About Us

About Us

Supporting narcissistic abuse

Here at Battered Men Narcissistic Abuse Support Services we support all victims of emotional abuse, male or female.

Narcissistic abuse might not show the same signs as physical, but it can be just as destructive to your mental health.

There is not enough noise about a personality disorder like narcissistic personality disorder.

Covert narcissists all the way to a psychopath or sociopath, some people never find out about the abusive relationship they are, or were in.

What is the motivation of narcissistic abuse support?

The motivation was started myself, Derrick Hardware in August of 2017.

After dealing with narcissistic rage in court and protecting my daughter from alienation, I decided to help out parents win just like I did in family court.

Corruption in family court is not a myth, and even your lawyer could be working against your for money in their pockets.


I hope you find tons of information in my blog and learn more about the awful abuse on children that comes with a personality disorder.

Here is a short clip of my journey in family court, I am in the works for a newer update! Keep your head up, and join the support to get your life back and make some noise!