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Female Psychopath Nightmare

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Nobody prepares you to co parent with somebody that has no empathy.

A female Psychopath will often get away with certain behaviors because they can be superficially quite charming. They are true observers of human behavior, often being able to mimic love, fear, remorse and other emotions well enough to go undetected.

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“Female narcissists do not grow out of their childhood aggression; eerily enough, they evolve into even more effective aggressive behaviors in adulthood, using their manipulative tactics to serve their selfish agendas and to exploit others.”

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If you are dealing with ways to cope with a female Psychopath you will find plenty of useful information online.

A major factor in minimizing and ultimately ending the abuse is a ”no contact” with the abuser.  This works great. How can you be abused if you have no contact with the abuser?

The problem with a ”no contact” in a court dispute means you will have to stop seeing your children. Not only stop seeing your children, as they will be brainwashed against you.

You might not care, but the abandonment only adds to our problem with these disorders in the future. The narcissistic meaning is not easy to understand when emotions are taking the best of you.

For 3 years my female psychopath has been using our child against me, and did not find help with this anywhere on the internet. However, the Gray Rock Method has been the best way to protect my child from the subtle abuse.

With that being said, narcissistic abuse symptoms vary depending on each situation. Likewise, going no contact is the best way to go if no children are involved. I envy you if you are only protecting yourself from this unfortunate disorder.

Understanding the difference between Sociopath VS Narcissist VS Psychopath is key to staying positive.  You might be searching for help as well so I will show you straight forward tactics that work for me when contact is necessary.

Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare: How to devalue and discard while supplying yourself is a crucial read for your family’s mental health.

Female Psychopath or Narcissist ex spouse

If your manipulative ex spouse suggests to ”not go through court” I recommend you do not agree to this. If you are absolutely sure you are dealing with narcissism or any disorder of this level, I highly suggest you do not take this tempting offer.

It’s understandable you want this person to get better. However, people also also forget how cold a Narcissist can be.  If you want your child’s mental health to be stable you need to read this vital information.

With that being said, Narcissist parenting with a narcissistic Mother is exhausting. However, I am now in a comfortable place to share my experiences of what you should do, and absolutely should not do.

What if you don’t have a court agreement?

A family must be completely civil towards each other and have tons of trust if an agreement is not through court for the following reasons:

  • The abuser can move far enough away to alienate you.
  • Completely disappear without police enforcement
  • Start a court order in a different province where you don’t exist
  • If you are a Father: a false allegation can have you arrested much easier as opposed to having an official order. This is simply because, without a court order, the Father doesn’t matter

The abuser will go for retroactive child support for any amount, at any time. It is irrelevant to the fact you, ”agreed” to an amount that you paid to her. The judge could look at that as a ”gift” to them.

Information about your child will be harder to receive as court documents about a child will always be taken into consideration. Narcissistic triangulation taught me that court documents won’t even matter in a complex battle between parents and third parties.

A legal court agreement with a female Psychopath or Narcissist

Celebrations begin because you think you finally ”beat the system” or ”beat the narcissist” you are in for a reality check. Brace yourself, it’s going to hurt. The abuse will begin to layer on top of more abuse, and you will begin to understand the real battered meaning.

Backlash from the female Psychopath

  • You are going to see malicious narcissistic rage at its highest form. How dare you ”make them look bad” or ”get what you want” You can prevent the exaggerated rage by not inflicting narcissistic injury
  • You are going to see the person you once knew, and they might even apologize; a relief that the family can finally put themselves back together

50% of the parents that I have helped in the family court felt the narcissist rage. The other 50% had their family back together. This is not a statistic I found off of google, these are my statistics as of right now.

100% of them came back to me asking for help within a year and only a few of them listened to me when I gave them my advice. Straight forward advice from my experience.

I believe that a female Psychopath or Narcissist is just who they are now, and you must accept that fact. They are geniuses at what they do, and I back my statement up even more now. Move on

A female psychopath will get their ”fuel” from an ex-spouse with ease in family court. The child at this point is in a dangerous position. You do not want to fall deep into this sadistic trap of ”parent vs parent” circus at family court.

Rise of shared parenting cases in court

It’s a true fact: shared parenting has been the outcome of more family cases as of late. Unfortunately, the genius, and hidden narcissistic personality disorder has once again crashed the party

A female Psychopath will use a 50/50 shared agreement against you in a million ways. They have perfected subtleparental alienation to cause damage behind the scenes.

I have had every single narcissistic manipulation against me in court. I will start with the most lethal way as it has ruined too many involved parents, and I myself lost parenting time because of the unforgiving “Ex Parte” order.

Ex parte order (with or without a court order)

These orders by definition are ‘without notice’ orders. This means that your spouse will have no idea that you are going to Court to get an order against them. Many spouses take advantage of this procedure because they know their ex does not know about them and cannot defend against them.

YLaw Blog

Unfortunately, ex parte is a unconstitutional order used by a female Psychopath to alienate the other parent. It is a one sided order that can have you arrested and charged without notice  Here are the most important things to note:

  • Any female can get this order just by showing ”fear” to a judge.
  • A judge almost always signs this order.
  • If you contact the abuser directly or indirectly in any way you will have a warrant out for your arrest. Don’t bother with your proof until you prove your innocence months later, once released.
  • Get a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. 

Further Female Psychopath Court Trouble

  • Showing up to drop off the child late
  • Not showing up with the child at drop off at all
  • Court harassment (excessive applications with short notice)
  • Financial abuse
  • False allegations
  • Child care providers may help alienate you from being involved with your children.  This is where I first learned about the complex narcissistic triangulation.  It was not a happy time for myself or my daughter.
  • Child care will likely side with the abuser, as they have been brainwashed behind your back for a long
  • Child care providers will not follow court orders, regardless of any court order.  They may abuse your child behind closed doors, just because they can
  • Not answering emails, texts, or any message regarding your children

If you are not receiving a response after two emails, texts, or phone calls then stop and file court papers.3 or more messages will be turned on you as, ”harassment” and if they have a lawyer they will join in on the bullying.

All these abusive tactics may cause you to wonder how to get narcissist revenge, but it is important you keep your cool. Document everything, and gradually rise to a 50/50 agreement. This will be your time to strike on the abuse, as you will have a footprint as a Father in the system.

Protecting your children when the court is not helping

Finally, everything in this article I have been through personally.  False allegation criminal charges, I took a child care provider to court for abuse and neglect, and alienation was attempted on me from all sources.

I made a lot of mistakes on the journey to bring my daughter home, but she is finally home.  After protecting my daughter from all the abusive female narcissist personalities, our bond is so much bigger.

I can finally thank my chosen Narcissist for something.  Just kidding, why would I want to feed the abuse?  I learned a long time ago that my child’s Mother will not change. Your female narcissist friend won’t change either.

Patience and understanding this disorder is crucial for my daughter to learn how to protect herself from her own flesh and blood.  I was able to do it while she had no voice, and I hope you can take this information and save your children from abuse as well

female psychopath

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