how to get revenge on a Narcissist

Revenge on a Narcissist – 5 Unique Ways

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revenge on a narcissist is it finally time to get your overdue payback?

Frustrations from the manipulation are driving you nuts and you want to know how to get revenge on a Narcissist? I can fully understand you might be at the point of getting your well-deserved payback.

Nobody wants to talk about your problems and it’s even worse that nobody understands the severity of the personality disorder you have been so lucky to stumble upon


Why can’t people see the real side of your Narcissist like you?

  • egotistical
  • delusional
  • arrogant
  • selfish
  • self-loving
  • shallow
  • condescending

I could go on……and……on….

It may be obvious but if you don’t have kids and don’t have to go through narcissist parenting, we all envy you.  Why? because going “no contact” doesn’t work when there are children involved.  Plain and simple. 

There are much more complex methods to learn and use in the hopes to protect our children.  With that being said, parenting with a Narcissist is the most dangerous as you unknowingly will be joining in on the child abuse.  Right where your Narcissist wants you.

how to get revenge on a narcissistHow to get revenge on a Narcissistic parent 

It is very easy to unknowingly abuse your own children at the hands of a Narcissist.  You know you are the better parent, and your children should see the demon that you finally exposed.  Rightfully so, you might obsessively force feed this to your children in hopes for your sanity to finally return.

Your intentions might mean well, but obsessively doing this is extremely damaging to the children’s mental health.  You are forcing them to pick sides between two people they love,  and this will only turn against you as the Narcissist uses you as their puppet to play the “victim” game; painting your picture as the crazy one….again.  Clearly, this puts you back to square one.   

Furthermore, you will learn how stunning it is to inflict narcissistic injury  This might seem like revenge on a Narcissist until your children are their new sadistic supply; sucked into the abusive cycle of idealize-devalue-discard.  

My child’s Mother, our very own female Psychopath has been using her delusional manipulation on us for years; I now understand the patterns she lives by and the safest way to protect us from her abuse.

Parental alienation comes at you quick, and learning how to deal with it is important for your child’s health, and your journey of healing from narcissistic abuse.  I have 5 ways to make them cringe inside just as they have done to you and your children.

how to get revenge on a narcissist5 unique ways to get revenge on a Narcissist

Narcissistic personality disorder is a nightmare for those of us that are trying to protect our children, so staying positive is not easy to do. I have my own experience with the personality disorder that is common to so many parents that have asked for help. 


Here are 5 unique ways to get revenge on a Narcissist:

1. Staying Positive

  • This will make them eat their negativity like a cold dinner they were expecting to be hot
  • The child will see this and learn from your actions.
  • Two birds with one stone: you are protecting your child’s mental health and your own at the same time

2. Ask them if they need any help

  • This is tough.  Clearly, especially if you are already paying child support. This will show that you aren’t bothered by their greedy self loving actions.
  • The children, of course. They begin to see the parent they should be later on in life. Narcissist parenting involves a lot of swallowing your pride for your children.

3. Drop your child off in brand new clothes

  • Another tough one because the clothes probably won’t come back. I have been doing this for years, and it pays off as my daughter notices this. A sadistic form of parental alienation they can easily master.
  • You know your children will be warm, and looking fresh regardless
  • You will show that you aren’t petty. Co parenting with a Narcissist takes a lot of patience.

4. Show Empathy

  • Your children will turn out just like the other parent if you don’t show empathy
  • Your children need at least one stable parent, so be that excellent parent and shield your children from negativity

5. Continuing to better yourself is the best way to understanding how to get revenge on a Narcissist

  • You need to heal. Understanding the battered meaning and Narcissistic Meaning is a good start.
  • Knowledge is power. Take advantage of understanding what you are up against, and how you can minimize the abuse. 
  • Avoiding all hovering, manipulation, idolizing. and most importantly not igniting the vicious narcissistic rage in court is part of the healing process.
  • Stay busy, hit the gym and focus on what matters. You and your children.

if you are still asking how to get revenge on a Narcissist I can tell you this: It will only eat away at your own soul and they don’t care. However, you will lose yourself if you are wanting to play dirty with your demonic ex spouse

Disarming a narcissist is something that you need to study, read and obsess with as this sick disorder will ruin your life.  I am glad I finally have the knowledge to protect our daughter from this vicious monster that has been put onto our family.


how to get revenge on a narcissist

Take the hideous experience of getting revenge on a Narcissist and use it to your advantage

Luckily, you are able to take such a horrible experience and learn so much about yourself. However, it can also tear you apart.



Your children will learn sadistic actions from both of you if you react and engage with a delusional parent. It’s exactly what the cold manipulator wants out of you. Drama and chaos is like breathing to a Narcissist.

Don’t feed the negative supply to an unreasonable person

At last, a narcissistic parent will never be a team player, stop thinking that they will see it your way or that they will finally act civil. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is painful, but I have made light of it by having a greater bond with our child.

Seeking how to get revenge on a Narcissist will only add fuel to the fire. These people have no feelings, they do not care what you do to them because they will always be one up with no remorse.  Don’t stoop to their level, instead bring light to a dark place with your empathy.  You will be rewarded with children that finally have their own armor and shields against narcissistic abuse.

Parallel parenting with a Narcissist

Lastly, if contact is necessary as stated above, the safest way to protect your children from subtle abuse, is using the Gray Rock Method. It has been an absolute gem for protecting my daughter from the narcissistic abuse symptoms.

My narcissistic ex spouse chose her own lonely world, but I will continue to shield and protect our daughter as well as teach her how to be a good person. I hope you all will do the same because if you don’t teach them, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

So that’s how to really take revenge on a narcissist. Take their control away, let them know they’re at your mercy and then let them destroy themselves.

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I’m telling you this because I want to spare you some unnecessary pain, confusion and manipulation. Covert narcissists infiltrate your mind.

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