False empathy, a mask and COVID-19

It seems like an oxymoron to say, “Empathic Narcissist” but there actually are people that can hold these two traits together.

Does this mean that a Narcissist can hold even the slightest amount of empathy?

That would be going against everything I have talked about.

There absolutely can be, it just depends on what type of empathy the narcissist has.

During a pandemic, a Narcissist can lure you in very easily. Your emotions in a panic will make you believe anything.

With that being said, an empathic narcissist cannot hold any level of love to people around them unless it benefits them.

Even then, you will still get discarded quickly after.

Think about it. We all have something we true and love to a certain point.

Black babies, puppies, dolphins etc. Those are easy feelings for a narcissist to grab.

They might show signs like this to lure you in, because you would think a Narcissist would never have such emotion.

And you haven’t seen somebody act so kind in so long!


And that’s why the poor Empaths are like magnets to a Narcissist. Easy narcissistic supply to feed off of until you get boring, dull and discarded yet again.

A covert narcissist knows
how to play with empathy

If you know anything about narcissistic personalities, you can understand how a covert narcissist would play an empathy role like a champ.

This Narcissist does a heck of a lot of image management, and is usually extremely strategic in how to make their self look virtuous, generous, caring, and loving. This type of Narcissist is aware of their ability to be hurt and wounded, and knows they have some level of early childhood trauma they walk around with.

Dr. Ava Pommerenk

Be aware of being caught in some sort of love-bombing by your Narcissist as they use this pandemic for their own good.

Sometimes it’s hard to not see the ridiculous manipulations that they will use. Children will likely be used as a negotiating tool.

I have to remind myself every day and I constantly catch myself believing my daughter’s Mother on one of her rants. They are too good.

Personally, I fell for the manipulations many times in the past.

However, it feels good to be at a place where I always remember:

A Narcissist will always be a Narcissist

I hope you all stay safe out there.

Worried about handling a Narcissist?

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