved with the child and Father
  7. Punishment for children that will not do evil deeds caused by malicious mother syndrome
  8. Breaking the law with actions such as:
    • vandalizing property
    • false allegations (physical and sexual abuse)

child thinking malicious mother syndrome

Parental alienation can sometimes create unrepairable damage to children, especially with lost parenting time from false allegations.

Playing victim in the courtroom is the newest thing to do in this sensitive era, and fighting against it can be infuriating.

Judges will buy these petty tears from parental alienation syndrome, literally, because money is much more important than the best interest of the child.

Examples of Malicious Mother Syndrome

The obvious parental alienation tactic is common to see with signs of this destructive disorder.

Cody Law firm gives an excellent example:

if a mother and father get a divorce and the mother is angered by the actions of the man, she may start to tell her children that their father is dangerous or that he does not love them. She could act as though it was their actions that caused divorce and that their father hates them for it. This is alienation that attempts to punish the father.

The Firm For Men offers three more examples of malicious mother syndrome:

  1. A mother lied to her children, telling them their father had spent their money on women in topless bars so nothing was left for buying food for the children;

  2. A mother, after losing legal custody of her child, manipulated a school secretary into assisting in kidnapping the child;

  3. A mother told a judge that her daughter was not fathered by her divorcing husband

knight fighting mother syndrome


How to fight against parental alienation?

First things first, you have to remain calm.  This process will take a lot of patience.

Not only will you lose a couple of friends that you thought would support you, you could possibly have the best evidence against the malicious parent syndrome, but still lose a few courtroom battles.

You cannot give up.  Keep your head high and smile for your children to help them through this complicated experience.

I recommend getting help as you go through the fight against malicious mother syndrome, and professional help right from your computer can even be used for your best chance in court.

If your mental health is needing a boost, you can also feel refreshed as you go through any experience.  I highly recommend online therapy first!


With that being said, here are some effective ways that I myself have used to fight parental alienation:

dolls fighting malicious parent syndrome

1. Don’t miss any parenting time with your children

  • Life gets busy, we all know that.  Unfortunately, every day that is not spent with your children is another pull of your children against you.   Every second is critical in this battle
  • parenting with a narcissist is something that you will learn to do in spite of the lack of care from the other side.  The focus must be always on not hurting your children.

2. Document everything. 

  • Use email rather than text messages as the court uses email as a proper paper trail
  • Nasty messages sent to you?  Put that in your documentation.  Refusing contact?  Document.  Sometimes looking through older emails can help you find a pattern that you can put together to prove how it is affecting your children
  • Don’t be petty.  You should only present clear abusive actions against the other parent, therapists showing any mental health damage to yourself is also accepted

3. Don’t join in on the negative talk

  • It’s hard to keep your cool when alienation is right in your face, but you must provide a place of protection for your children.  They hate hearing negativity all the time so show them how good it feels to be positive.
  • Tell your children how much you love them every chance you can.  People with malicious mother syndrome will not show real love so this is an easy steal for you as they will see the difference almost immediately

4. Enforce court orders whenever they are being breached

  • Police enforced orders are great documentation for the court
  • A fantastic way to show the pattern of parental alienation caused by malicious mother syndrome
  • Be careful of unforgiving rage that could start because of this.  With that being said, use it to your advantage when they lose their cool.

5. Don’t trust anybody 

  • You might think you have a great lawyer or support worker that is finally helping you out.  However, the fact of the matter is that no judge, lawyer, social worker, psychologist or court mediator knows or cares about your child and parental alienation.
  • Educate yourself on the effects of malicious mother syndrome and don’t trust anybody to study it as much as you would
  • Take clear signs of alienation against your child to the news stations and post them online.  Call out all the names involved to create traction to make noise about the emotional abuse symptoms you see around your child.

6. Never give up

  • Only you will be able to help your children.  You will likely feel like you are standing alone
  • If your children are saying mean words to you, it is likely because of learning how to inflict narcissistic injury.

Therapy and support for narcissistic abuse

At last, recovering from parental alienation means identifying it is happening to you.  This is also the first step to building your case.

You have to put yourself in the position of somebody hearing your story without actually knowing you and your children, and practice forming a golden formula to prove such a sadistic act.

Play dirty.  The family court plays dirty, and so does a malicious Mother so if you have to dig to get your evidence than you better get to work.

celebrate against malicious mother syndrome

Time is ticking, and it’s always going to be used against you.  It’s hard to crawl out of the alienated parent phase, but with true love and dedication for your children, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Exhausted?  Tired?  Give your mental health a boost with healthy support from online therapy.   It has brought numerous parents back to themselves and reunited with their children.

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