gray rock method

Gray rock method

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The only alternative to a “no contact” with a Narcissist

When I began studying the crucial ways to protect my daughter from our female psychopath nightmare I wish I stumbled upon the Gray Rock Method before anything else. The information shown at first glance is incredibly misleading when children are involved.

People have excellent ways on how to deal with malicious and delusional former spouses. On the other hand, I truly believe they are guiding people to unknowingly abuse their children more. Initiating a “no contact” with your Narcissist is what you will be pushed to do, “immediately”

Gray Rock Method should’ve been my first choice

I desperately followed the lead of the internet and went no contact with my former spouse. This worked extremely well. However, I also may have inflicted narcissistic injury by going completely silent, and trying to outsmart the sadistic beast.

My daughter started coming over with physical marks on her, all with doctor visits backing this up. With that being said, I needed to speak with my former spouse on this, while keeping my emotions out of it. The less narcissistic supply I have to give her, the better for all of us.

Consequently, I knew that the malicious narcissistic rage was right around the corner for my awful actions of not tending to my former spouses selfish needs. Luckily, I was able to deal with the situation with little harm to our daughter.

What is the Gray Rock Method?

gray rock method

Children need both parents to communicate for their mental health to be stable. However, it’s obvious that narcissist parenting with a narcissistic Mother is just not that simple.

Drama is what keeps a Narcissist and Psychopath alive. It is also their main supply of fuel from you, because of your reaction to whatever bully game they feel like playing that day.

Consistently minimizing this supply is crucial.




Gray Rock Method is giving small responses, straight to the point. For example:

“May we switch the child drop off time to 2:00 today? I’m running late”

“Please don’t forget the child’s lunch bag today”

Narcissist engages to somehow create drama

Your response will be very straight-forward and extremely boring. Such as:

“Not a problem. See you then”

Your response that immediately ends the conversation

Consistency will bore your former spouse

Narcissists and especially Psychopaths do not like boredom. They hate it. After your response you might get another reply to try and hoover you back into the conversation, which you must not answer. This is a manipulating tactic that can easily take a turn for the worst.

Lastly, over time you will see that your Narcissist slowly stops trying to draw fuel from you. However, it will take time. The reward at the end is inner peace, because you will notice that the demon is putting too much work into you. Sadistic, egotistical beasts think much too high of themselves to ever break a sweat.

10 survivors reveal what it’s like co-parenting with a Narcissist is an excellent source for help. They provide numerous ways to disarm the child abuse that seems to go unnoticed by everybody except yourself.

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