November 12, 2019

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The cold Narcissist revenge

the manipulations and narcissistic abuse can be frustrating.  However, you should think twice about joining in on the abusive mind games your children have to see through their childhood.

Narcissistic rage in court

What is a narcissistic rage? First off, have you seen explosive rage tantrums from a Narcissist?  Even if you have experienced any kind of narcissistic abuse you will know how hard it is to stop. Narcissistic rage is an outburst of intense anger or silence. 

Narcissistic triangulation

People always ask me what narcissistic triangulation is…there are many forms that can exist so let me show you with real photos, emails, and court files as I found myself stuck in the sadistic triangle of parental alienation

A video of my earlier court battles

Coming together for change

It's time to get your mental health back to normal