Narcissistic triangulation psychology | personality disorders

narcissist triangulation

People always ask me what being discarded by narcissist with narcissistic triangulation means…there are many forms that can exist so let me show you with real photos, emails, and court files as I found myself stuck in the sadistic triangle of parental alienation

Gray Rock Method | Toxic people behavior

gray rock method

Gray rock method of no contact is the only way to protect yourself from subtle abuse. Quickly learn the truth before its too late to fix the damage!

Gaslighting parents and Broken trust in crazy relationships

gaslighting parents

Gaslighting parents will make the strongest minds diminish to nothing. Subtle, devious acts that ruin your mental health click here to learn the true facts now!

Parental alienation | Child manipulation | child abuse

narcissistic abuse family trauma

the parental alienation they don’t want you to know about. Money, power, and greed in family court

narcissistic abuse symptoms | abusive relationships

narcissistic victim syndrome

A mental state of chaos for victims of narcissistic abuse symptoms. They will spend their whole life not seeing the signs of horrific subtle abuse

Trauma bonding with a Narcissist | toxic abusive relationships

trauma bonding

Emotional abuse is extremely hard to grasp when you are stuck in a toxic cycle of fake love. You need help and ignoring it should not be an option click here now!

Covert narcissist traits | the quiet narcissistic personality

covert narcissist

What is covert narcissism? People have been throwing the words “narcissistic personality” around so much that a person with covert narcissist traits can blend into a crowd even easier. Unlike the usual symptoms of NPD such as: grandiose arrogance lack of empathy need for admiration entitlement a covert narcissist does not show the usual behavior […]