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Battered meaning with glorified parental alienation

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Is It Repeatedly Striking Your Spouse With Heavy Hits?

Firstly, Looking for the proper battered meaning with the significant ties with parental alienation is hard to find on Google. They will give you the correct definitions but it is incredibly misleading.

The top results show physical violence only with two victims: battered women and battered wives.

Narcissistic personality disorders is incredibly manipulative. If you are reading this, you likely know all about thenarcissistic abuse symptoms.

Here are the top Google results:

“having suffered repeated violence from a spouse, partner, or parent” Ex. a battered wife

“hurt by being repeatedly hit”
Ex. She set up a sanctuary for battered wives

Cambridge Dictionary

“to hit (someone or something) repeatedly using heavy blows, as with a club or other heavy instrument”

“social welfare to subject (a person, especially a close relative living in the same house) to repeated physical violence”

Unfortunately, we need more awareness on what we are trying to achieve for the future. Put in power for child protection and only doing the opposite. Another failed system: Ministry of children and Family development.

You can read more of the abuse on my daughter by the Ministry when i was faced with narcissistic rage in court.

It is not a competition, I have a daughter so you better believe I support Battered Women’s Support Services. However, they have also made men look like something they aren’t in court by suddenly showing up as “support” on a trial date.

Broken system overlooking parental alienation for the true battered meaning

Everybody deserves support and there is no doubt about this. But at what point do we recognize the system giving the edge to one parent over another?

The Narcissist’s playground: family court. A Support worker throws the Father off guard. Who’s battering you? especially with a no contact order between the parents? Oh right, the narcissistic triangulation.

I have seen this happen in many court cases, including mine. With that being said, I think it is safe to say that the trial is over before it started. Do they review the history of lies proven on paper? They don’t check anything their eyes refuse to see.

Unfortunately, there are a few cases of women who are actually being battered. For this reason, I am all for supporting the cause even if it is just one person. Coincidentally, the battered meaning is actually the subtle parental alienation; a mask a Narcissist or female Psychopath can pull off with no sweat.

There should be more of an intake process. This is to prevent false allegations and a “one” up at a court date. However, I did eventually learn how to inflict narcissistic injury.

Narcissistic spouses are increasingly using support workers by their side in court to play the victim.

The Battered Meaning And The Impact On Men’s Healthbattered meaning

Secondly, physical abuse on women is definitely a disadvantage. The physical strength of the two is much different. However, with the increase of narcissistic personalities in guardianship cases involving children, both genders are losing.

It’s not uncommon to see greed, power, entitlement and more with such malicious parents. Unfortunately, I have years of horrible narcissist parenting with a narcissistic Mother that has shown me the true narcissism meaning.




“I came in and she battered me. There was bleeding. My nose was bleeding, my shirt was ripped. When things had calmed down, she said: ‘Would you like a coffee?’ She said: ‘I’ll make us a coffee, you change your shirt’. “

Jim an abused and battered man interviewed at BBC

It’s an unfortunate battle to see children against the other parent out of spite. It’s very easy to link the cause of depression in men with a narcissistic spouse. The key is finally learning the steps to disarm them and protect your children

Painful parental alienation that represents the battered meaning

I have felt the pain of mourning the loss of your children when they are still alive. It’s child abuse, and that is the battered meaning that hits home for me. I quickly learned how to get revenge on a Narcissist.

Therefore, men have much less support and options to reconnect with their children, and more needs to be done. If you need support I recommend becoming psychopath free I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here without it.

Gaining knowledge of Sociopath VS Narcissist is also crucial as symptoms vary according to your situation. Our blog also has proper ways to protect your family from emotional harm

Battered Woman Syndrome

“Battered woman or battered person syndrome is a psychological condition that can result when a person experiences abuse, usually at the hands of an intimate partner.”

Medical News Today

It’s a lot easier for a woman to claim this abuse over a man. I mean, just look at the actual term.

Luckily, the World Health Organization is about to finally start recognizing parental alienation as child abuse.

For the record, parental alienation has always been part of family law. I have shown and fought for it but judges choose to ignore it:

“Section 4AB Family Law Act, 1975: Definition of family violence etc.  (1)  For the purposes of this Act, family violence means violent, threatening or other behavior by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person’s family (the family member ), or causes the family member to be fearful.
•(2)  Examples of behavior that may constitute family violence include (but are not limited to): •(i)  preventing the family member from making or keeping connections with his or her family, friends or culture”

Dialogue In Growth

Human rights for all of us no matter the gender

Lastly, it is not about Father’s rights or Women’s rights. It’s about human rights. From Mothers to Fathers, Grandparents and all extended families.

Nobody should have to suffer any kind of abuse. Our children are our future, and it’s time we work together. Hate will never help our children build their character for the future.

Keeping silent is just as much harm. We have to see how Battered Women’s Support Services rearrange their intake process; so as to not help the parental alienation family court is slowly starting to recognize.

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